Tips on How to Pick the Best Engagement Photo Outfits

11 months ago / by Team SEEMA
Engagement Photo Dresses

When two families come together, it’s a cause for celebration. Naturally, you’ll want to share the good news with your friends and family members. In East Asian culture, weddings are a family affair, and you will have a lot of phone calls to make. Tell everyone all at once with a digital announcement that includes a gorgeous engagement photo of you and your fiance.

Your engagement announcement is your introduction to the world as a couple. You need an announcement that expresses your love while also expressing your unique style as a couple. Of course, you’ll need to find the right outfits for the picture. Here are some tips and considerations on engagement photo outfits.

Reflect on Your Relationship

Before you think about clothing, think about your relationship and how you got to this point.

Every relationship has a special story and its own unique moments. This is a great time to look back at your relationship with your future spouse and reflect on memories you shared together. While reminiscing, you may find details that you can incorporate into your engagement announcement and your engagement outfit. Even if you don’t come up with any great ideas, it’s a fun conversation to have over a glass of wine.

Some questions to help you look back at your relationship include:

  • Where did you meet?
  • What hobbies or cultural similarities bond you?
  • What’s your favorite quality in your mate?
  • What are your fondest memories of each other?
  • What future goals do you share?
  • What words describe your future spouse?
  • Who are your style icons?
  • What are your favorite movies, books, games, and music?

After reflecting on your relationship, look at engagement photos online to get inspiration. You’ll be able to get a sense of each other’s visions while giggling over some of the more over-the-top announcements.

Pick a Backdrop

Before you pick your outfits, you should agree on a photo shoot location, as the setting of your picture will greatly impact your clothing choices.

When picking a location, think about the things you share in common.

If you both like nature, you can find a beautiful natural setting in the local woods, mountains, beaches, or flower gardens. If you both love travelling, you can take your photos while on a trip together. If you both work as marine biologists, you may want to take pictures at the aquarium.

Hobbies and interests can influence your pictures, as well. If you bond over your love of Harry Potter or Bollywood movies, you can incorporate your interests into your photos. If you watch football together, you can take pictures at your team’s stadium. If your visit date was to get ice cream, you can take pictures at that ice cram parlor.

Some couples have a strong appreciation for a shared culture and want to create an announcement that incorporates traditional scenery and clothing. Even a couple from different couples can show off their cultural pride and how the two cultures have come together to create a beautiful family that showcases the best of both worlds.

Common Engagement Photo Dresses

It’s finally time to pick your outfits! Based on the setting of your photo, pick a style of dress that fits the picture the best.

Formal Dress

For the sophisticated couple, you may opt to wear formal attire.

Women will wear an elegeant dress, romper, or pantsuit made from nice fabrics. Men will wear a suit or a tux. The clothing shouldn’t match as if they were costumes, as that can cheapen the look. However, the gentleman’s tie and socks can match the lady’s dress or shoes. To further create cohesion, both outfits can be from the same designer.

Formal attire works well with luxurious locations and nighttime backdrops.

Casual Attire

For the down-to-earth couple, you may opt for casual attire.

Casual attire opens the door to a lot of color and style options, which can make it even more difficult to make a final decision on clothing.

Women can wear jeans and a button-up or tee shirt, a sundress, or leggings and a cute top. Men can wear jeans or shorts and a tee-shirt, cargo shirt, or button-up shirt. Some couples will match and both wear jeans and a white shirt (for example). While cute and great for some couples, we suggest not matching outfits directly but following a similar color palette or theme. For example, you can wear a white sundress with yellow sunflowers and he can wear jean shorts and a blue shirt while holding a sunflower. He can also wear a yellow shirt that matches the color of the sunflowers on your dress and/or socks the same color of the sunflower.

Casual attire looks great with natural daytime backdrops, such as a flower garden or meadow.

Traditional Attire

For the couple who enjoys representing their culture, you can wear traditional attire.

Women from East Asia have a lot of traditional dress options, including a lehenga choli, saree, salwar kameez, and churidar. Men can wear a dhoti or bandhgala. There are a number of designers both in the United States and countries in East Asia who can make custom designs specifically for the occasion.

Themed Attire

For the couple who shares a strong bond over a particular aspect of their life, you may want to dress according to a theme.

Some common themes for engagement photos include:

  • Sci-Fi
  • Hospital/Medical
  • Western
  • Sports
  • Bollywood
  • Arabian Nights
  • Safari
  • Hawaii

Naturally, if you pick a theme, you’ll need to wear clothing that fits the theme. Enjoy yourself and embrace the theme with your clothing. When going with a theme, it’s okay to match. That’s kind of the point. However, you don’t need to make your clothing look like a cheap costume.

For example, if you go with a Hawaiian theme for your engagement shoot, you can find clothing from Hawaiian designers instead of getting a hula skirt from the local costume store. If you don’t like any local designers, you can find well-known designers that incorporate a Hawaiian theme into certain pieces. For example, Dolce & Gabbana sells striking Hawaiian shirts for men that make a much greater statement than the Hawaiian shirts you’ll find in the Honolulu gift shop.

Engagement Photo Dresses Tips

Now that you picked a clothing style, you are ready to finalize your clothing decsiions. Here are some tips to ensure that you pick the best outfit for the occasion.

Embrace the Romantic

Your engagement announcement is all about love, so it’s okay to get a little mushy and romantic in your picture and with your clothing.

You can add romance to your attire by choosing a romantic sundress with floral print for a day scene or a sexy black cocktail dress for a sophisticated night scene. You can also add roses to any outfit, even if you decide to go for a cowboy and cowgirl theme.

Finally, don’t forget to look into each other’s eyes and kiss!

Consider Your Partner’s Ideas

Most people think weddings are only for the ladies, so we sometimes forget that it’s his wedding and engagement announcement, too!

He’s already a trooper for going through with the announcement, so let him have some say in what he wears. You don’t have to tolerate him wearing his basketball jersey if you don’t watch basketball, but it’ll be a much smoother experience all together and you’ll get a better picture if your other half gets a say in his clothing.

In a majority of cases, the act of asking for his input is enough to make his happy and let you pick the clothes.

Get Detailed

Include little Easter eggs into your picture that remind you and your partner of memories in your relationship. For example, you can be taking a traditional engagement photo in a flower garden but include a small flag from your home country somewhere in the flower garden or a baseball on the ground to symbolize your first date.

Of course, the details apply to your attire as well. You can wear jewelry or clothing that reminds you of your relationship. For example, you can both wear Star Wars socks or pickle-themed socks.

Pick Colors Thoughtfully

The colors you choose for your engagement outfit have a large impact on your pictures.

You want to pick colors representative of your love if you can. Perhaps you can wear your favorite color or the colors of your native flag. Alternatively, you can pick romantic colors, such as pink and red.

White is always a popular color as many people associate it with weddings. If you associate red with weddings as some cultures do, that’s another great choice.

Get Silly

Love is sweet and dedicated. However, it’s also fun.

Don’t be afraid to get silly in your pictures and with your attire, especially if you both appreciate each other’s sense of humor.

You can include humor into your clothing by going all out in a costume or by adding hints of inside jokes into your outfit, such as your socks or hats.

FAQs about Engagement Photo Dresses

How do I choose a perfect engagement photo dress?

For your engagement photo dress, you want something romantic. Sun dresses are a sweet, pretty, and effortless choice that also includes a romantic element.

What colors are best for engagement photo outfits?

The best colors are colors that represent your relationship. Or colors that go well with your skin tone and suit the backdrop.

Top 5 engagement photo dresses?

Here are just some of the best engagement photo dresses!