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Mar/02/2024 / by Team Seema

Meet Your Next Food Search: “Sattvic Diet”

Although we think of it as a novel idea, mindful eating is not a new concept. The ancient principles of Ayurvedic and Sattvic cooking filled kitchens across the globe long before meatless Mondays, plant- based diets, and raw food movements. 

While Ayurvedic lives a bit more in the public consciousness, Sattvic (spelled Sattvic , Sattvik, or Satvik) cooking is getting some time in the spotlight on social media and online platforms. Sattvic is one of the three Gunas of the Ayurvedic philosophy. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Sattva” which means pure, clean, strong energy. Like many health-driven diets, a Sattvic diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, and it specifically includes sprouts, honey, ghee, nuts, grains, lentils, ginger, unrefined sugar, turmeric, black pepper, fresh herbs, milk, and dairy products as well.

The Sattvic belief is that by consuming 40% natural fresh foods you will get all the necessary nutrients, dietary fiber, antioxidants, proteins, minerals and monounsaturated fats you need. You won’t spend hours cooking, but to achieve this you’ll need to sharpen your kitchen knife and learn to really love salad. The good news: It will boost your immunity, brighten your mood, help your digestive system, and aid in weight loss.

If you’ve already tired of your new years “eat healthy” resolution and are in need of some inspiration, stop scrolling and check out these four Sattvic sites and get some of that pure, clean, strong energy on your plate today. Divine Taste by Anushruti, a cooking and nutrition advisor based in Mumbai, India, serves up Ayurvedic and Sattvic cooking principles through recipes, videos, master classes and workshops.

@satvicmovement on Instagram Subah Saraf and Harshvardhan Saraf together lead Sattvic Movement a wildly popular YouTube channel and Instagram where they promote a holisitic lifestyle and share Sattvic recipes for everything from nachos and pizza to healthy breakfast and snacks. They also address how this diet can be beneficial for ailments from acne to eczema. This month they are having a full health challenge viewers can join or you can just click find out what to eat tonight for dinner.

@sattvikkitchen This YouTube channel is chock full of easy to follow, fun Sattvic recipes. From waffles to pasta dishes and ideas for leftover rice every recipe promotes eating pure food leading to a pure heart.

Sattvic Diet Skips: The Sattvic diet avoids processed or stimulant-rich foods, such as caffeine, refined sugars, and overly spicy or greasy dishes.


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