Top 12 Best Vacation Spots for Couples

Sep/19/2021 / by Team SEEMA
Best Vacation Spots for Couples
Image credits: Igor Rodrigues via Unsplash

Traveling makes you more understanding and open to new ideas. It also offers you the opportunity to unearth unique experiences. And couples who explore new places together are most likely to keep the romance alive in their relationship. If you are a couple who has just started dating, travel together to places where you can get to know more about each other and make the bud of love bloom in your relationship. Next time, you can travel to a picturesque, remote location to propose to your partner, making it memorable for both of you. And, before the big date, look for the best vacation spots for couples so that you two can spend some quiet time together before experiencing the chaos of planning a wedding. Vacation spots are also the best places for pre-wedding photoshoots. After your wedding, you can visit one of the best places for couples for your honeymoon. And, every year, you two can travel to remote destinations to celebrate your anniversaries and other important events. 

Couples married for years should also travel often, to places where they can unwind and deepen their bond. And if you are a couple who is going through a rough patch in your relationship, traveling is the best way to connect again with each other and clear all differences. When you travel together, you work as a team, navigating an unknown place and dealing with unexpected challenges. That may make you trust each other again, reignite the romantic spark, and deepen intimacy in your relationship. Whatever stage of relationship you are in, traveling with your significant other is the best way to discover each other, along with exploring stunning locations of a new place.

Travel has “long-term benefits for couples,” according to a U.S. Travel Association’s survey report. Couples who travel together are more likely to have healthier and happier relationship than those who do not, the survey report notes. Respondents of this survey say that traveling makes them more satisfied in their relationships. When they travel together, they get to spend more quality time with each other, which allows them to enjoy more romance and better sex life. Also, during their travel, they learn to communicate more and better with their partners. It is because they are dependent on each other and have no one else to talk to. And, it is no secret that communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

What are the best vacation spots for couples? The best destination is where both of you can have fun. It should also offer plenty of opportunities to experience new things together. Here are the 12 best places for couples to travel. You can choose one of them and then book your tickets and travel together. 

Bali, Indonesia 

Best Vacation Spots for Couples
Image credits: Aron Visuals via Unsplash

Bali is a tropical paradise in Indonesia. Lush green rice terraces, long stretches of beaches, and volcanoes make this “island of gods” one of the most remarkable destinations in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the most popular places to visit for couples. Together with your partner, you can do a lot of things in Bali. You can enjoy water sports, go hiking, stroll on beaches, visit ancient temples, have a candlelight dinner, shop at art shops, and do a lot of other couple activities. Also, you get to choose from a wide range of accommodation options, including beach huts, holiday villas, hotels, and resorts.        

If you two want to rediscover your adventure spirits, Bali is the place to be. You can go snorkeling, diving, surfing — kite surfing as well — wild water rafting, and more in Kuta, a popular beach destination. Bali also has several hiking trails. The sunrise hike up Mount Batur, which is an active volcano located in the Kintamani highlands, will lift your spirits. Bali also has several spectacular Hindu temples.  

Ubud, a town in Bali’s Ubud district, is the place where you can see culture in all forms. It is home to ancient temples and the Agung Rai Museum of Art, which exhibits a collection of Balinese artwork. Uluwatu is another beautiful destination in Bali that you should consider visiting. It houses the Uluwatu Temple, which is believed to be more than 1,000 years old. The sunsets here are magnificent. And you can visit the amphitheatre on the cliff top, beside the Uluwatu Temple, to clap for the traditional Balinese Kecak dance performed by artists. 

Bali is one of the best vacation spots for couples who want to relax and unplug amidst nature and bring back the thrill in their mundane lives.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia 

Image credits: Arno Senoner via Unsplash

Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is one of the most rugged regions in Europe. It is an absolute showstopper and a dream destination for couples who like to spend time in alluring locations. With sun-kissed beaches, picturesque mountains, and pristine natural beauties, the Dalmatian coast is spellbinding. It is the best place to soak up the romance.  

Split, located on the Dalmatian coast, is a city where you can enjoy leisure time together, visiting museums and galleries. If you two are looking for couple retail therapy, this is the place to be in. There are plenty of options for shopping. Split is also the departure point for the strikingly beautiful Brac, Hvar, and Vis islands. Brac is famous for the Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) beach, which looks like a gigantic tongue. It stretches about half a kilometer perpendicularly out into the sea. 

