Where Biodiversity Rules

Human life has always depended on ecosystems. The earliest civilizations of the world formed around natural resources: rivers and other water bodies and fertile lands — here, a fragile network of microorganisms and endemic animals, plants, reptiles, underwater creatures, and amphibians maintained fresh (drinkable) water, ensured soil fertility and stability, pollinated food crops and provided folk medicine. The most advanced cities still rely on the same resources for people to survive. Resources that are continually coming under strain as the little organisms working round the clock to maintain them, vanish. Over half the world’s GDP is derived from biological resources— so the very creatures most city-dwellers will likely never see in their lives are quite crucial to our survival.

In the fight against climate change, South Asia and island communities seem to be getting the worst end of the stick. Data shows that our children and future generations are going to brave the deadliest of its long-term consequences. Our coastal lands and mountainous areas are under great threat from rising sea levels and soaring temperatures.

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BURANO: An Island Dabbed With Paints and Legends

I board the Vaporetto from San Zaccaria near St. Mark’s square. The large, express ferry slices its way through the placid waters of Canal Grande, spread like a gigantic, semi-transparent aluminum sheet in the morning sun. Majestic mansions and medieval cathedrals, with their ornate facades, flank the shoreline.
I am in Venice, and after three days of wandering through its warren of alleyways, feeding the pigeons in the expansive Piazza San Marco, exploring some of the smaller canals that veer their way into the quaint, less-touristy neighborhoods and hopping over endless cafes for the perfect cup of joe or a fine glass of Italian Chardonnay, I decided to break free of the enduring allure of Venezia in favor of the seductive charm of Burano – Italy’s rainbow island.

Italy is dotted with its fair share of incredibly beautiful islands, but Burano is the most prismatic of them all with the kaleidoscopic facades of dainty, medieval houses lining the shores of this small island. Legend has it that the vibrant colors made it easier for the fishermen to find their way home amid the dense fog that enveloped the lagoon when they were returning with their day’s catch. The rainbow palette was synchronized in a way so they could distinguish their own house from that of their neighbors. In fact, laws are still in place whereby the residents of Burano need to adhere to a prefixed color scheme when they repaint their houses, so that no house sticks out as an eyesore in a color-coded neighborhood. A thriving tourism scene can well be the underlying reason for this, but it has definitely helped retain the island its fairy tale charm with its intense palette.

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solo trips for women

Solo Trips for Women

Solo travel for women is not just about the experience. It is also about empowerment, education, and excitement! It frees you up to do the things you want in the places you want, without being bound by the constraints of home or office.

Check out this list of the best places for solo female travel!

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couple vacation

Top 12 Best Vacation Spots for Couples

Traveling makes you more understanding and open to new ideas. It also offers you the opportunity to unearth unique experiences. Couples who explore new places together are most likely to keep the romance alive in their relationship.

Here are the 12 best places for couples to travel. You can choose one of them and then book your tickets and travel together.

Bali, Indonesia

You can go snorkeling, diving, surfing – kite surfing as well – wild-water rafting, and more in Kuta, a popular beach destination. The sunrise hike up Mount Batur, an active volcano in the Kintamani highlands, will lift your spirits. Bali also has several spectacular Hindu temples.

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Odisha, The State of Amazement

Odisha is a state on the eastern side of India, but actually it lies in its millions and millions of tourists’ mind space. Yes, if you have traveled to Odisha, it is most likely that Odisha has become a state of your mind. It is a destination and also a journey…

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Miami Beckons

I am a long-term New Yorker and have always considered the city my artistic and spiritual home. Though I have only recently become familiar with Miami, I am finding it to be an increasingly exciting option. Have you ever been to a place so special that you just leave in a better mood? What started out as a second home is now about to become a primary residence. With a world-class symphony and ballet, the globally renowned Miami Art Basel and exciting new first-time shows, Miami is on track to equal her northern rivals, such as New York and Chicago. With three major airports – in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach – it is truly an international destination.

After all, South Florida has become a shining, tropical beacon epitomizing luxury condo living at affordable prices. In the past, northerners fled here for the balmy weather, tax incentives and a possible retirement home. But today a hotspot for art, nightlife and global business, Miami’s charisma rises high into the tropical sky. Locals speak boldly when speaking of Miami in the same breath as London, New York or Hong Kong. Places like the Arsht Center for Performing Arts, World Symphony Orchestra, Perez Art Museum, American Airlines Arena, and more add to the overall vibrancy. The influx of Wall Street and other business interests has elevated the dining experience and brought a cornucopia of feasting not found elsewhere.

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