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Unwind with Classical Music

Sep/03/2023 / by Melanie Fourie

A compilation of soothing tunes to de-stress

South Asian woman relaxing while listening to music on headphones
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Classical Music Month has been celebrated every September in the U.S. since 1994, when President Bill Clinton first declared it. The history of this genre spans several eras, each with its own distinct approach to musical composition. Listening to classical music has a calming effect and can help you relax. In honor of Classical Music Month, we’ve compiled a list for you to rest after a long day.

The Very Best of Vivaldi

Released in 1993, this classical music compilation is a tribute to composer Antonio Vivaldi. Born in 1678, he was recognized as one of the finest Baroque musicians, and his impact was felt across Europe throughout his lifetime. He wrote several instrumental concertos for the violin and various other musical instruments, as well as religious choral pieces and over forty operas. His most well-known piece is The Four Seasons, a collection of violin concertos that also appears on this album. There are 12 soothing tracks in this compilation.

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9

Conducted by Leonard Bernstein and performed by the New York Philharmonic, this choral symphony is regarded as the greatest recording ever produced. The New York Philharmonic delivers a sterling performance, and Leonard Bernstein’s conducting is full of emotion and vigor. This is the recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony that you should go for if you’re seeking one that you can play over and over again to help you unwind.

Bach’s Goldberg Variations – András Schiff

Bach composed this piece for the harpsichord in 1741, although several other instruments have subsequently performed it. In this album, which comprises a single theme with a range of variations of it, Bach builds some of the most intricate and appealing music ever composed. This composer’s extraordinary command of rhythm and concord is on full display in these variations, which vary in mood from tender and reflective to joyful.

András Schiff’s famous rendition of the Goldberg Variations on piano is included in this album. One of the greatest recordings of the Goldberg Variations is Schiff’s, and he is generally regarded as one of the world’s top interpreters of Bach’s music.

Mozart’s Requiem

This recording by Sir Neville Marriner and the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields is widely regarded as the finest renditions of Mozart’s Requiem, one of the most renowned works of classical music ever. Mozart passed on before completing the Requiem, so Marriner used an adaptation completed by his pupil Franz Xaver Sussmayr to help stay true to Mozart’s intentions. As a consequence, this performance is so moving that it has become a must-have for classical music collectors.

Kaun Karata Tori

Do you appreciate the calming effects of Hindustani classical music? Listen to the “Kaun Karata Tori” album and expand your musical horizons. “Kaun Karata Tori” is ideal for relaxation thanks to the soothing vocals of musicians like Nabanita Goswami and Raagnrocks. You may listen to Kaun Karata Tori’s MP3s on Wynk Music online or download them.

Naino Se Nain Mila Thumri

Launched on May 26, 2023, Naino Se Nain Mila Thumri is an album in Hindi. Artist Jayitri Mazumdar provides a single track for this classical album. You can stream and download the track “Naino Se Nain Mila Thumri” from with excellent clarity. It’s also available on Hungama. 

Carnatic Classical

The album “Carnatic Classical” came out in 2006 and features Sanskrit compositions. There are a total of six songs in the Carnatic Classical repertoire. The musical compositions were created by the highly skilled Carnatic classical artist, M. S. Sheela, who also won a Sangeeta Nataka Academy Award. You can access an extensive selection of Carnatic Classical music through the online platform JioSaavn.