The SEEMA Summer Travel Guide

Jul/26/2021 / by EDITOR'S PICK

For our American audience at SEEMA, the limits on how you can spend summer have suddenly broadened. With more of the country opening up and COVID restrictions being lifted among mass vaccination drives, the populace is generally more optimistic and opting to travel.

You see more people in the streets, more people embracing each other, more people exhibiting unbridled joy at being able to enjoy the outside life. That is when you realize you can now put on your sunglasses, pack your bags, stock up on sandwiches, and take a trip!

Eased restriction means we have a license to travel. As the peak summer month of July hits, you might as well take a mental health break and explore a part of the country you have not seen before. We, the editors over at SEEMA, feel the same way. And we have some of our picks for locations to visit nationwide, ones that will help you gain more perspective of the country we live in this July, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

However – and we cannot stress this enough – just because we can travel, does not mean we should not do it responsibly. Continue wearing a mask, stay clean and sanitized at all times, make sure you are vaccinated before you travel, and take as many measures as you can to protect yourself and others. While we may be able to move about, baby steps should be the way to go. With that said, let us see what our editors have to suggest, complete with their testimonials (spoiler alert: there’s a lot of American history involved).

The beautiful state of Massachusetts: “Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket… The state has several of the best ways to beat the heat by the beach, the shore, the shimmering water. And while you’re at it, also enjoy whale watching, eat delicious food, get a dose of history and culture, and relax with some golfing to boot. Block Island and Newport, RI are also great spots and a hop, skip, and jump from Massachusetts.”

The Hudson Valley in New York: “After having lived here through quarantine, I can say that this place has some of the most breathtaking hikes this side of the east coast, surrounded by stunning green vistas and, of course, the majestic Hudson river. The air show in August near Newburgh and some of the art museums in Beacon are particularly worth visiting.”

Acadia National Park, Maine: “After being stuck in the same city for more than a year, everyone wants to head out of the concrete mania and enjoy summer amid nature. That’s why I’d love to go to Acadia National Park. It’s got a rocky coastline plus mountains plus gorgeous hiking trails!”

The International Art and Folk Market, Santa Fe, New Mexico: “This market, which sets up in July, is fantastic – the quaint cobblestone streets and fun market for handmade products is a shopper’s dream. But there are also some other amazing places to visit in Santa Fe & White Sands monument & Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico.”

Travelling through The Grand Canyon: “Grand, vast, and rugged, this location expands and stretches the limits of your body, soul, and imagination. The heart opens up 100 fold in the immense grandeur, which just takes your breath away. The Colorado River has traveled through the layers of rock over nearly two billion years, creating eons of story and geological history of the Earth. Plus, learning about the Pueblos and Native Americans and the life they lived there for more than 800 years is something worth appreciating!”

Washington DC, Virginia: “Is it a very common tourist spot? Sure. But the advantage of a safer system of travel and crowds being not as intense (and aren’t we all thankful for that?) means you can enjoy some of the country’s most recognizable tourist locations in a way you probably might not be able to in the near future. Just make sure no one else has the same idea and do your research beforehand.”

Seattle, Washington: “I’ve wanted to visit the Space Needle ever since I first heard about it, and Pike Place market is on my bucket list too. I’m a bit of a history buff, so I’m excited about the idea of underground tours and Victorian-era buildings. Seattle has a bit of everything, and is another city to enjoy without the massive crowds.”

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South Dakota: “Another pick for July, it is ‘American History, Alive in Stone…,’ as the tagline goes. The grand faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln watch over you as you’re encapsulated within the beauty of the Black Hills, giving you an insight into the development of this rich country.”

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia: “This is the time you can take to learn more about American history and culture. What better time to do it than July, the month of America? A living-history museum set in the middle of Williamsburg, Virginia, if you’re a nut for historical facts told through people in costume, this might be for you.”

Thor’s Well, Oregon: “This peculiar spot is located in Yachats, close to the popular Cape Perpetua. It has a hint of mystery to it due to its optical illusion of being a sea cave that has collapsed unto itself. And, of course, there are tons of places in the state of Oregon to make the journey worthwhile.”

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