The lonely battle against depression

The stigma against therapy revictimizes Indian American dealing with it, making depression an incredibly lonely battle.

Meena sat mortified as the EMT wheeled her through the hospital into the emergency room. The knot in the pit in her stomach continued to grow, even when the nurse drew the curtains around her to block her from view. She waited silently in the cold, sterile space for someone to explain what was going on.

“How did this happen?” Meena kept asking herself. In the moment, she did not realize that no single incident had landed her in the hospital but rather years of ignoring her mental illnesses.

Meena had always thrown herself into whatever was happening around her. When she started at Wellesley College, Mass. in 2001, she quickly became an active part of campus life. At the same time, she was struggling with extreme bouts of depression and anxiety, coupled with an inability to come to terms with her sexuality.

“I was doing all of these very public things, and then behind the scenes, I just hated myself,” she said.

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