Top Wellness Wearables for 2021

Jan/14/2021 / by Kathleen Aisha Vail Abdelhamid

In the middle of a global pandemic, it’s not surprising that wellness topics, apps, and devices have become our go-to guides for survival. What you may find surprising, though, are the extraordinary innovations in wellness technologies that are driving the top wellness wearables for 2021. With the arrival of a new year comes a new opportunity to hit the reset button and try something new… something surprising, something optimistic that will compassionately flip the harsh realities of last year into hopeful designs for new ways to play, work, listen, and yes, even dream in 2021.

Wearables technology predictions for 2021 include increased health and wellness data analytics, improved performance metrics, and upgraded coaching features. Innovative new wellness wearables are hitting the market, including enhanced fitness, stress, and sleep trackers, hybrid hearing aids with studio-quality sound features, single-use body stickers monitoring for early Covid-19 symptoms, and smart air-purifying face masks. There’s even a wellness wearable for your dog!

Included among the following list are popular devices from familiar commercial brands and some exciting new winners of the 2021 CES Innovation Awards in Wearable Technologies.

Top Wellness Wearables for 2021

Apple Watch Series 6 – Features a blood oxygen sensor, ECG on demand, sleep tracker, and always-on retina display.  Also offers fitness workouts and activity trackers for running, swimming, yoga, cycling, etc., with social sharing features and access to music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Samsung – Galaxy Watch3 – Monitors blood oxygen and heart rate, detects and calms stress and anxiety, records ECG, offers sleep tracking, fitness workouts with built-in coaching, Bixby voice functionality, fall detection, and can even send for help if you fall.

Fitbit Sense – Monitors heart health, blood oxygen, temperature, stress, sleep, activities, etc, with built-in GPS, voice assistance, limited texting, and 6-day+ battery life.

CarePredict – TouchPoint/Tempo Wrist Band – Great for caregivers of elders in multigenerational families, the Tempo wrist band tracks activities and behaviors, alerting caregivers of the wearer’s health and well-being.  Easy-to-understand data is displayed on the 2021 CES Innovation Award-winning TouchPoint app. Two-way communication features are also built-in, providing touch-of-a-button assurance to loved ones and caregivers.

Feelmore Labs – Cove – This innovative device wraps around the back of the head and tracks stress via heart rate, applying gentle, silent vibrations just behind the ears. It can be worn anytime, even while sleeping.

MIT Fluid Interfaces Group – Dormio – Although not yet on the market, be watching for the arrival of this cool glove-like wearable device that interfaces with sleep phases to guide a wearer’s desired dreams and also help boost creativity.

Oura Smart Ring – A finger ring fitness tracker that monitors body temperature, respiration, heart rate, activity, and sleep, offering data-driven insights. A comfortable choice for wearing to bed, this ring offers comprehensive sleep tracking.

Helm Audio – SensusHD Enhanced Hearing & HiFi Listening – These 2021 CES Innovation Award-winning earbuds deliver affordable studio-quality sound with active noise cancellation and hearing assistance customized to the listener’s personal hearing profile. They also offer built-in access to Siri, Alexa, Hey Spotify, Uber, and other voice services.

LG – Puricare Wearable Air Purifier – This smart face mask features HEPA filters and a respiratory sensor that monitors the wearer’s air cycle and volume, delivering a more comfortable breathing experience. The Puricare mask is a 2021 CES Innovation Award-winner, ergonomically designed to minimize air leakage and prevent glasses from fogging.

BioIntelliSense – BioButton – 2021 CES Best of Innovation Award-winner. This coin-sized wearable is a 30-day disposable sticker sensor that tracks temperature, heart and respiratory rates, and analyzes data for early Covid-19 symptoms. FDA-approved for health screening and contact tracing, the BioButton helps enable a safe return to work, school, travel, etc., so these will likely become more familiar until everyone gets vaccinated.

Petpuls AI-powered Dog Collar – (Just in case your dog is jealous of your new wearables) Using voice recognition technology, Petpuls tracks activities and sleep, analyzing your dog’s emotional state – relaxed, anxious, happy, angry, or sad, helping you understand your dog’s physical and emotional well-being. This 2021 CES Innovation Award-winning smart collar is eco-friendly and pairs via Wi-Fi to an Android or iOS app.

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