5 Things All Fitness Freaks Do to Stay Fit

The avatar of a person considered “fit” can vary from case to case. But there are certain things you can spot in many of them, like these five.


Avoiding Carbs: The Dos, The Don’ts, and The How-Tos

The reputation of carbs among dieters has gone from 100 to 0. Dieters around the world are jumping into the bandwagon of avoiding carbs in their diet, hoping to lose weight fast…

Nine New Age Options That Can Change Your Life

The New Age movement has been progressively growing. Today wherever you turn there is a new alternative practice promising life-changing results. It can be difficult to decipher which ones are best for…

working out

Working Out: Why You Shouldn’t Kill It Every Day

If you want to be healthy and amazing, you need to work out. But contrary to most fitness lore, you don’t need to destroy yourself daily to see results. In fact,  that…
five fitness trends

Five Fitness Trends for 2021

For those who exercise regularly, 2020 forced you to alter your schedule, vary your routine, and get creative to maintain your fitness. With 2021 around the corner, many fitness enthusiasts and experts…
Dr. Pinkey Patel

Straight Talk on Pregnancy and Childbirth

Dr. Pinkey Patel's App Gives Moms Resources During Pregnancy and Childbirth Dr. Pinkey Patel (PharmD) sees pharmacists as critical front-line healthcare practitioners who answer complex questions for people battling health challenges. It…
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Top Wellness Wearables for 2021

In the middle of a global pandemic, it’s not surprising that wellness topics, apps, and devices have become our go-to guides for survival. What you may find surprising, though, are the extraordinary…

Tai Chi

Tai Chi: A Gentle Practice to Alleviate Anxiety

The languid movements associated with Tai Chi, often referred to as ‘meditation in motion’ can be mesmerizing. Perhaps you’ve watched others practice this gentle, ancient art form in nature; their movements mimicking…

Reclaim Your Calm

Reclaim Your Calm – and Your Body

When we hear the word “trauma,” we instantly assume it doesn’t apply to us. The heaviness of the word automatically puts is in a state of denial. Several people I have spoken…