These 20 Hairstyles Will Make You Look Fresh And Ready For Your Day

Apr/18/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Medium Length Hairstyles
Image credits: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

Medium length hairstyles are versatile and easy to style. Whether you have sleek-straight, wavy ringlets or coils, this length is lovely. The nice thing about medium length hair is that it doesn’t get in the way the same way long hair would. For instance, if the weather was super hot and you wanted to wear your hair down, medium hair would be more bearable than long hair.

Let’s look at some amazing hairstyles for men and women that are super easy to do for yourself.

#1 Wavy Bangs (Fringe) Combo

Beach wave hair is always carefree and gorgeous. If you want to add another step to your beach wave look, add wavy bangs. This will help create texture and depth to your hairstyle.

#2 Try A Piecey Up Do

Up dos are timeless and often touted in formal ado’s and special events like weddings and birthdays. You can try your hand at the chic piecey up do. You can tweak these hairstyles for medium hair in many ways. They can be more of a stylish messy bun appearance which will be so beautiful.

#3 Super High Half Ponytail

Easy hairstyles for medium hair includes the super high half ponytail. Measuring the ponytail part this high (at the top of your head) looks best when hair is not too long. If you want a quick style and don’t have much time to prepare, this is a good one.

#4 Bangs With Shattered Ends

When it comes to hair cuts, it can go either way. With a blunt cut, the ends are straight with no shape. However, with shattered ends cut, the bangs are more layered in a way. There’s more shape when the cut is shattered (textured) vs blunt.

#5 Wavy Lobe

The wavy lobe is the perfect example of hairstyles for mid-length hair. The classic bob is just brushing the shoulders and sometimes shorter. However, we have a length longer than the shoulders but not long enough to be defined as long hair with the lobe.

#6 Half Up Bun

Curly heads dominate the half-up bun, and if you’re a curly girl, this one will suit you too. Yara Shahidi sees an excellent example of this hairstyle. The actress/model loves this hairstyle, and we can see why. It’s carefree, beautiful and great for any occasion, dressed up or down.

#7 Sleek Straight

One of the beginner easy hairstyles for medium hair includes the simple sleek-straight look. With a flat iron, you can pull off this style in no time.

#8 The Bed-Head or Messy Look

If you want to keep things natural and less perfect-looking, the messy bedhead is a good call. This hairstyle is especially great for wavy textures as it forms easier. Mousse or a leave-in conditioner can help you get the job done.

#9 Side-Swept Gorgeousness

2021 medium-length hairstyles are turning heads in a good way because there’s so much creativity and easy-going vibes that comes with it. Take the side-swept look, for example. It works for waves and curly hair and looks so sexy and beautiful. Simplicity and easy flow is something we can all agree on.

#10 Protective Twists

Natural kinky coily hair and curls know that protective styles go a long way to keeping the hair healthy and strong. If you are looking for cute hairstyles for medium hair, some mini twists will look amazing and cute. You can also accessorize it to add extra pizzazz.

#11 Let Your Curls Loose

Another beautiful way to flaunt the length of your hair, as well as the natural texture, is by simply letting it be. Being naturally curly is all the hype these days and if you’re blessed to have these beautiful tresses, then go for it.

#12 Braided Crown

A braided crown takes time and effort and may not be the most straightforward style to pull off. However, it is breathtaking for a party, formal occasion, wedding or simply a day at the office.

#13 Sleek And Straight With A Middle Part

A simple middle part hairstyle is chic, and while it’s also simplistic, it can still suit most occasions. You could flat iron your hair after having washed and blow-dried it. Then add some serum for extra shine, and after that, simply do a part down the middle. It’s a classic posh spice look that’s inspired many women and young girls.

Let’s check out 11 cool medium length hairstyles for men

We always have something for the girls and the guys. If you think it’s only short hair that makes it to the top ten hairstyle league, you’re mistaken. Mid-length hair for men affords you variety in styling options. Without further ado let’s see the hairstyles for mid-length hair, tailored to men.

Medium Length Hairstyles
Image credits: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

#1 The Messy Quiff

The quiff is a haircut that incorporates longer at the top compared to the sides. While it shares similarities to a tapered haircut, it has minor differences and may not always appeal to a tapered fade.

#2 Keeping It Sleek Back

The sleek back medium-length hairstyles are not only for women, but men can also show off this neat and trendy look. Be inspired by Jared Leto as this was a look he often rocked too.

#3 The Fade

With a faded haircut, you have many options. The fade goes beyond 2021 medium length hairstyles. It is versatile, easy to style for shorter hair and also, medium hair. The fade is always a good look and sets the haircut apart from plain haircut styles.

#4 Modern Side Part

If you think about a side part for men’s hairstyles, it’s easy to see more of a 40s, 50s and even as early as 20s look. But, you can rock the modern side path today, and it is perfect for men looking to experiment with how to style medium hair

#5 Undercut On Medium Length

The undercut is adaptable to any length and is even an easy hairstyle for medium length hair. Whether you are wearing a man-bun or a high ponytail, this works.

#6 A Blowout

Not only the ladies can do with hairdryer and blow-drying brush in their hair equipment kit, but men can do it too. Medium length hairstyles will do great with a blow-dry finish. This can be not easy if you don’t know how to work a hairdryer, but you can learn or ask someone. A blow-dry will add volume, messy texture and rounding off into your finished style.

#7 The Pompadour

Inspired by the king of rock, Elvis Presley rocked the pompadour as a signature hairstyle during his time. It’s become popular, and you can have it done on medium length hair with some holding gel or hair wax.

#8 Textured Crop With A Fringe

If you are looking for medium hairstyles to try, you can go for the textured crop with a fringe. It is partly messy and neat at the same time. With minimum hair styling products, it should work.

#9 Cornrows And Braids

If you want easy beginner hairstyles for medium hair then the cornrow is going to work wonders. First of all, someone else will plait it for you, but the maintenance after that is easy. Best of all, you don’t need to redo it every day, and it is an excellent time-saver.

#10 Messy Medium Cut With Beard Combo

The beard has become a staple throughout the ages and rebooted in the 21st Century. That said, adding a messy medium haircut with a neat beard will score an A+ in our books. A messy medium haircut is also easy to define with some styling products. You’re set for any occasion with this style.

#11 Retro Afro

Medium hair is probably the perfect length for an afro. The afro also allows you to embrace your hair’s natural texture. With an afro comb or hair pick, fluff out your hair and enjoy the retro look.


How do I style my medium-length hair?

There are many ways to style your hair if you’ve got a medium cut. This is also good news for folks that have always had long hair and are looking for something easy to maintain. From twists and braids to beach waves and sleek straights, the options are endless.

What can I do with medium length hair?

Medium hair can be tied up or worn loosely. There are many options for medium hair length, and best of all, it doesn’t take as much time as it does longer hair.

How do you style medium length hair for beginners?

If you feel stuck on this one, you’ll be happy to know that there are many tutorials and easy-to-follow hairstyle guides for beginners.

How do you style medium layered hair at home?

Styling your hair at home will not only save you money, but it gives a sense of gratitude and satisfaction, knowing that you have achieved the look on your own. Again, there are plenty of online tutorials, and with the right tools and styling products, you can work wonders.

How do you style medium hair?

Medium hair is easy going and minimal for styling. Still, you can create elaborate styles with this hair length, and you can enjoy the flexibility and look your best.

Conclusion To Medium Length Hairstyles

Enjoy your hair, either way, you wear it. Ensuring your tresses are in the best shape requires eating a balanced diet, hydration, rest and a good hair care regimen. Which of these hairstyles got your attention?