gen x

Why the Pandemic Has Taken A Toll on Gen X

Bowed down by their responsibility to two generations, this group (the oft-maligned gen x) finds itself utterly and truly exhausted

tree pose

Vrksasana aka the Tree Pose

Tree Yoga Pose: This tree pose aids in balancing and increases concentration. It also reduces neck, shoulder and back stiffness by increasing stability.


Age Is Mind Over Matter

Our Balanced Life columnist documents the tales of three women who redefined themselves later in life, proving that age is simply just a construct

dance pose yoga

Natarajasana aka Lord of the Dance Pose

Natarajasana: Learn the most famous dance pose yoga. This yoga pose increases your energy level, concentration, balance and strengthens knee joints.


Easy Yoga Mudras

Figuring out the intricate posing of yoga aka mudras can help immensely in simple ways with improving your health and your lifestyle


Never Compromise on Sleep Hygiene

A good amount of balance in your sleep schedule is as important as it gets. It helps you stay healthy, and to function well.

sore throat

Handy Home Remedies for a Sore Throat

Address the irritation of the problem with a variety of natural solutions, some nifty tricks to get that sore throat out of here!

chair pose

The Benefits of the Chair Pose

It strengthens your core and thighs, eases stiff ankles, and more, there’s certainly a lot to gain out of perfecting the chair pose.