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Video Games For The Family

Sep/10/2023 / by Nancy Amon

Wholesome entertainment for kids and grown-ups

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Rain or shine, any day is a good day to play video games. Contrary to popular belief, video games are not just for children or geeks. They are an excellent source of indoor entertainment that can help you bond with friends and family, learn strategic skills, and the art of cooperation.

With National Video Games Day this week, SEEMA presents a list of video game titles for everyone. So set up your consoles, get your snacks ready, and make beautiful memories.

How National Video Games Day Began

National Video Games Day is said to have started in the 1950s with Bertie the Brain. Bertie was a computer-generated early video game AI designed to play tic-tac-toe. Later a computer model called Nimrod was built, and Nimrod was essentially the first gaming machine-like console. The first official video games holiday was recognized in the early 90s.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

The iconic “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” has been a successful franchise in movies, animation, and gaming. “Mutant Mayhem”, the latest variation, brings fun and action to the screen. Multiple players can join and play the missions as a team. The game is available on all major platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows.

Splatoon 2

Unlike games that feature realistic-looking weapons, injuries, blood, and gore, “Splatoon 2” is wholesome and fun. It is a paintball type of video game, complete in cartoonish format. Up to eight players can join on a cross-platform, making it more exciting. “Splatoon 2” is available on Nintendo Switch.


“Overcooked” is a brilliant game that can be played with up to four players co-op, sharing a screen and playing on the same console. The game can become a bit chaotic as it requires you and your fellow players to play and work as a team, making food for customers who are growing impatient with the delays. Enjoy “Overcooked” on Xbox and Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League

“Rocket League” takes on the same concept as football or soccer, with the only difference being the characters or players are represented by cars. Two teams compete using a group of cars to score goals and aim for the highest points.

Mario Kart 8

“Mario Kart 8” brings the classic excitement and energy, bright colors, and joy of the classic Mario games, featuring better graphics and tech improvements. The game is a series of go-cart championships that are fast-paced and simply fun. The video game features a multiplayer mode, so you can compete with other players online with over 48 tracks. “Mario Kart” is available on Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

Moving Out 

“Moving Out” is an excellent couch play game, and you can add up to four players to tackle the moving of items. Essentially, the characters must navigate the items out of the house, working together and coordinating the move to successfully get the furniture and appliances out of the house and into the truck. “Moving Out” also extends to cross-play, where you can join with players on other platforms. The game is on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, X, and Series S, as well as Windows and Nintendo Switch.

Video Games For Grown-Ups

It Takes Two

“It Takes Two” follows a story of two humans transformed into dolls after being put under a spell. The game requires the characters to work together in their larger world and successfully navigate their large environment. The game is okay for older kids as it has a PEGI 12 rating for bad language. The co-op adventure allows the players to help each other to accomplish each level. The game is available on PlayStation, Microsoft, Xbox, and Nintendo.

A Way Out

“A Way Out” is a grown-up, serious game but an excellent co-op couch play. Together, the two characters must work out a plan to escape from prison in. After the pair escapes captivity, there are other missions to accomplish that require both characters to play their designated part. The game might seem similar to “It Takes Two” in the co-op sense, except “A Way Out” includes foul language and violence and thus features a PEGI 18 age rating. “A Way Out” is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and computers.


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