weight lifting for female beginners

Weight Lifting For Female Beginners

There’s a saying that strong women lift each other up. And, for good reason. Bodybuilding isn’t strictly for men. Over the years, more women’s groups are making it so you can strengthen…


Burn Calories Without Exercising

A NEAT method uses minor changes in lifestyle to encourage weight loss and drop some calories without intense fitness regimes

upper body workout

Planning Your Upper Body Workout

How to shape your triceps, biceps, shoulders, back, and chest, the kind of upper body workout that’ll whip your top half into shape


Chest Workouts for You

Developing the pecs strengthens your muscles and helps you avoid injury. Here are some chest workouts to get ya going!


India’s Evolving Fitness Landscape

Digital offerings are transforming the industry and getting more users on board, making fitness one of the nation’s fastest evolving arenas

workout routine

The Joys of a Workout Routine

A quick way to get order and structure into your fitness regime is to build a workout routine of your own, tailored and achievable enough


The Best Bicep Workouts

How to make those arms lean, strong and sculpted, here are some bicep workouts to bring that definition to the forefront

here are some aids to help to help you get fit

Get, Set, Workout!

This month, our team recommends fitness tools to help reach your health goals. Here are some great workout aids for you.

BlenderBall by Blender Bottle

I developed quite an affinity for protein shakes to not only get some nutrition but also to help with my fitness goal of bulking up a bit. I think the handiest tool to have is a blender bottle for your shake, easy enough to just dump your ingredients into and then mix around. The BlenderBall helps combine everything together. Plus, it’s like a shake weight, a little workout for your arm on the side.

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