Vasavi Chakka Runs For Council In Naperville to Extend Community Service Efforts

Vasavi Chakka
Image credits: Bret Jordan via Unsplash

Vasavi Chakka comes from a line of freedom fighters in India and hopes to continue her family’s work going forward in her run for council in Naperville.

Vasavi Chakka Biography

While Naperville has been Vasavi Chakka’s home for 16 years. Both she and her husband wanted to make as many opportunities for their kids as they possibly could. Vasavi also mentioned in her speech that she would like to create opportunities for the families raising their children in Naperville. 

Vasavi Chakka about

When it comes to making big changes in the world, taking it from an impactful stance is vital. This is the mission of Vasavi Chakka.

Chakka was born and raised in India. She grew up in Bhadrachalam and during her schooling, she already showed promise in helping others without a voice. At the young age of 12, she gave a speech against dowries which forms part of marriage customs in India.

Vasavi Chakka’s father was her inspiration and her grandfather did extensive work with Mahatma Gandhi.

Chakka completed her studies obtaining a master’s degree in literature and a bachelor’s degree in science in Hyderabad. Later she went on to become a journalist.

Vasavi Chakka profession

Vasavi Chakka is a politician whose aim is to unite people after so much trouble and division due to the covid pandemic. When reading about Vasavi Chakka news, there’s lot’s to see regarding her run for Council in Naperville.

Vasavi was inspired when she heard the previous mayor George Pradel talk about his going from being a police officer to politics.

Chakka is also the founder and president of ARAALA Inc a firm specialized in professional and personal services revolving around leadership and the role it represents. Vasavi was also a journalist and got her degree in this field.


Who is Vasavi Chakka married to?

She is married to Dr. Sudhakar Chakka, the couple has been married for 27 years and counting. They also share a son and daughter who also have leadership roles in their fields of work and study.

Where is she born?

Vasavi was born in India.

What is her net worth?

We’re not sure what Vasavi’s exact net worth is.

When did she start her career?

Vasavi’s career kicked off soon after she completed her studies. However, she has always actively been busy in her community since a young age.

Conclusion to Vasavi Chakka and her Impact on Her Community

Indus Americans like Vasavi are working hard to unite and fight for those with less influence and who don’t have a voice-over their future and rights. She continues to work hard in her political career and hopes to unite the Indus people of Naperville and beyond.