The Most Bingeworthy Shows of the Season

Aug/05/2021 / by Team SEEMA

We get it. Spending days on end between the confining walls of your own home has gotten more than a little tiresome. Still, it is certainly better than braving the world out there.

But millions, possibly billions, of people around the world have managed to find comfort in the warm embrace of the internet and TV. That is, with some of the most brilliantly created and curated content to emerge on the web series space that has taken over the world by storm.

The SEEMA team understands your pain, and we’ve put together for you our list of the most bingeworthy TV shows and web series you won’t be able to get out of your heads. And no, “Tiger King” is not in it; some things are just better left in the past.

  1. shows
    Never Have I Ever (image credits: Alamy)
    Never Have I Ever: It seems appropriate to have this extremely popular show here, given that its second season was released earlier this month to another set of rave reviews. The show has a lot of familiar cultural references and humorous moments, sure, and it may even be suited for a younger audience. But it has a tremendous amount of heart – and investment in its characters – as it chronicles the pitfalls of Devi, an Indian-American high-schooler who dreams of becoming popular while remaining a social pariah. (This show is available on Netflix)
  2. Made in Heaven: Set in the glamorous and competitive world of Delhi’s wedding planners, “Made in Heaven” is a real treat. With picture-perfect wedding sets, designer outfits, and a pleasing color palette, the show is wonderful to watch. The series also runs a whole gamut of emotions, highlighting the flaws and virtues of humans – from greed and infidelity, to generosity and friendship. And to cap it off, the lead actors, Arjun Mathur and Sobhita Dhulipala, do a splendid job. (This show is available on Amazon Prime)
    Upload (image credits: Alamy)
  3. Upload: It’s 2033, and humans can now choose to upload their consciousness into virtual bodies in a virtual afterlife – at a cost, of course. When Nathan Brown is uploaded by his girlfriend Ingrid, he finds parts of his memory erased and falling in love with his real-life handler, Nora. The series is a light watch that brings up many questions – can we really live forever and still be “alive?” Season 2 is expected soon. (This show is available on Amazon Prime)
  4. The Family Man: If you’re a fan of the man-on-the-field spy thrillers, this show might just be the perfect pick for you. Srikant Tiwari seems an average middle-class man, till you learn that he is a secret agent who is constantly averting crises while inadvertently fueling a few, at home and in the field. It is not particularly groundbreaking, but it has the action and spice to get your heart going and keep you engaged. (This show is available on Amazon Prime)
    Virgin River (image credits: Alamy)
  5. Virgin River: Probably the most American of all the shows on our list, “Virgin River” brings the drama and makes you forget about the drama in your life. Following Mel, a midwife and nurse practitioner who moves to a small town in northern California to get a fresh start in life. But moving on is easier said than done, as she finds personal growth along with the residents of the town. It’s sentimental, emotional, romantic, and an all-encompassing watch. (This show is available on Netflix)
  6. Mirzapur: Another take on the action thriller that errs slightly on the grittier side. “Mirzapur” revolves around some gangsters and hooligans in a small town. The struggle for power is absolutely real in this show, as it blends violence and abuse with philosophical questions (well, if you look deep enough, that is). It’s another show that is meant to bring in the entertainment factor – and does it in spades. (This show is available on Amazon Prime)
    Indian Matchmaking (image credits: Netflix)
  7. Indian Matchmaking: You’re rolling your eyes, you’re a skeptic, and it’s hard not to see why. This show was the talk of the town, thanks to the quotable Sima Taparia and her incredible demands. But beneath all the glitz and kitsch is a reality for many Indians the world over. The prospect of arranged marriages that the show explores is simultaneously engaging and horrifying, and not getting hooked to the show is quite impossible. We dare you. (This show is available on Netflix)
  8. The Big Day: If Sima of “Indian Matchmaking” wasn’t enough for you, then this show might help quench that thirst. The concept is simple: Follow around six couples of Indian descent as they plan their weddings. The execution? Hijinks galore, tantrums, drama, glamor, extravagance, everything you could ask for in a show that’s made all about celebrating the big fat Indian wedding. (This show is available on Netflix)
    The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (image credits: Shutterstock)
  9. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K: Anime usually isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this one is a definite must try for those looking to find a light watch. The show revolves around 16-year-old Kusuo Saiki, who has psychic powers (and pink hair). The sheer abundance of his strength, combined with the hilarious incompetence of everyone around him, makes for a brilliant combination, creating a show that’s quick on its feet, funny, and insightful about its relationship with power. (This show is available on Netflix)
  10. Panchayat: Abhishek is an engineering graduate forced to take a small-time job as a panchayat (local government) secretary in a very small town in a forgotten part of India. His big city ideology clashes with the mentality of the townsfolk, particularly because he spends every episode seeking to escape to bigger and better things. Each moment is a laugh as this fish-out-of-water comedy plays out, with an absolutely stellar cast of veterans and newbies. Plus, you can’t beat the writing in this witty and sharp show. (This show is available on Amazon Prime)

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