The Top 5 Female Dominated Career Trends of 2022

6 months ago / by Melanie Fourie
Female Dominated Careers
Females make up 81.58% of psychologists in the industry. This is the third top female-dominated field.
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Female Dominated Careers

Women have no limits; we all realize that. Certain fields are naturally more dominated by women than others. That said, even though pay equality has come a long way, according to Harvard Business Review, women are still earning 17% below men on average in 2022.  To help you understand exactly where women are in control, we’ve compiled a list of careers that are primarily held by women. 

So why do women find particular fields so alluring? Also, how come some of these careers are still widely accepted by males? Read further to discover more!

What Makes Certain Fields Disproportionately Filled by Women?

There have been many investigations on the underlying causes of the persistent gender gap in occupational choice.

One explanation is that women have traditionally held higher positions of responsibility in fields such as child care, teaching, and nursing because of sexism’s practice of assigning women to traditionally “feminine” occupations. Though that’s beginning to change, it’s not happening very rapidly.

Men are more likely to choose high-risk occupations (such as those in construction and manufacturing) than women are, according to the literature. Some authorities have suggested that women avoid male-dominated fields due to the high risk of experiencing discrimination because of their gender. Moreover, the work-life balance in careers that are more popular with women is generally superior than that in careers that are more popular with men, which is important since women are still expected to bear the lion’s share of the responsibility for child care, housework, and other unpaid labour.

We are well aware that not everyone will arrive at their career choice via the same reasoning. Regardless of the cause, the gender divide contributes to the wage gap since many of the most sought-after vocations among women tend to pay less than those in the male-dominated workforce.

The Top 5 Female Dominated Careers Jobs

The following list is inspired by College Consensus. We’ve extracted and elaborated on the 5 fields with the highest percentage of women workers. 

1. Professional Nursing Comprises the Highest Percentage of Females

Many of a doctor’s responsibilities may be handled by a professional nurse, however they still report to a medical director. Since males have traditionally been discouraged from entering the nursing profession, this is a career where women tend to predominate. Many nurse practitioners begin their careers as registered nurses before going back to school to pursue further degrees, making this a very desirable educational and professional path. 

Women who are moms and who want to serve others, advance healthcare, and have more time for their own families often choose this career path. As the population ages and the need for medical care rises, this career is one of the best for women financially, with potential for significant wage growth. $91,156 is the mean wage in this industry, with a female participation rate of 87.17 percent.    

2. Women Occupational Therapists are Thriving

Post World War I, the need became apparent for a therapeutic modality that might assist veterans in regaining the use of their appendages so that they could return to their regular routines and work. Occupational therapy is still dominated by women, who made up 100% of the profession when it first began. There may be many factors at play, but whatever the case may be, this is a great field for women to enter if they want to make a living in one of highest-paying careers for women and get the personal fulfilment that comes from assisting others in being financially independent.

Occupational therapy is a terrific subject of study and work, and one of the better-paying careers for women, however it is unclear why women tend to dominate the sector. As a profession, occupational therapy is widely respected since it is easy on both the therapist and the client, and it yields positive results. The median income is $74,932.00, with the estimated percentage of female workers in the industry at 85.87%.

3.  Women are Drawn to Careers in Psychology 

More women than males enter the area of psychology because of its appealing nature. The capacity to put one’s ideas into words, the ability to read nonverbal cues as a language, and the innate physical sensitivity of females are all examples. All of these explanations are grounded on reality rather than preconceived notions. When compared to male brains, the female brain has a greater abundance of the physical qualities that drive the mind’s observant and sympathetic abilities. Because of this, women are disproportionately represented in the field of psychology and among those who seek to help persons with mental health issues.

Women are attracted to psychology not just because it is one of the highest-paying careers available to them, but also because it allows them to serve as mental health practitioners. Since there are several sub-disciplines under psychology, and women might choose to specialize in an area that speaks most directly to their own strengths and interests. The median income is $74,932.00, and 81.58 percent of this workforce is comprised of females.

4. Female Human Resource Executives Abound! 

Since its inception, the area of human resources has been largely influenced by women because of the common belief that it is a more gender-neutral position. Another explanation is the long-held belief that women have an advantage over males when it comes to assessing people and assigning them to suitable jobs.

 When it comes to solving problems, leading others, and negotiating, emotional intelligence is crucial, and women tend to have greater levels of it than males. It’s estimated that the average wage in this country is $79,976.00. There are 76.92% female professionals in this industry.      

5. Compassion for Animals: Women Veterinarians 

While males traditionally made up the majority of veterinarians, recent years have seen an increase in the number of women entering the industry. Women often choose to become veterinarians because they have a strong desire to help animals, and can pursue animal medicine and science without facing prejudice because of their gender. 

Women are attracted to veterinary medicine because of the career opportunities available to them in the small animal sector. If you choose to deal with huge animals, you can be certain that you will have accessibility to the most cutting-edge chemical and mechanical restraints, allowing you to operate on and around the animal with minimum risk of injury while you evaluate its health.

One of the highest-paying professions for women is that of veterinarian. Veterinarians perform a highly skilled position, and those who want to pursue a specialty within the field of veterinary care have the opportunity to increase their income significantly. Income on average is $103,220.00, and women comprise 76.39 percent of the workforce in this area.

FAQs about Female Dominated Careers

What are the Top 5 jobs dominated by women?

The top female dominated careers for 2022 are nursing, occupational therapy, psychology, human resources, and veterinarian services.