Vintage Outfit Trends to Help You Stand Out

2 years ago / by NANCY AMON
vintage fashion

We can all admire a beautiful vintage outfit, and those truly were special then, just as it is when seeing it now. While vintage might not be directly in reach anymore, the retro-vintage styling take to this era is what’s changing the fashion industry this era. 

There are so many icons from the 40s, 50, 60s and on who’ve set the tone for beautiful fashion. These icons knew how to wear vintage fashion and look beautiful each time. That said, you could wear retro fashion by reviving the old designs and turning them into garments for current times. 

Leather-Studded Jackets

It’s not only rock bands and icons from the rock n roll era that can wear studded leather jackets. Leather jackets are comfortable, warm, and a great fashion statement. A leather jacket is a staple garment that should be part of any wardrobe. 

Singers like Madonna were known to flaunt their leather jackets as part of their signature look.

Velvet Blazers

A velvet blazer is both stunning and functional at keeping the wearer warm. Icons like Bianca Jagger were known for wearing trousers and blazers, especially velvet. It was a good look in the 1970s, and you could probably copy her style for the 21st Century too.

You could wear a velvet blazer with pants, skirts or with a dress. It’s a simple yet elegant look and comfortable too. 

Leather Trench Coat 

Since leather was the retro fashion style for a long time, it makes sense that it is also an ongoing trend for cold weather. It is classic, classy and beautiful. Twiggy was posing in a long leather trench coat back in 1968 next to her gold Toyota GT2000. The long trench coat can be worn with boots and tights, jeans or a dress. 

Disco Butterfly Crop Top 

Amii Stewart was renowned for her disco style. The singer’s clothes were always vibrant and sparkly, and bits of this retro fashion style has continued into the 21st Century. Crop tops are great worn with flare-leg jeans or trousers, depending on the occasion. Embellished butterfly crop tops are stunning and look great in black. 

Motif Loafers

Loafers are comfortable, stylish and fit well with most clothes. If you wanted to sport this as part of your retro outfit, then you should. The motive adds the much-loved fashion statement to this type of footwear and makes them go from plain to interesting. 

Floral Blouses

Florals are the perfect retro outfit go-to, but you can tone it down with a plain neutral pencil or A-line skirt. Add some heels, and you’re good to go. 

Sailor Efforts 

The sailor look is such a classic vintage style. You could wear a sailor-inspired top with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and motif loafers to complete this outfit. 

Plain Blouse Paired With Checked A-Line Skirt 

Plain blouses are lovely and work with nearly any bottom. For example, you could wear a crisp white blouse with your A-line skirt. The shirt can also be paired with jeans, any type of jeans would do for a casual look. 

Keep Your Hat On

Hats make the perfect vintage outfit accessory that pairs well with all clothing. Having a hat as part of your clothing collection and your capsule wardrobe is a good idea for the retro-vintage trend.

Make It Match 

Making your tops and bottoms match was a big yes for retro trends. This will still work in today’s fashion since retro is in. Matching lacy materials, florals, or bright colors is a good idea. 

Vintage Necklines Matter

During those classic fashion eras, the collar and neckline of blouses and dresses were often the halter neck, boat-neck, sweetheart shape and sometimes had frill trims. 

The Vintage Rockabilly Era 

You could spruce up your wardrobe with traces from the Rockabilly or 50s era, which included prints like polka dots, florals and fit-and-flare dress cuts. 

Vintage outfit styles are adaptable for modern-day fashion too. It features many types of clothing that form part of retro outfits and vintage fashion. 

Some garments from the vintage era are timeless and have stayed on-trend for a very long time. A Vintage outfit is essential in everyone’s wardrobe. You don’t have to be on your way to a themed party to make this look work. Elements of the retro style can carry on in small details like bags, shoes, headgear and jewelry. 

FAQs About Vintage Fashion  

What clothes are considered vintage? 

Clothes are vintage when they have elements that date back to previous years in fashion. These may include embellishments, materials, accessories and more. 

How do you dress vintage?

Dressing in vintage means, you’ll draw inspiration from styles of previous years in fashion. These can include things like hats, eyewear, footwear and more. 

How do you dress casually vintage? 

A good example for a casual vintage day may look like high-waisted shorts, a blouse and a hat for warm weather. If the weather is cold, you could opt for a trench coat in leather, a hat and boots. High-waisted jeans were very popular, as were wide-leg cuts. 

What is modern vintage fashion? 

When thinking about a modern vintage outfit, one could consider the retro style. In essence, you’ll choose vintage as the basis of your outfit and then add a modern twist to it. An example of modern vintage may include skinny jeans and a biker leather jacket. 

What is considered “vintage”? 

Vintage clothes are old fashion trends that stood out in earlier eras.