The Wedding and Priyanka Chopra Dress That Won’t Be Forgotten Anytime Soon

Sep/30/2021 / by Nancy Amon
Priyanka Wedding Dress

Hollywood and Bollywood is all about the glitz and glam. It’s home to the famous and super wealthy, striking lifestyles, posh weddings, and not sparing a penny when it comes to clothes. For many of us, this is only a dream or a wedding fairy-tale fantasy. But for some women like Priyanka Chopra and lots others out there, a grand wedding is only the tip of the iceberg.

We take a closer look at the Priyanka Chopra wedding dress that’s rocking the internet since it took place.

Who can forget that fairy-tale Ralph Lauren designed dress sporting a 75-foot long veil? The dress that took 1826 hours to complete. Hats off to the team who helped craft it. We’re also going to explore her other outfits she wore for both ceremonies and the after parties.

Yes, plenty of celebrations and parties followed long before and after the actual wedding day.

Where Did The Party Begin?

The ever-popular Priyanka wedding dress had every eye ogling at the luxurious gown. But before discussing the wedding gown, we want to check out the timeline of events and her other outfits. The saying “go big or go home” is true for many famous celebrities.

Priyanka Chopra fashion sense is clear in every outfit she adorns. From traditional saris to the Christian wedding ceremony attire every outfit suited her perfectly for each occasion. She celebrated both wedding types with her husband Nick Jonas.

Bridal shower

The Priyanka Chopra outfit to her bridal shower was a stunning Marchesa dress. The bridal shower celebration took place at the exclusive Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Box café based in the New York.

The Bachelorette party

There can’t be a wedding without a bachelorette party. The bachelorette party dress was from Gorgeous Chakra. The mini dress shimmered with sparkles. The Chopra bridal party and friends jetted off to celebrate in Amsterdam for the party festivities.

Pre-wedding celebration

For the traditional Indian pre-wedding celebrations, the Priyanka Chopra outfit was a colorful Abu Jani Sandeep Kholsa design to accompany the Mahendi. The Mahendi is a South Asian pre-wedding celebration. Part of the adornments on the bride-to-be is the elaborate henna paintings on the hands and feet.

The Sangeet pre-wedding ceremony

At the Sangeet ceremony, Priyanka Chopra dress was another item designed by Abu Jani Sandeep Kholsa. This glittery sari was a beautiful piece, strikingly elegant and stunning for the event.

The wedding gown

Priyanka Chopra wedding dress on the big day was one of a kind. Its said that Ralph Lauren only designed three wedding dresses that were exclusively for his family members. However, Chopra was a fortunate bride-to-be, and the designer crafted a most stunning wedding gown for her.

If the 75-foot long veil wasn’t enough to amaze onlookers, the dress was also adorned with 2,390.000 mother of pearl sequins. The extravagant dress fit the lavish and grand wedding celebrations that the couple enjoyed with friends and family.

The custom two-piece

Priyanka wedding dress didn’t stop at the wedding gown, but the glitz and glamor continued. For the Judpur reception, she donned a lovely two-piece custom-made by Ralph & Russo.

Red Dior Gown

At the Umaid Bhawan Palace, Priyanka dazzled the crowd with the gorgeous Red Dior gown. Like something out of a princess fairy-tale, this gown was yet another amazing hit in the line-up of Priyanka Chopra wedding dress fashion.

Traditional Red Lehenga

The red Lehenga was a fitting pick for Priyanka, and she wore it beautifully for her second wedding ceremony with Nick. This was the traditional ceremony. This custom red lehenga took 110 embroiders 3,720 long hours to craft the lovely garment.

The lehenga also featured sentimental attributes like the name of her husband and her parents. Her parents and husband’s names were sewn into the waistline in her mother tongue.

Lehenga of the reception

As the festivities continued, Priyanka wore more stunning outfits. For the traditional reception, Priyanka wore a beautiful lehenga by Falguni Shane Peacock. To craft this beautiful lehenga took an estimated 12 000 hours.

Post-wedding outfit

After a two-day long wedding celebrations and festivities, the couple continued to wow the crowds with their ready-on energy. Priyanka was seen in a lovely teal sari and had sindoor powder in her hair. This is a custom tradition for newly wedded brides to wear the powder in their hair which symbolizes their married status.

Reception in Mumbai

The travels continued as the couple made a quick stop in New York and then jetted off to Mumbai for two more receptions. The new bride wore a custom brocade corset and matching lehenga by Sabyasachi. The outfit was topped with an elaborate necklace by Sabyasachi as well.

Bollywood reception

The outfit for the Bollywood reception was a minimalist chic custom-designed outfit by Abu Jani Sandeep Kholsa. The couple wanted to share their happiness and wedding experience with the Bollywood community. This reception and celebrations took place 19 days after their wedding.

The stateside party

Paying homage to Nick Jonas’ family, the couple celebrated another wedding party at the Nellie’s Southern Kitchen. Kevin Jonas Snr’s late grandmother inspired the restaurant. At this ado, Priyanka wore a beautiful white dress with print.

Priyanka Chopra Wedding Dress – A Closer Look At The Detailed Design and Textures

Ralph Lauren is definitely no stranger to the haute couture industry of high-end fashion and exclusive garments. The company has been around since 1967 and continues to dazzle clients with bespoke designs worldwide.

It’s no wonder the designs are limited to only three weddings. Ralph Lauren’s world-class haute couture is limited. Priyanka was the blushing bride in her bespoke Ralph Lauren dress fit for royalty for this beautiful and special occasion.

Time, crafting and custom features

The Ralph Lauren Priyanka Chopra wedding dress was hand-beaded, hand-embroidered, and it took 15 artisans to tackle the mammoth task.

The creation of this bespoke wedding gown took a time span of an estimated 1,826 hours to complete.

Her dress even features special embroidered work like phrases, the name of her husband, parents and other significant names to the bride. It also included the couple’s engagement date.

To add to the sentiments featured in her dress, she also added a piece of her mother-in-law’s wedding dress into her gown.

The veil

Who can forget the 75-foot long veil that adorned Priyanka’s head? It was a most stunning accessory to accompany her beautiful dress.

The wedding shoes

A bride’s shoes are as important as her dress. Just as Chopra’s wedding dress and outfits were custom-designed, so too were her footwear. She graced the aisle with a pair of custom Jimmy Choo shoes.


How much did Priyanka Chopra’s wedding dress cost?

Priyanka’s wedding dress was truly one of a kind, with over 2 million mother of pearl sequence and not forgetting it took over 1800 hours to make. Her wedding dress cost $2 million.

Where dis Priyanka Chopra get her wedding dress?

Priyanka’s wedding dress was custom-made by world-renowned fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

Who made Priyanka Chopra’s dress?

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren made Priyanka’s dress.

What was the most expensive wedding?

According to the Guinness World Book of Records, the most expensive wedding was in 2004 and it cost over $50 million dollars. At the time, billionaire steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal and the father of the bride Vanisha Mittal was the third richest person in the world.

Conclusion About Priyanka Chopra Wedding Dress

We admire the beautiful Priyanka, and it’s fitting that as a model, she too could hone her very own fashion show. As each ceremony was celebrated, she wowed the guests each time with her amazing outfits. The flamboyant wedding was inspiring to many folks making wedding plans.

Whether it’s over the top extravagant or minimalist intimate, the wedding day is one that is remembered for years to come.


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