Wearing a Newfound Confidence to the Beach

Jul/10/2021 / by Dhara Mistry
Image credits: PxHere

Beach body. It is a horrendous term that brings fear and anxiety to most, as well as generally heightened emotions as we slowly resume the new normal life post a pandemic.

I felt like summer 2020 beach body had a stronger connotation. I mean, after all we succumbed to isolating ourselves to prevent the spread of the virus, so whether you were impacted by the COVID-19 weight gain you were safe and thriving and rocking whatever your beach body looked like last summer.

Being trapped at home or hitting the beach or pool seemed like the only “normal activity” that we could do during the height of the pandemic, so we did just that. We wore what we had and made the most of those moments. There was no worry about the latest swimwear trends, booking an appointment to make sure your body was hair-free, or getting a Pedi to take that perfect water boomerang in the sand with colorful well-kept toes.

We just pulled out our last year swimwear and headed out to do the easiest most fun socially distanced activity. We had the best time and the fear of feeling and looking confident in our beach body seemed like a very distant faint thought. We wore our beach body as is … by wearing the damn swimsuit and just having fun!

But here we are, it’s summer 2021, and we are resuming the new normal. Designers are launching their latest swimwear. Is it me or does it seem like the push for swimwear has doubled to make up for lost time?

Seems like we are falling back into the pre-pandemic trap of what truly makes the perfect beach body. Is it aesthetically how it looks? Aka toned, curvy in all the right spots, no hair or body marks and cutest swimsuit?

Does that mean we are back to body-shaming every female that does not meet the criteria of that perfect beach body? I think not! However, I do think that we are more fortunate with a lot of changes on social media. Movements by celebrities and influencers showing off their natural un-Photoshopped bodies are helping society see normal bodies on the beach or by the pool having the best time. See, you think it’s being a size 0 or wearing the latest designer swimsuit that will make you confident to rock the beach body, but the reality is, it’s your mindset.

The act of enjoying the waters is what makes a confident beach body – one that is having fun!

Literally wearing the least amount of clothing and dipping your God-given body into Mother Nature and taking it all in is what beach-body confidence should look like! Feeling the waves hit your curves or perhaps no curves (do not let anyone tell you one is better than the other!) and feeling the sand between your feet.

The change in temperatures of the water and sand sending various sensations through your body is what every beach body can experience. So do not hide behind baggy swimwear or opt out of beach days just to avoid being seen in your beautiful body. Find your most favorite comfortable swimsuit, make sure you are in the best company, grab your sunscreen and water and hit the waves.

Release your fears, worries, and notions of what that perfect beach body is because you are already rocking the most gorgeous one – YOURS!


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