Women Showing her Muscles

All About the Best Upper Body Workouts at Home

Upper Body Workout “Let’s get physical, physical.” Ahh, the lyrics to Olivia Newton John’s famous song from the 80s. While the video depicts men flexing their biceps and pecs, it’s also important…


Swimming 101

For a routine that promises you fitness and fun, honestly, what better time to take up swimming than in the middle of a heat wave?


Can you get a summer body in time for those beach days?

Summer is around the corner, and we all dream of a sassy summer-ready body. This article will provide you with some insights into getting your body ready for the warm season. It will also give you some tips on what to do to get that beach-ready body this season.

Key focus points for achieving that summer body include:

  • Working on an exercise regimen (cardio, weights, stretches)
  • Planning your healthy meals
  • Track what you eat (aim for eating clean and less processed foods)
  • Enjoy the sun and spend time outside
  • Don’t obsess about weighing yourself – forget about the scale
  • Practicing mindfulness and lowering stress levels (meditation, yoga, mindful living)
  • Not all bodies are the same

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Running 101

Learn the basic steps (see what we did there?) that will help you keep moving, kick your running game into high gear!

Strengthening Exercises for Lower Back

All About The Best Strengthening Exercises for Lower Back

Lower Back Exercises “Put your back into it.” Have you ever heard that phrase? Many simply assume they have a strong back because they do other exercises. However, you need specific exercises…


Know About The Best Workout Routine for Everyone

Workout Routine Ready to build a workout regimen? From exercises and plans to schedules and equipment, there’s a lot to plan and it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to…

Workout for Women

A Top 10 Workout For Women That Every Lady Has To Try

With all the different workouts out there, it’s easy to become frazzled in not knowing what workout for women is best for your routine. We have you covered and want to talk…

What is Cardio

All About What is Cardio Exercise & Its Benefits

What is Cardio? HIIT workouts. P90X. Kettlebells and burpees. If you’re thinking cardio for weight loss or heart health, better go grab your water bottle and a towel! At the right intensity,…