Vacation Style With an East Asian Twist

9 months ago / by Team SEEMA
Outfit for Summer Vacation
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Vacations are a great opportunity to learn more about your culture or foreign parts of the world. You can see your favorite landmarks or explore new ones while bonding with loved ones. It’s also a great way to express your personal style. Learn more about what to wear on vacation and how to stay chic on vacation.

Vacation Style

Vacation style refers to the casual vacation outfits you wear when you travel. You will take a lot of photographs and explore a lot, so you need clothes that allow you to perform a high level of activity while still looking great on camera.

Your vacation destination will greatly impact your vacation style. For example, you will pack different things when traveling to Pakistan, Argentina, Sadi Arabia, Jamaica, Italy, Iceland, and Japan.

While it’s encouraged to embrace the culture you plan to enjoy, you will probably have the opportunity to buy authentic clothes on your trip, so you don’t need to bring too many items related to the culture (unless they happen to make up a majority of your closet already). For example, you probably won’t buy a kimono on Amazon or a store in America before going to Japan on a solo exploration trip – you should buy one there! However, if you will be visiting family in India and already have a number of sarees already, pack them!

When considering the culture, pick clothes that fit into cultural norms (or at least not deviate too far away as to become a distraction). For example, you probably shouldn’t pack a mini skirt and halter top when going to Saudi Arabia as it may appear scandalous. However, packing a skimpy bikini and small clothes is encouraged when traveling to Jamaica.

Weather will play another large role in your style choices. Check the weather before you leave for your trip and pack accordingly. Prepare for a rainy day and an unseasonably cold night.

Finally, consider your itinerary. Will you be going to the clubs in Mexico? You may want to pack a sexy black dress and heels. However, you probably won’t pack either of those things if you plan to hike in Northern China.

Outfit for Summer Vacation: Vacation Style Must Haves

You only have so much space in your luggage. Be thoughtful about what you pack and opt for items in a similar color palette that work in multiple outfits and easily go from day to night.

Here’s a good list of items to bring with you on vacation.

Comfortable Dress

Pack a comfortable dress that you can comfortably wear lounging at the hotel, shopping, or exploring a landmark.

Tee shirt dresses are a great option as they are loose-fitting yet still attractive.

You can also opt for a comfortable saree. Wearing a saree is a great way to showcase your love of your culture wherever you go, whether you visit India or Ireland. Plus, sarees are stylish and comfortable.

Casual Outfit For Summer Vacation

Most vacations are a time to relax, so get out your casual clothing. In addition to a dress, pack another casual outfit for summer vacation that includes jeans, leggings, or shorts and maybe a graphic tee shirt or two that showcases your personal style.


If your vacation includes long hikes or physical activity, bring workout gear. There’s plenty of stylish workout gear online. You may also be able to utilize leggings from your casual look for your activewear (however, not denim).


When you plan to visit the beach, you will need appropriate attire. Pack your bathing suit along with a cover and, if you want to remain modest, a pair of shorts and a tee shirt for the beach. Don’t forget flip flops, too!

Vacation Shoes

The right pair of walking shoes will be your best friend on vacation. Pack a pair of pathetic shoes and a pair of comfortable, style flats or walking sandals that won’t give you blisters.

If on a work vacation or with formal family, you may also want to bring a pair of formal shoes. Keep the heel modest unless you plan to go to the club.

Dinner Attire

Many vacations include a nice dinner to celebrate the occasion. You’ll want a nice dress or pantssuit for this occasion. Ideally, your flats or your walking sandals can double as formal footware. Othewise, you can bring pumps or formal flats, too.


You don’t want to look disheveled when you meet with your family for breakfast in the morning. Bring cute loungewear so that you can take a cute picture of your coffee and breakfast in the morning without hiding your outfit from the camera.

Large Bag

You will want a medium to large bag during your travels so that you can carry everything with you and carry new items you buy along the way. Pick a bag that matches all of your outfits, or you can pack a smaller second bg in your large bag for when the large bag isn’t appropriate or doesn’t match.

Opt for a bag that secures properly. You don’t want to leave your bag vulnerable to pickpockets.


Even in the desert and the beach, you may run into an unseasonably cold night. You will feel more comfortable at a night bonfire or starlight walk on the beach with a light sweater or jacket.


You need to pack sunglasses and jewelry that will match the outfits you brought. Don’t pack your favorite and most expensive pieces, as you don’t want to lose them while on vacation. If you don’t remember accessories, that’s okay. Find vendors at your travel destination to buy accessories there and add an authentic traditional fare to your outfits.

When going on vacation, you want to stay comfortable while also remaining camera-ready at all times. Instead of packing items influenced by the destination’s culture, showcase your own culture and learn about their style when you get there.