Tips for Lips and Eyes from Carmindy, Celeb Beauty Queen

Tips for Lips and Eyes

Carmindy has been a celebrity makeup guru for over 25 years, written four books, and been on the show What Not to Wear. She gave us the inside scoop on the latest for eyes and lips.

According to Carmindy, an iconic red lip suits everyone, preps you instantly for a night out, and can wake anyone up. “People are bored of black eyeliner … jewel-toned eyeliner is a fun accessory but keep other makeup natural and bare.” Universal colors are deep jewel tones like forest green, sapphire blue, brown, topaz, and amethyst.

To get the look, choose a color that is the opposite of your eye color. She says to avoid electric blue or green, as they won’t work on everyone. Lastly, go for a pencil, wet powder, or liquid eyeliner.


And for those of us who don’t have Carmindy on speed dial, the best way to apply red lipstick is do yourself a favor and drop the lip liner and lipstick combo. You always want to apply it, then blot it with a tissue. Push around the outline with your finger so it is stained and more wearable.

Carmindy taught millions of women how to see their unique beauty with positive reinforcement and to stop any negative commentary going on in their heads. She urged women of all ages and a diversity of features to love and celebrate themselves.

That positive attitude inspired her to create Carmindy Beauty, a streamlined collection of beautiful color cosmetics for all women regardless of age or skin type sold exclusively at QVC.

She’s lived in Los Angeles, Milan, Miami, and now makes her home in New York, where she established herself as a top makeup artist and beauty expert.

What Not To Wear is now available on Hulu and is currently in syndication in over 117 countries.

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Photographer: Andrew Day, Stylist: Danny Morales, Hair: Walton Nunez, Makeup: Carmindy, Creative Director: Khirma Eliazov