The sunny island of Hvar, the Queen of Dalmatian coast, is where you can take a stroll to see the vast fields of lavender, vineyards, and ancient olive trees. If you want to make your visit more exhilarating, you can get on a yacht and sail on the crystal clear blue waters of the sea. And, Vis, a remote, rocky island, is another great destination to spend your together-time, away from the cacophony of crowded places. Vis is known for its sunlit caves, undisturbed beaches, and succulent lobster. 

Dubrovnik, located in the southern part, is the place to visit if you two want to hold your hands and stroll through the ancient, walled medieval city, remembering your first meeting and other memorable moments of your lives. The city is a postcard-perfect destination. Walking the medieval wall, exploring the idyllic old town, visiting Fort Lovrijenac and other iconic places are some of the activities that will keep you two in a jovial mood.   

Dalmatian is the place for couples who love to hold their hands, whisper in each other’s ears, and want to explore a captivating landscape.

Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)

Best Vacation Spots for Couples
Image credits: Taylor Simpson via Unsplash

Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Dotted with scenic spots, narrow walkaways, charming adobe architectures, and museums, this bewitching high desert town is the perfect destination for couples who want to celebrate their special moments in an artistic way. 

If you two love colors and art, you can start from Canyon Road, the famed Historic District. The half-mile stretch is home to a large number of art galleries and artists’ studios. Also, you can shop here, especially jewelry, and dine at restaurants. For Santa Fe’s famous traditional pottery and turquoise jewelry, visit the Palace of the Governors in the Downtown Plaza, which stands in the heart of the city. Outside its adobe facade, you will find Indian vendors selling them. The Palace of the Governors is also one of the most iconic buildings in New Mexico — one of the oldest continuously inhabited buildings in the U.S. The Loretto Chapel, a former Roman-Catholic church, is another major attraction in Santa Fe. It has one of the most majestic spiral staircases in the world. The Chapel is now used as a museum and a wedding chapel.  

The 20th century Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is a must for those who cannot have enough of Modernism. It holds the world’s largest collection of O’Keeffe works — she was one of the most influential figures in Modernism. And, these days, a visit to Santa Fe is incomplete if you do not visit the House of Eternal Return. Created by an artistic collective known as Meow Wolf, the place will mesmerize you with its expressive colors, the awe-inspiring artworks, light play, and bold graphics. And the fun fact about this place: “Game of Thrones” writer George R.R. Martin has helped fund it.   

Santa Fe is for couples who like to deepen their bond while exploring the art scene hand-in-hand.    

Santorini, Greece

Best Vacation Spots for Couples
Image credits: Matthew Waring via Unsplash

Greece’s Santorini, situated in the southern Aegean Sea, is a part of the Cycladic islands. Shaped like a crescent, the place, officially known as Thira, is an archetypal Greek island fantasy. You can write a magical page for your love story during your stay here. Wherever you go on this island, there is something breathtaking waiting for you to explore. 

Vivid rocky landscape, multicolored cliffs, dreamy Cycladic whitewashed houses, gorgeous sunsets, and red and black volcanic beaches make Santorini a dream location for couples. You can explore the ancient ruins, visit the vineyards, taste the wine – it has a unique taste due to the island’s volcanic terrain – eat at restaurants facing the sea. And you can enjoy your together-time by swimming in the amazing molten-dyed beaches or sunbathing near the crystal clear blue water and under the azure sky. 

Fira, the main town in Santorini, has great places where you can eat and talk about everything under the sun. You can saunter down the narrow streets, which are packed with shops, bars, and restaurants. And, in the evening, you can join the crowd at Caldera edge to watch the splendid sunset.

Located on the southern coast of Santorini is the seaside village Kamari. It is known for its long stretch of black sand beach and an open-air cinema. So after swimming and sunbathing at the beach and trying out the most sumptuous Greek cuisine, you can head to the open-air cinema for a movie date under the starlit sky. Ola is another village you must visit to watch the gorgeous sun sink into the horizon. And, located 200 steps below Ola is the Amoudi Bay. Accessible on foot from Ola, the bay is known for its great swims, sunbathing, and cliff-jumping. You can also taste some of the best seafood in the world in Amoudi Bay.     

Santorini is for those couples who love to watch sunsets in silence and then talk about celebrating another magical day with each other.   

