The Top Fashion Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

12 months ago / by Team SEEMA
2022 fashion trends
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This article aims at highlighting the fashion trend forecast for 2022. The article explores fashion trends of 2022 and informs you of the shifts likely to be experienced in the fashion world. It also provides great insights on putting together unique pieces and standing out.

Seasons get more confusing, with warm spring days that turn into winter at night. You may be tempted to overlook 2022’s top fashion trends. However, style is constantly changing, and there are a few things you want to be aware of this year. The next big trend we are expecting in 2022 is minimalism, with celebrities and consumers opting for more minimal and unfussy styles and loose-fitting clothing with fewer details but well-executed.

Hemlines Hit the Floor

The first trend likely to take over in 2022 is a hemline that hangs around the ankles. The midi and maxi skirts will fly off the runways and make their way into closets worldwide.

Sleeves Are Sloping

This year, sleeves have gone in opposite directions, going above and below the shoulder point. This will be a practical update for summer weather that will help keep things cool in warmer climates.

Corsetry Gets Tough

If you are a fan of corsets, you are in for a treat. These rugged, tight-fitting garments will be hitting stores near you in 2022. People will wear them over clothing for a more minimalist look that highlights their bodies well. Corsetry will continue to be popular, with brands putting it on lingerie, sportswear, tights, and dresses.

Shoulders Make the Suit

Fashion trend forecast 2022 predicts the trend of oversized shoulders hitting its peak. Instead of your typical blazers and suits, we anticipate most people will opt for big tops with bigger shoulders than usual. These pieces will be the main focus of your outfit, especially when paired with something simple like a pair of jeans.

Brushed Knitwear Begs to Be Touched

Brushed knitwear has been famous for years now, but it will not be slowing down as we move into 2022. People will turn to this knitwear on jumpers, dresses and suits. It will keep its popularity for at least the first half of the decade.

White Shirts and Blue Jeans

A chic outfit or dress always begins with a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans. These two classic items will still be popular in 2022. We predict that white tops paired with blue jeans will be one of the most worn looks of the decade and a casual and easy way to pull an elegant look.

 Lingerie Shimmers and Shines

For years, women have worn simple lingerie under their clothing. However, in 2022, things are changing. Women will begin wearing more elaborate lingerie that includes embellishments and ruffles, particularly lacy pieces that showcase a bit of skin through sheer fabrics.

Tanks Take Off

Although tank tops have been popular for years, predictions indicate that they will become even more popular in 2022. You will not wear them only with a short skirt or shorts but can pull off unique wear over a long-sleeved shirt and jeans.

Bows Go Retro

We have all seen those women wearing bows in their hair in classic colors like red, blue, green, and white. It seems like they are popping back into fashion for a few reasons. This year, more women are beginning to wear hats, and bows are popping back in to help them fit with their outfits.

As the days become lengthier and warmer, we can focus on the spring-summer 2022 fashion trends. They include:

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses were a big hit in 2018, but 2019 saw them lose popularity. We are expecting them to come back with a vengeance. We predict that they will stay on trend throughout summer and into fall.


Sequins have been a hit of late. We predict they will continue their rise in popularity as they become an essential item in your wardrobe. Wearing sequins over dresses, skirts, or jackets will see them maintain their favor this year.

Lime green

We predict this color will show up in some form on your spring-summer 2022 fashion trends list. It is a bright, vibrant color that has been a favorite of many for years now and will have a massive change in popularity in 2022.

Mini skirts

Like mini shorts and maxi skirts, we predict that mini-skirts will have a huge comeback this year. They will continue to be significant throughout spring, summer, and fall.

Hot pink

This year, hot pink will be one of the most prominent colors, especially for spring summer 2022 clothing trends. You can wear them with almost any color, from lime green to dark purple.


We expect halternecks to become all the rage in the 2022 trend. They started small but eventually will hit their peak as we move into summer 2022. Expect to see them on everything from t-shirts to dresses and even trousers.

Low rise

In spring 2018, we saw a big comeback of low-rise jeans. However, the trend died out a bit as 2019 came around. It is predicted that they will start to make a comeback this year, and you will be able to pair them with almost anything.

Statement trouser suits

Statement pantsuits will continue to be one of the biggest trends in clothing for women in 2022, especially when it comes to spring-summer trends. You can expect bright colors and bold cuts to become popular this year.

Bras as tops

Bras as tops are among the new fashion 2022 trends. Bras are typically worn under clothing. However, you can also wear them on their own.


Fringe may have been popular in the early 2000s. We see a bit of revival of the trend. As we move into spring summer 2022 fashion trends, we will see them become viral this year. You will be able to wear it with dresses and jeans, especially low-rise jeans.

Bright co-ords

Bright co-ord sets will likely be massive this year, especially with spring-summer fashion trends. There is no need to wear one in just one color either since you can mix up the colors to create an outfit that looks great no matter where you go.


This year, pleats will become a big hit in the fashion world. You will be able to wear them with various clothing items, including dresses, skirts, and tights. Moreover, pleated skirts are among the most wearable trends this year on the runways.

There are wearing ideas we have been seeing in the fashion world for a while, but we predict that they will be among the most significant trending ways to wear 2022 clothing trends. And we have explained how to use these trending ideas in your wardrobe.

The Boho Look

The boho look was extensive in 2018, and it will continue to be popular throughout this year. You can wear them with just about anything from strapless dresses to trousers. They are an easy way to create a more bohemian style.

Make Your Dresses

We predict that you will be able to make your dresses, especially when it comes to spring-summer fashion trends. You can buy fabrics and create them yourself for a fraction of the price of branded pieces but still stay on-trend.

Wear Basics in Sophisticated Ways

You can wear your essential clothing items in sophisticated ways. For example, wearing t-shirts as tops and using different cuts and styles gives them a more expensive feel.

Layering Your Outfits

Layering outfits can be simple and effective by using your everyday closet accessories. For example, wearing scarves and hats with everything to complement or complete a look.

Wear Polka Dots on The Side of Everything

Polka dots are set to have a massive comeback. You can wear them in bags, coats, and shoes. One way to wear them is on pieces already finished and famous, like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag. If you do not have access to famous pieces, styling polka dots well will see you hop into the trend without breaking the bank.

Mix and Match Your Outfits

Mix and match is a way to get an elevated look without trying too hard. For instance, wearing a bomber jacket with skirts or trousers gives you an elevated look while ensuring you are comfortable. The great thing about this trend is that it is relatively easy, especially if you are new to fashion.


What are the top prints of fashion trend 2022?

Top prints of fashion trend 2022 include leopard and snakeskin prints, checkmate, tie-dye, making waves, and stripes.

Which fabric is considered best in 2022 fashion trends?

Cotton is the best fabric in 2022 fashion trends.

Which color is rocking the fashion trend in 2022?

Weaving colors for the fashion trend 2022 are; lime green, saturated yellow, sunset orange, and classic Kelly green.