The Soul Catcher by Monica Bhide

Storyteller and globe-trotter, Monica Bhide is an award-winning author, literary coach, and educator whose specialty is crossing boundaries — chronological, geographical, religious, and economical — to take her readers on a journey of magical realism.

Her latest book, “The Soul Catcher,” releases on September 1, and is a fascinating and captivating tale of magical realism, exploring fate, faith, loss and love. 

It is a story about Yamini Goins, a woman who has the ability to capture someone's dying soul and keep it alive. The woman is faced with a dilemma, when she sees her betrayed lover who desperately needs her help. Will she helped him or not? The story is told in 12 parts, put together like a mosaic puzzle, compelling you to read all the stories to discover what happened in the beginning.

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