Uvita, Costa Rica

Image credits: Selina Bubendorfer via Unsplash

Uvita is an idyllic small town in Costa Rica. It is a tranquil place dotted with nature’s beauties, offering couples the opportunity to rejuvenate and start a new conversation. The main attraction of Uvita is the national marine park Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. It is famous for being the temporary home of humpback whales. You can catch a glimpse of them when they migrate to the reserve for mating every year. Coral reefs, untouched golden sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, and mangrove forests make this park a destination blessed by mother nature.   

Playa Bahia Ballena, Playa Pinuela, Playa Colonia, and Playa Uvita are the four beaches inside the park. They are popular. However, as they are inside the reserve area, you will find that they are virtually deserted. If both of you are underwater adventure sports enthusiasts, you can go snorkeling by the eye-popping coral reefs. The park is home to about 18 coral species. And here, you can see a variety of colorful birds as well – such as brown boobies, pelicans, and frigates. You can also visit the stunning waterfalls near the park. 

If you plan to land in Uvita in September, you and your partner must attend the two-week Whale and Dolphin Festival. It celebrates the arrival of humpback whales. And, not only them, you can also see dolphins during the festival. And if you two love sports, you can take part in cycling and beach volleyball. And if you are artistically inclined, you can choose to create sand sculptures. Concerts, parades, and other cultural events are also held during the festival. 

If you plan to travel to Costa Rica in February, you must attend the Envision Festival, which is held inside a jungle. The electrifying atmosphere of the festival will enrapture you and encourage you two to discover your bohemian spirits. You can also join others and dance under the canopy, meditate and express yourself in myriad ways. The festival may also make you trust each other more.     

Uvita is for couples who want to strengthen their relationship and grow their trust in each other.

Tulum, Mexico

Image credits: Anna Sullivan via Unsplash

Tulum is located on the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula in southern Mexico. Known for sun-soaked white-sand beaches and Mayan ruins, the place is among the most popular vacation spots for couples in North America. Do you know how to ride bikes? Yes? Well, the first thing you need to do is rent them after reaching Tulum. You can then traverse the place in a more fun and liberating way and discover the Mayan spirit.  

There are plenty of things to do as a couple in Tulum. It includes taking a dip in the cenotes — which are the caves filled with crystal clear water. You two can also hang around Laguna Kaan Luum lagoon and marvel at the sight of a cobalt blue cenote. It sits right in the center of the lagoon. And, you cannot commit the sin of not visiting Tulum ruins, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the most beautiful Mayan ruins sites. 

From Tulum, you can visit Reserva de la Biosfera Sian Ka’an. Home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, the reserve is one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. It is composed of tropical forests, mangrove trees, coral reefs, blue lagoons, and pristine beaches. Around 300 species of birds dwell here. And the biosphere is also rich in terrestrial vertebrates. You can spot flamingos, roseate spoonbills, giant land crabs, American crocodiles, pumas, Central American tapirs, four sea turtle specials, manatees, and other birds and animals. 

And, if you still have time, travel 43 km northwest of Tulum. The ruins of Coba are waiting to delight you. The two key attractions of this place are the jungle views and the Nohoch Mul pyramid, the highest Mayan building on the Yucatán Peninsula. You two can stroll along the ancient Mayan path and then climb up the mounds to reach the top of the Nohoch Mul pyramid. You can have a panoramic view of the surrounding jungle from the top. 

Tulum is the place for couples who would love to explore the ruins of an ancient world, take dive into crystal clear waters, and infuse more warmth and love into their relationship.                

Northern Safari Circuit, Tanzania 

Best Vacation Spots for Couples
Image credits: Wade Lambert via Unsplash

Tanzania’s northern region has the most celebrated safari trail in Africa – the well-established Northern Circuit safari. It is an ideal itinerary for couples who want to immerse themselves in a natural world, where the most rare and endangered wildlife species dwell. National parks, conservation areas, and game reserves are the highlights of this safari circuit. And Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park are the star attractions of this region, not only just Tanzania.    

The iconic Serengeti National Park hosts one of the most spectacular wildlife events in the world. It is the Great Migration. Every July and August, millions of wildebeests, followed by zebras and antelopes, make the trek from this park to Masai Mara in Kenya to feed on the lush green grass. And, later in October and November, these animals take a U-turn to return to Serengeti. The park is also home to Africa’s Big Five: Lions, Black rhinos, leopards, buffaloes, and elephants. You two can get your fill of wildlife here.  

