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The Persistent Fabrics of Fall

Oct/06/2022 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao
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It is that time of the year, when nature slowly takes a mellow turn, with temperatures dropping, leaves ripening, and the days becoming shorter. Fall is when nature paints the world with a rich palette, including scarlet, rufous, ochre, amber and mustard. Most of them eventually fall off to form a carpet of rust, coffee and chestnut on the streets, pavements and sidewalk. A picturesque sight, Fall is also a season and reason to give your house a make over to usher in those congenial vibes while bidding adieu to the long, bright days of summer. After all, it is the time for staying in during the evenings and bracing yourself for some cosy movie nights!

Adding Texture with Rugs and Carpets

Since Fall is all about creating an extra snug vibe in preparation for shorter, darker days and cold nights, rugs and carpets are a great way to introduce texture and comfort. They are an extremely versatile element of design and serve to not only create a distinctive space within a room but also help elevate the visual interest in the space. It can serve to act as a visual pathway and also as a statement piece in the room. Given that rugs and carpets come in a variety of sizes, patterns and materials, choose one that works with your overall décor.

Pick colors like burned orange, olive green or even hazelnut for your living room as they not only look elegant and graceful but also complement the pumpkins, pine cones and pumpkin spice candles on your center table. Go in for materials like wool and jute and for hand-knotted or hand-tufted material that add great texture and are warm and comforting on the feet. Choose small prints and a slightly lighter color palette if your room is small as bolder patterns and deeper shades work best for large rooms.

Use rugs to accessorize other spaces like the foyer area, bedroom, dining space and the kitchen. For the foyer, choose something smaller and one that is easy to maintain; probably something that can be stain proof and easily machine washable. Neutral and earthy hues like creams and rust blend well with the wreaths and dry flower arrangements you may have in the walkway. For the dining and kitchen area, you can choose something less formal and fun. Prints of pumpkins or Fall leaves are good ideas. These are sure to enhance the visual appeal of the room while adding a touch of the season to the space. Again, choose material for the dining space and the kitchen that is spill-proof.

Layering with Throws and Blankets

There is nothing more comforting than lighting a few scented candles and soaking in the warm vibes while you sip some hot brew. And this when a throw or a blanket placed over the couch acts as the ideal accessory. It not only adds additional color and pattern to your couch, but also offers a perfect way to snuggle up as you watch TV or spend time with your family by the fireplace. Linen, cottons and jute are ideal materials when shopping for throws and blankets as they add texture and comfort. Avoid materials like synthetics and polyesters and try not to place them on the back rest of the sofa. Aesthetically placed on the armrest or casually from the backrest onto the side gives your couch a stylish look. Apart from the couch you can also use throws and blankets on your bed to lend the extra homey vibes. Faux fur and wool are apt materials for the bedroom. Hues like earthy browns, coastal blues or deep sienna are great to give your home the Fall edit.

Other Accessories

Apart from rugs and throws, you can add layers and prints to give your space a multi-dimensional look with cushions. Place them on the chairs, the sofa or the bench in the foyer and you have a welcoming makeover in a jiffy! Choose covers made from natural fabric to add additional texture along with colors and prints that reflect the change in the season. Macramé is a good way to add additional layers and visual warmth. Apart from macrame cushion covers, you can add macramé planters, macramé wall hangings and wall plates for an intimate yet boho chic appeal.

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