United by Art

Feb/26/2021 / by Anu Bhat

“We are the artists of our lives. Creativity isn’t restricted to canvas. It’s how we choose to walk through life, exploring and expressing ourselves in all that we do, and our surroundings” – George Bernard Shaw

I live by this quote, surrounding myself with artifacts from around the world. Similarly, adding art to a beautiful home has a way of elevating it. It gives you a feel for the place of its origin. 

Anu Bhat

I have found that a statement painting is a great way to take design risks. What you place in your surroundings affects how you feel on a daily basis and influences your overall quality of life. Dress up that wall to reflect your interior style, aesthetic or mood.  

When I entered the world of art, I found myself drawn to singular colors. Monochromatic tones helped me focus on the image as a whole. I was able to pay attention to texture and contrast, rather than being drawn only to certain colors. 

My own journey with black and white art began with photographs. I loved the highlights and shadows and the secrets they held or revealed.  

‘Strength’ by artist Nyoman Danta from Bali, conveys a message of power and movement through his bold brush strokes.  He uses a minimal palette with thick brush strokes to highlight line and form, using monochromatic and tonal values.  With a single color, he paints an almost cinematic sense of movement, portraying bulls rushing through the water, splashing droplets, displaying the energy and drive, the painting signifies.

Art from Southeast Asia reflects a culture and way of life. It reflects a story about its origins, which the artist narrates through his brush strokes. 

Many patrons have shared with me how they connected with a certain work of art and why they were drawn to it. Or felt that a painting was reaching out to them. I truly believe energies are at play and each work of art eventually finds its special home. 

The artisans who create this art, need our support to be able to pursue their passion and creativity. By encouraging artworks to transcend borders, and allowing a part of a different culture into our environment, I believe we are doing our part in bringing the world closer.

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