And there cannot be anything more romantic than floating through the air on a hot air balloon safari in Serengeti. From above, you will get mesmerized by the wild beauty of the diverse plains below. And, both of you can also share some of your wild secrets with each other in the open sky.

The long, thin Tarangire National Park runs along the Tarangire River. Dotted with scenic baobab trees, the park is a wonderful birding destination. And its low-lying, rolling hills, interspersed by swamps, make it the perfect natural habitat for animals. In the dry season especially, this park is teeming with animals, as then, the river remains the only water source in the region. You can observe herds of elephants, zebras, lions, gazelles, hartebeest, buffaloes and other wild animals from a close quarter.

Ngorongoro Crater, sitting inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, is one of the highly visited attractions in Africa. Often called the “Garden of Eden” because of its scintillating beauty, this crater is a geological marvel – the world’s largest inactive, unbroken, and unfilled volcanic caldera. Here, you two will find it difficult to decide whether to gawp at the dazzling scenery or focus your attention on the majestic lions, elephants, giraffes, black rhinos, and leopards lazing around.  

And in the Northern Safari Circuit, Lake Manyara National Park is another spot that offers the opportunity to unearth unique experiences. More than 400 species of birds inhabit this remarkably striking national park. And its soda ash lake acts as a magnet for pink flamingos, drawing thousands of them toward it. Lake Manyara National Park is also famous for its tree-climbing lions, and herds and herds of African elephants can also be seen in plain sight.         

At every turn on this safari trail, a wild surprise waits for you. And there is no limit to the number of activities you can do as a couple – watch the sunset and sunrise, climb hills, go bird watching, see wild animals chasing their prey or yawning, meet the Masai tribe, or just stroll around.   

‘Northern Circuit’ safari is for those couples who are wild about wildlife adventures. 

New York City, New York (USA)

Best Vacation Spots for Couples
Image credits: Josh Couch via Unsplash

New York City in the U.S. is a haven for romantics. Even amidst a bustling crowd, you will find enough space and a moment to romance your partner. It is dotted with some of the most romantic spots in the world. Also known as “The Big Apple,” New York City consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The famous Central Park is from where you two can start your exploration of the city. Carriage rides, boat rides, and the Conservatory Garden make the park a magical place. 

A horse-drawn carriage ride takes you around the park, offering you one of the best sightseeing experiences. You can see Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain, and other popular spots in Central Park. Also, you can book customized rides for your birthdays, proposal, wedding, anniversary, and other special occasions. You can also rent a rowboat and row your way to the heart of Central Park Lake. It will make you grin from ear to ear while enjoying the dramatic scenes around you. And Conservatory Garden is known for its spectacular floral displays. You can take a walk through the garden holding each other’s hands and admire the plantings of tulips, crabapple trees, lilacs, chrysanthemums, and the finest perennials. 

Empire State Building is also a popular spot for couples in New York City. It is a steel-framed skyscraper, rising 102 stories, and from its observation deck, you get to see the city in its amazing glory. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Top of the Rock, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, The High Line, and Manhattan Skyline are other places that you can visit.

If you have plans to propose or throw a big surprise, a visit to Tiffany’s is a must in New York City. You can choose a perfect jewelry piece to gift your partner or put on her finger. She will treasure it forever. And theatre-loving couples should try to make time to watch a Broadway musical in the city.      

New York City is for couples who want to create special memories in a city that never sleeps.

Venice, Italy

Best Vacation Spots for Couples
Image credits: Damiano Baschiera via Unsplash

Italy’s most romantic city Venice, spread over 118 small islands, is a UNESCO World Heritage property. Famous for its architectural masterpieces, winding canals, and cozy bridges, the city has plenty of incredible sights to behold. And you will see the works of some of the most influential Renaissance artists across the city, including Giovanni, Giorgione, Tiziano, Tintoretto, and Paolo Veronese.   

The city feels like a live painting, picturesque and exuding a laidback feeling. And, for couples, it has an uncountable number of picture-perfect spots to romance and become intimate. Ponte dei Sospiri, known in English as Bridge of Sighs, built-in 1602, is a perfect place for romantic kisses. And you can also follow the tradition of kissing your partner when passing under this bridge in a gondola.    

