Understanding Clary Sage Essential Oil

Sep/05/2022 / by Team SEEMA
clary sage essential oil
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In a world where everyone is focused on healthy living, nutritious foods and essential minerals could be scarce. Essential oils are some of the most sought-after products around the world. Women in India and South Asia innovate and develop essential oils and minerals of different forms to meet the demand. Clary sage essential oil is one of the nutritious products innovated by Indian and South Asian women entrepreneurs. But what is Clary sage essential oil?

Clary sage essential oil explained

Clary sage essential oil is an extract of clary sage leaves and buds. Clary sage is a plant mostly grown in the Mediterranean Basin. This plant odes well under high temperatures hence its popularity within the Mediterranean Basin.

Natives grow Clary sage as a flavor for tea and treatment for eye complications. The strong scent from the clary sage leaves and buds is used for aromatherapy treatment. With technological advancements, more discoveries on the nutritional components of clary sage have been made. These include the extraction and improvement of clary sage essential oils for different nutritional needs.

Uses of Clary sage essential oil

  • Psychiatry- There are many forms of psychiatric treatment; these include aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses scents from different plants and elements to treat mental unwellness. This mode of treatment focuses on the relationship between the olfactory system and the brain. This relationship is responsible for triggering emotions and memories when one smells a certain scent. It has been proven through studies that clary sage essential oil elicits feelings of relaxation when inhaled by women.
  • Antibacterial treatment- Clary sage essential oil has a positive impact on various bacteria strains. The oil is applied to the infected part in diluted form alone or with other treatments. Studies have proven that clary sage oil can be used to treat would that don’t respond to regular treatment due to different bacteria. In one of the conducted studies, swabs were collected from 61 different people with wounds that were difficult to treat. The wounds were due to burns, diabetes, and surgical procedures. When applied, clary sage oil was effective on several strains of bacteria.
  • Alleviation of menopause symptoms- Menopause symptoms can be treated by maintaining hormonal balance in women. For various reasons, some women don’t have kids until the menopause period. Not having children when one is willing to have them could be depressing. Studies have proven that sclareol, a component of clary sage essential oil, can minimize menopause symptoms. Sclareol mimics the effects of estrogen hormone, allowing fertilization to take place. Other studies indicate that applying clary sage oil to the bottom of the feet reduces hot flashes.
  • Anti-inflammation treatment- There are several inflammatory diseases; however, the most common one is periodontitis. Periodontitis is a condition where one’s gum gets inflamed and bleeds easily. A study published in 2017 showed that clary sage essential oils had a positive impact on inflammatory conditions. However, the study indicated that clary sage oil had no preventive properties.
  • Blood sugar control- Clary sage oil is a popular ingredient in the manufacture of blood sugar medications. This naturally occurring extract can be used to maintain blood sugar and treat type 2 diabetes. The oil behaves like insulin, making it regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Improving women’s health- Clary sage oil has many benefits to women’s health. It is popularly used by women in the middle east to treat symptoms such as nausea during pregnancy. For a long time, women in Asia and part of the middle east have been using clary sage oil to reduce breastmilk production. This facilitates healthy living for weaning women or those who produce breastmilk in excess.

More uses of clary sage oil are yet to be discovered. However, some tests are still being done to improve the effectiveness of these oils for better application. The mode of application depends on the complication you want to treat.

How to use Clary sage essential oil

  • Aromatherapy- The goal of aromatherapy is to get the patient to smell the scent of clary sage essential oil. A few drops of clary sage oil are diluted in water and then diffused into the air through an essential oil burner. Patients inhale the scented air to calm their minds and nerves or invoke memories. With its antibacterial properties, clary sage essential oil can kill the bacteria in the air.
  • Dermatology- Dermatology is the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. These conditions include difficult-to-heal wounds. In this application, you should mix a few drops of clary sage oil with a carrier oil, depending on how much is needed. After mixing the oil, you can rub it directly onto a wounded or infected area. The oil can also be massaged into the skin when mixed with carrier oils such as coconut oil. Adding several drops of clary sage oil to bathing water helps to soothe sore muscles.
  • Oral application- Being a naturally occurring, non-toxic element, clary sage oil can be consumed orally. Adding a few drops of pure clary sage essential oil to tea, food, or smoothies has a soothing effect. Additionally, the oil reduces periodontitis depending on how much one takes. Studies indicate that one should take a maximum of one drop of pure clary sage oil three times a day. Overusing the essential oils could lead to persistent infections and possible side effects.

Although the application procedures are straightforward, you should use clary sage oil with the guidance of a physician. Following instructions from a doctor helps minimize wastage of the oil and potential side effects due to overuse.

Side effects of using Clary sage oil

Clary sage essential oil is a naturally occurring element. This implies that it is expected to have minimal side effects when used properly. When used in very high doses, clary sage essential oil may lead to heart problems, seizures, vomiting, and kidney failure. Thujone is a chemical compound found in clary sage essential oil that causes its strong aroma. When consumed in high doses and over a long time, thujone leads to the aforementioned complications.

Emerging uses of Clary sage essential oil

As technology improves, stakeholders in the health and nutrition sector strive to get the best dietary and medical solutions. Researchers have made new developments on the best ways to use clary sage oil. However, most of these developments are yet to be proven beyond human tests and trials. They include;

  • Mitigating cancer- Laboratory studies have proved that carnosol, camphor, and rosmarinic acid can help fight cancer. These are compounds found in Clary sage essential oil. The tests showed several cancer cells being killed by carnosol without affecting the healthy cells. Researchers have linked clary sage tea with a reduced risk of thyroid cancer. Additionally, the tea prevents genetic mutations that lead to the formation of cells responsible for colon cancer.
  • Reducing menstrual cramps pain- A study targeting women of age proved that clary sage essential oil alleviates period pains. In the study, several women were given creams infused with drops of clary sage oil. The cream was applied to the lower abdomen at the onset of period pains. After several menstrual cycles, several women reported a significant reduction in period pains.
  • Corrective surgeries- Further studies and technological advancements in the medical industry help incorporate clary sage essential oil into corrective surgeries. Corrective surgeries are done after one’s face or any other body organ is damaged due to an accident or genetic defect. Applying clary sage oil to the corrected part speeds up recovery with its anti-bacterial properties. Scientists have also proven that clary sage oil can be used to eliminate skin discoloring and roughness.

Clary sage is among the easiest to use plants for nutritional gains. Clary sage leaves are consumable when fresh or dry. However, extracted oils are the best option for consumption. The oils undergo tests in the industrial process to ensure their pure, and the concentration is maintained throughout the doses you consume.


What does clary sage essential oil smell like?

Clary sage oil has an earthy smell. However, this could change to herbaceous, floral, or a slightly fruity smell depending on its constituents.

Is clary sage good for depression?

Yes, the clary sage essential oil scent is used in aromatherapy to reduce depression.

Can we use clary sage oil directly?

Clary sage oil can be used directly depending on what you target to achieve. However, it needs to be diluted for most applications.

Who should not use clary sage oil?

Clary oil should not be used by someone that has been drinking as it could cause trouble sleeping.


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