Miami Beckons

I am a long-term New Yorker and have always considered the city my artistic and spiritual home. Though I have only recently become familiar with Miami, I am finding it to be an increasingly exciting option. Have you ever been to a place so special that you just leave in a better mood? What started out as a second home is now about to become a primary residence. With a world-class symphony and ballet, the globally renowned Miami Art Basel and exciting new first-time shows, Miami is on track to equal her northern rivals, such as New York and Chicago. With three major airports – in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach – it is truly an international destination.

After all, South Florida has become a shining, tropical beacon epitomizing luxury condo living at affordable prices. In the past, northerners fled here for the balmy weather, tax incentives and a possible retirement home. But today a hotspot for art, nightlife and global business, Miami’s charisma rises high into the tropical sky. Locals speak boldly when speaking of Miami in the same breath as London, New York or Hong Kong. Places like the Arsht Center for Performing Arts, World Symphony Orchestra, Perez Art Museum, American Airlines Arena, and more add to the overall vibrancy. The influx of Wall Street and other business interests has elevated the dining experience and brought a cornucopia of feasting not found elsewhere.

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Tropical Vacations to Bask In

The shiny sun, the breezy winds, and opportunities to spend time in the lap of nature are some reasons to plan tropical vacations. The serene beauty of pristine palm-fringed beaches framed by the azure water is what comes to mind when you start contemplating tropical vacation spots. Water sports and wildlife are some other major draws at these popular holiday destinations. 

Offering you an idyllic escape from your daily life and routine, these locations epitomize the ultimate vacation! It’s an opportunity to detox and de-stress, along with a generous dose of adrenaline. Check out this compilation of the top tropical destinations from around the world. 

The Best Time to Visit Mexico

The land of tacos, tortillas and tequila is definitely one of the top destinations in the North America, if not the whole world. Mexico boasts a wide diversity of spectacular natural sights, powdery white sand beaches, and mariachi bands.

The country is usually associated with bright sunny weather all year round, which might not be the case. It is important to be mindful of the best time to visit Mexico. When planning a trip, you should know whether it is low or high season to suit your pocket. Most importantly, you should know what to expect in terms of weather and the festivals you can attend there. Before we discuss the best time to visit Mexico, let us first briefly scan through the top destinations frequented by tourists in this beautiful country.

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View of Uluwatu cliff with pavilion and blue sea in Bali, Indonesia


A holiday is not usually associated with getting a jab on your arm. But in a topsy-turvy world defined by a virus, needle-driven getaways or a vaccine tourism seem to be the “new normal.”

In a bid to bolster the tourism sector, which has been worst affected by the pandemic, many countries, from the European microstate San Marino to the tropical island of Bali, have jumped to offer coronavirus vaccines to the inbound travelers. Often, the scheme is clubbed with a leisure-filled, luxurious holiday package.