Piazza San Marco, known in English as Saint Mark’s Square, is another prime attraction of Venice. One of the world’s most beautiful squares, this iconic place will spellbind you with its cultural and artistic richness. 

The square is named after St. Mark’s Basilica, an ornate beauty featuring Byzantine domes and a Greek cross layout. Syria, Egypt, and Palestine marbles adorn its walls. And its five portals are covered in golden mosaics. Doge’s Palace is another iconic beauty that will dazzle you. It is a Gothic architecture masterpiece. The early Renaissance building Clock Tower and Procuratie vecchie, which is the three connected buildings, are other attractions of Saint Mark’s Square, the only open area in Venice. If you want, you can just stroll around and discover the staggering architectural masterpieces.        

A short walk from Saint Mark’s Square is Terrazza Danieli. You can enjoy Venetian cuisine here. And it also offers panoramic views of the splendid surrounding: a waterfront view of the lagoon, islands, and awe-inspiring structures. And, if you plan to propose to your partner, there cannot be a better place than Terrazza Danieli to do that.     

Bruno Island is a hidden gem just 40 minutes North of Venice. Its buildings are drenched in colors, making the small fishing island one of the most colorful places in Italy. You can just wander the streets here, admiring the colorful buildings and talking about how you can make your relationship more colorful. Another place to visit when you are in Venice is Alberoni beach, a natural beach known for its sand dunes and wilderness.           

Venice is the place for couples who want to take their relationships to the next level or cement their bond. 

Molokai, Hawaii (USA)

Molokai is a Friendly Isle, often cited as the “most Hawaiian” of the islands. It is the place to visit if you two want to take a break from your chaotic and busy lives in the city. Molokai is almost untouched from the brush of commercialization, as there is a strong anti-development sentiment in the area. About half of Molokai’s population claim to have Native Hawaiian ancestry. And you can feel the Aloha spirit here. Natives are friendly and welcoming. 

Kalaupapa National Historical Park is one of the most talked-about places on Molokai. Today, it is a place of preservation and education, but once upon a time, it served as the quarantine site for people suffering from Hansen’s disease, or leprosy. You will have to ride mules to visit this park. And you will be riding down 1,700 feet of high sea cliffs. And, on this 2.6-mile mule trail, you will get to see some of the most rare and endangered Hawaiian plants and animals. At the park, guided tours are available. Along with learning about the leper colony and visiting sites of historical importance, you can also have your lunch at a scenic place, which overlooks the sea cliffs and waterfalls.

Papohaku Beach Park, the longest white sand beach in Hawaii, is another spot to explore as a couple in Molokai. It is rarely crowded, except during the annual Hula festival. You can sit on the sand here and gawp at the breathtaking sight in front of you, in complete silence. And if you love water sports, you can go swimming, snorkeling or diving. Sunbathing is the best option for you if you just want to laze around and talk. Every year in the spring, the Hula festival is held in Papohaku Beach Park. The day-long festival usually takes place in mid-May. And if you two are lucky to attend it, you will get to see performances by hula schools, musicians, and singers.

A top recreational center in northeastern Molokai island, the Halawa Valley is another prime attraction that you cannot ignore. Dotted with lush mountains, waterfalls, and a beach park with two coves, the valley offers you the opportunity to go hiking on a two-mile trail. You will notice the beautiful double-tiered 250-foot Mooula falls, one of the largest in Hawaii, about two miles up the trail. 

Molokai is for those couples who want to spend some quiet time in each other’s company.

Saint Lucia, Caribbean Sea

Best Vacation Spots for Couples
Image credits: Daniel Öberg via Unsplash

Geological wonderland Saint Lucia is one of the best vacation spots for couples. Located in the Caribbean Sea, the island state is known for its sun-kissed beaches, picturesque mountains, and mysterious jungles. If you want to get married or renew your vows in a gorgeous and photogenic place, you need to be in Saint Lucia. It is also a prime destination for honeymooning couples. 

Saint Lucia offers a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. Diving and snorkeling in Anse Chastanet Marine National Park, a protected marine park, provide you a glimpse of the colorful marine life. And hiking up to the jungle-clad waterfalls and zipping through the forest canopy offer you an exhilarating experience. 

