Three Women, Three Styles for One Season, FALL

Oct/28/2021 / by KAVIYA RAVI

Cool and crisp evenings with smokiness in the air. Crunchy leaves beneath the feet and glorious colors in various shades of oranges, reds and yellows all around. Adieu, hot, sweltering days and welcome, beautiful, beautiful fall! With the change in seasons comes the typical overwhelming urge for a change in oneself and one’s surrounding. While we cannot work on the self part on your behalf, we got you covered on the surrounding.

Luscious earth tones, vintage furniture, cozy fabrics, rich textures and bringing the outside in are some big ideas this season. Let us delve into these trends and some tips from three women, with their own styles, all getting their homes ready for this gorgeous time of the year.

The Maximalist Bohemian

As a self-proclaimed fall fiend and a born bohemian, this season is my jam. Bring on the color, the cozy, the fringy and the plants. Don’t forget we bohemians lean on the maximalist side of things. While earthy colors may be big this season, jewel tone accents are always a good idea for those with greater affinity towards bright colors. 

Bring out the gorgeous velvet, the softest wools and the darkest leather. These elements don’t just add coziness but also oodles of texture. Switch up those rugs, the shaggier the better. Switch out the summer florals prints for something bold. How about a fuzzy bright pillow or, if you are feeling adventurous, an animal print? Even better if it is both. There is no right or wrong in bohemian decorating. Just go for it and find your own custom balance.

The Contemporary Girl

Sandy Jandu of Elle Home is a seasoned DIYer. Her projects are not only impactful and aspirational but also doable. They inspire you to pick up that paint brush (or power saw) and just go for it. With a propensity for a rich color palette and expert layering, Fall is this contemporary girl’s everyday vibe. So, what is she most excited about this season you ask? Why, it is the acceptance of saturated colors in home decor. It is refreshing to see not just walls, but ceilings, floors, moldings, door etc. be painted in these beautiful colors to create a very elevated look. Sandy says that paint is the great equalizer. Something that is low cost but high impact. 

Plants and flea market finds add warmth and liveliness to a space during the colder months

The Neutral Minimalist

Everything Chelsea Andersson lays her hands on, changes to a thing of beauty. You don’t have to take my word for it, just go watch her on Season 3 of Making It and you will agree. While she can handle projects of any size effortlessly, her miniature houses and interiors are something to behold. The way she plays with the neutral palette makes even a color lover like me want to switch sides. Playing around with different shades and material in a muted color palette always allows for a lot of dimension and warmth in a neutral space. Too many pillows and tchotchkes are not a neutral minimalists cup of tea, so think texture brought in through wall treatments, furniture, artwork and accessories to create interesting focal points. While original artwork from a gallery or a piece of handmade furniture might not be within everyone’s budget, a little bit of creativity can get you a unique and well-curated home. A flea market can be your best friend here. With just a little time investment you can find one-of-a-kind finds to take home with you.

While many ideas have been shared and tips have been given in this story the biggest advice is to always be “unapologetically you.” Whatever your style may be, get cozy, snuggle together and enjoy this amazing season. It’s Fall Y’all!


This is also the perfect season to pitch the unsightly furniture and hit up your town’s resident flea markets for one of a kind, aged and well-made vintage pieces. Nothing is more at home in a bohemian household than something that has survived through time with stories to tell.  If worn distressed isn’t your thing, don’t worry, these are perfect spots for some clean, lined midcentury modern pieces as well.

The thrill of finding the perfect antique is always worth the search.  No true bohemian home is complete without indoor plants in every corner. We are the original plant ladies after all. This is a perfect way to bring the outdoors in and add some liveliness to your space. How about the finicky fiddle leaf fig, or the beautiful banyan tree. No time for high maintenance? Then invest in the good old, resilient pothos. 

The last step to finishing up the fall decor is to light up that Naga Champa fragrance, turn on some twinkly lights and enjoy your handiwork.

Another budget friendly tip Sandy has, is to hit up those vintage stores around town. While vintage furniture may not be a possibility for everyone, flea markets are often times filled with one-of-a-kind objects. All they need is some imagination, a little bit of love and a paint can. 

A cost-effective tip she has for us while decorating for fall is to bring out the cozy textiles, especially those shawls that we South Asians have hidden in our closets. They can be draped over couches or hung up on walls to create visual interest and texture. She says that elements that create texture can extend beyond just accessories, a perfect example is the brick wall in her house that she DIY’ed herself. 

Other factors to consider

To create an impactful minimalist dwelling, it is important to play around with scale as well. Think large scale, exaggerated and asymmetrical. These can be large artwork, asymmetrical rugs or exaggerated accessories. 

Dried grasses, sculptural branches and uniquely shaped natural stones are all a great way not only to add extra interest but also a great way to bring the outdoor in. For a clean fall scent try the Oakmoss by Pickwick & Co. Now if you don’t have your own space to use any of the tips above do not worry because, with Chelsea’s miniature kits on you can decorate to your heart’s content while you save up for your dream home.

Ahhh! the glorious smell of fall! What a wonderful tip, especially since smell has the power to transport us to far away magical places. With an affinity for woodsy masculine scents, Sandy’s favorite candles are made by Ebb and Flow, a South Asian-owned business based in Brooklyn, New York. 


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