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Make Your Mom Feel Truly Special

May/14/2023 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao

Unique ways to celebrate her this Mother’s Day

A mother and daughter enjoy a personal moment
A mother and daughter enjoy a personal moment. Shutterstock

Come May and it is time to celebrate arguably the most important person of your life, your mother.

While they deserve to be celebrated every day, the second Sunday of May each year is formally celebrated as International Mother’ Day, a ritual observed in about 40 countries all over the world. Mother’s Day dates back to the early 1900s, when Anna Jarvis conceived it as a personal celebration by families. Since then, the day has become synonymous with gifts, flowers and more. Apart from surprising your mother with gifts and flowers, here are some unconventional ways to celebrate her on this day.

Plan a Family Get-Together

it is no secret that mothers adore having loved ones around. So it is a great idea to host a family reunion on Mother’s Day. You can either go out for lunch, order in, or organize a potluck party. Make sure the schedule is relaxed so that you can catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

Enjoy the Outdoors

There is no better time in spring than Mother’s Day for outing. The New York mountain trail is a good place, and so is the beautiful Lake George area. There are several quaint towns where you can experience the pleasures of a slow life. Other thoughtful options to surprise your mother with include planning a picnic, going on long walks by the beach, or watching the sun set over the hills.

Engage With Things She Enjoys

If your mother enjoys a hobby – say craft, gardening or baking – spend the day engaging in the activity with her. Gift her something to hone her skills, say a knitting set, gardening tools or the recipe book she always wanted. Bake a cake together, try an heirloom recipe or get your hands muddy as you plant new blooms for spring.

Gift Her a Self-Care Package

Give your mother something that she has always been putting off. Knowing mothers, caring about themselves is generally the last priority. So, gift her with a gym or yoga class subscription or book an appointment at the salon, nail bar or spa. It is a wonderful thought and is sure to be appreciated. Check out this relaxing hydration facial that is sure to give your mother’s skin a new glow. This anti-age moisturizer is also a great gift. After all, there is nothing more relaxing than to be pampered with a warm bubble bath or a foot massage.

Relax and Cherish Some We Time

If your mother and you prefer some quiet time, cut down on the activities. Make breakfast in bed for her, catch the Bridgerton series or any of her favorite TV shows, or go out for a movie and enjoy a quiet lunch together. You can even watch some really entertaining movies like “Matilda” or “The Blind Side” on streaming TV. Meaningful conversation and quality time are often what parents need. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Run a few errands for her. Sharing your mother’s workload can be a blessing for her. Give her a day off and help her finish things she always wanted to do. It could be fixing that light bulb in the foyer, or the leaky faucet in the bathroom. Help her finish her spring cleaning, change cushion covers, sheets and freshen the house for the season. Rustle up a hot dinner and spend the evening bonding over conversations and coffee!

While there is no right way to spend Mother’s Day, it is all about keeping your mother happy and indulging in the things she loves. It is the little things that matter most. So, go ahead and have a great Mother’s Day!


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