The magnificent Pitons are one of the main attractions of the island nation. Often called the symbol of Saint Lucia, they are two forested volcanic peaks that tower over the town of Soufriere, which is located in southwestern Saint Lucia. And Sulphur Springs Park is another captivating destination to explore in Saint Lucia. A drive-in volcano and an active geothermal site, it allows you to walk through the crater to see the bubbling hot springs. And outside the park, you two can take a dip in the warm sulfur-laden steam — it will relax and rejuvenate you. In Saint Lucia, you can also go sailing the crystal clear blue waters; the option of yachting is also available. 

If you two are nature lovers as well as history buffs, you must visit Pigeon Island National Park. It was once occupied by pirates, who were led by Francois Leclerc – the first known pirate to have a wooden leg. The park is also home to the 18th-century military ruins – when English and the French were battling each other. And if you want to get a clear view of the ocean and Rodney Bay, hike up to the cannons of Fort Rodney. After that, you can relax on one of the two beaches located inside the park and then have lunch at a restaurant. Pigeon Island National Park also hosts the annual St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival every May.    

Saint Lucia is for couples who are committed to making their relationship sparkle.


Best Vacation Spots for Couples
Image credits: Vitalii Ustymenko via Unsplash

Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa, wears its breathtaking beauty with nonchalance. Glorious sunsets and pristine beaches are its main attractions. If you two want to stroll along the sparkling turquoise waters and explore the spellbinding underwater world, head to Seychelles. Everything on this island-nation is Technicolor, and every part feels like an exquisite painting that has come to life. 

One of the extremely popular vacation spots for couples, Seychelles offers an opportunity to experience a fabled paradise. Anse Volbert, also known as Côte d’Or (means Golden Coast in English), is one of the most popular beaches here. You can sunbathe on its sugary white sand as well as swim in the crystal clear waters. And for snorkeling, you can swim toward a small islet called Chauve-Souris, which floats off-share. There are several restaurants and bars nearby; so after a thrilling time at the beach, you and your partner can savor the traditional creole food. 

The entry point to the Seychelles is Mahe, the largest and the busiest island. It is home to Victoria, the capital city. Mahe is famous for its splendid beaches and Morne Seychellois National Park, which covers 20 percent of Mane’s land area. Morne Seychellois, the highest peak in Seychelles, is standing inside the park. You can trek to the peak. And you can also use the walking trail to discover the almost deserted area in the middle of a dense forest. From Mahe, you can visit Praslin and Digue. They are a short boat ride away.    

Cousin Island, a small granite island, is another magical destination in Seychelles. A bird paradise, the island has a large number of colorful, endemic land birds. It is also a breeding site for seabirds. If you love to watch birds in their natural habitat, Cousin Island is where you should spend some time. 

Seychelles is for those couples who believe in having fun.  

Travel Guide for Couples

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is: you do not have to look for a travel companion. You have your partner as your travel buddy. And if you both are travel enthusiasts, there cannot be anything more perfect than that. And the world is dotted with vacation spots for couples. So an unlimited number of options are available for you. But, you have to be choosy when deciding on a destination. It is because you are not traveling solo. You have to take into consideration your partner’s interests and what he or she loves to do. If you fail to do that, you might have to change your status to “single” after returning from one of the best places for couples to travel. You must plan a trip that you both can enjoy. Here are some tips that you need to follow to have the most memorable travel experience of your lives.   

Ask Your Partner

Once you are on the same page that you both want to travel in order to explore new destinations, discover new things about each other, and to strengthen the bond, the next step is deciding the destination. And, often, one half of the couple ends up doing all the planning and choosing without asking the other half where he or she would like to go. This solo decision-making can cause a lot of friction in your relationship. If you want to avoid ugly arguments and silent treatment, ask your partner about the destinations he or she wants to visit.          

Read Travel Magazines, Travelogues

You both may have a list of your dream destinations. But, it is unlikely that you will know everything about them. So you must do your research before deciding to visit a place. Read a lot of travel magazines, travelogues, and online articles. You can then make an informed decision. 

During your research on a place, you need to find out the popular spots for couples, its hidden gems, challenges that you two may face there, transportation, and the types of accommodations available. And, if you want to propose or celebrate a special occasion, you need to check whether you can access everything that is needed to make the moment beautiful and memorable. Also, you need to find out the best time to visit a destination, what all you need to carry, and the estimated cost of the trip. 

Choose the Destination

After your research, it is time to choose the destination. You both need to sit down and discuss why and why not you should travel to one of the vacation spots for couples. Also, when you are picking a destination, you need to consider your budget, how long you plan to stay, whether the weather of that place will suit you both, and if it offers activities that both of you can do together. Select the destination where you two can have the most romantic and memorable time of your lives. 

