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Wall Décor to Refresh Your Space

Jul/26/2022 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao
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Empty walls in homes are akin to canvases waiting to be painted. They present opportunities for one to give the space a makeover like none other. Whether it is a statement piece of wall art, a sculpture, a mural, a photo frame or even a fresh coat of paint, it goes a long way to give the walls a new lease of life. Also, bright, well-decorated walls not only enliven the space but also suffuse the place with good cheer. Here are some ways you can give your walls a makeover.


Wall coverings are a quick and easy way to change the look and feel of a wall. From pastel hues to dark, bold shades, wallpaper is available in a plethora of colors, patterns and textures. Choose small prints if your room is small. Light shades like beige, powder blue and corn yellow with florals patterns add a breezy look, working best in summer. If your space is larger, bigger prints like botanicals or geometrical designs are suitable. Choose wallpaper based on your décor aesthetic. For example, if your decorating style is traditional, use vintage patterns in jeweled tones. If your pick is bohemian, there are tropical or even abstract prints. Instead of applying wallpaper all over the room, it can be limited to just one wall to making that a statement.

Wall Art

Wall art makes a space attractive and eye-catching. You can choose to buy or create your own original painting on canvas and hang it up on the wall for an awe-inspiring look. If original paintings are expensive, reasonably priced framed wall art is also available in a plethora of images that include nature, wildlife, cityscapes, cinema etc. So, you could set up a wall based on your personal tastes and create something unique that reflects your personality or even hobbies. Apart from paintings one can install murals or wall sculptures, depending on your décor style. For instance, murals made from terracotta add an earthy charm and lend unique character to your space if your décor style is traditional or rustic chic.

Accessories and Greens for the Space

Apart from paintings and sculptures, there are several accessories that can be hung on walls. Ceramic wall plates add color to your walls, especially when you use blue pottery. Walls are also a great place to hang travel trinkets and other souvenirs, such as masks, wall hangings, frames, etc. Mirrors are also a wonderful idea. They not only add aesthetic value but also reflect light and make your space look bigger. Elegant wall hangings of jute, macramé and even beads make your wall look special. Consider hanging an array of baskets or even framed heirloom fabric to make your wall a conversation-starter.

Greenery is another way to infuse life into your walls. A wide variety of planters in different designs and textures can be fixed to the wall. Pothos, spider plant and even flowers like petunia, begonia and black-eyed Susan look beautiful when hung on a wall.

Shelves and Cladding

Floating shelves on the wall display accessories, plants and knickknacks of all kinds. They not only help save floor space but also make your walls look chic. Add in books, ceramics, candles and the like and they make your room elegant. Shelves can be crafted in wood, stone, even concrete. Apart from shelves, wall cladding either in wood, PVC or vinyl provide contrast, and result in an unconventional yet pleasing look.

Walking into a house filled with memories and precious moments is endearing. One way to document them is with photographs. A whole set of assorted pictures, whether of your travels, personal milestones or your loved ones on a wall is a good way to relive happy memories. A picture gallery of frames on the wall instills unique vibe and character. A gallery of black and white frames is yet another way to create an exclusive look.

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