Book Tickets and Accommodation

Decided on the destination? Well, it is time to books your flight tickets. It is best to do it in advance so that you do not have to encounter late-minute hiccups that can spoil your and your partner’s mood. And by doing so, you also save money on your tickets. There are huge discounts available when you book tickets in advance.         

As you now know when you are going, what all places you intend to visit, and how long you plan to stay, you need to book a room in hotels and resorts, and in other couple-friendly accommodations. The accommodation you pick depends on your budget and the reason why you are traveling. For example, if you are visiting a place for your honeymoon, you need to book a honeymoon suite.

And if you two have just started dating, you should ask your partner whether he or she is comfortable staying in the same room with you. You will have book two rooms if the answer is “no.” 

Things to Pack

After booking your tickets, you need to start packing your things. First, you both needed to determine what all things you need to carry on the trip. After that, you will have to shop for a few things, and then start your packing. And you will also have to decide how many bags you two would like to carry during the trip. It is best to travel light. If you do not, you will be constantly worrying about your bags. 

Some of the things that you may need during the trip:

  • Passport/Visa
  • Insurance papers
  • Map
  • Dictionary
  • Chargers/Powerbanks
  • Notebooks and pens
  • Medicine Kit 
  • Sunscreen
  • Travel Hygiene Kit
  • Weather and activities appropriate clothes
  • Gorgeous pajamas
  • Appropriate Shoes
  • Masks and hand sanitizer 
  • A surprise gift for your partner
  • And an idea to surprise your partner     

During the Trip

When you are traveling together, do not try to be the boss and make all decisions alone. As you may be a couple with different interests, you will have to ensure that your partner does not get bored because of your activities selection. You must have a talk with him or her and then choose the activities, and always do them together. Do not fight or do anything that may disappoint or embarrass your partner. Remember that you are visiting a place, far away from your home, to make beautiful memories together.  Also during the trip, always try to eat healthy and try local cuisine.               

Talk a Lot

You need to keep the conversation going during your trip. It will help your bond to become stronger. You should open up, share your secrets, your desires, likes and dislikes, and everything that may help the other person know you better. And do not pressurize your partner to do something that he or she is not comfortable doing.

Click a Lot of Photos

And while making beautiful memories, do not forget to click a lot of pictures.   


Q. What are the top 10 romantic getaways?

– Venice, Italy
– Bali, Indonesia
– Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
– New York City, New York
– Uvita, Costa Rica
– Northern Safari Circuit, Tanzania
– Seychelles
– Saint Lucia, Caribbean Islands
– Molokai, Hawaii
– Tulum, New Mexico

What is the most romantic place for couples?

The most romantic place for couples is the one where they can do activities together, romance each other, and get intimate. It should be the place where their bond becomes stronger.
– Beaches
– Walking trails
– Hiking trails
– Mountain tops
– Wildlife reserves
– Marine reserves
– Jungle resorts
– Shopping area
– Museums
– Art galleries

Where should I take my wife for vacation?

You should first ask your wife where she wants to travel or her dream destination. After that, you can decide where you want to take her for vacation. Here are some suggestions.
– New York City, New York
– Venice, Italy
– Paris, France
– Sydney, Australia
– Maasai Mara, Kenya
– Savannah, Georgia
– Ushuaia, Argentina
– Cape Winelands, South Africa
– Greek Islands, Greece
– Vienna, Austria

What are the top 10 romantic getaways in USA?

– Santa Fe, New Mexico
– New York City, New York
– Molokai, Hawaii
– Savannah, Georgia.
– Napa Valley, California
– Sonoma, California
– Hocking Hills, Ohio
– Scottsdale, Arizona
– Greenville, South Carolina
– Charleston, South Carolina

What is a good trip for couples?

A good trip for couples is the one where both are active participants, and there is ample scope for intimacy, romance, discovery, memorable moments, and non-stop communication.
– Santa Fe, New Mexico
– Venice, Italy
– Bali, Indonesia
– Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
– New York City, New York
– Uvita, Costa Rica
– Northern Safari Circuit, Tanzania
– Seychelles
– Saint Lucia, Caribbean Islands
– Molokai, Hawaii
– Tulum, New Mexico
– Santorini, Greece