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How to Get Motivated to Work Out

Be realistic in your expectations, and don’t upbraid yourself for not meeting those you do have when it comes to your work outs


5 Ways to a Healthy Lifestyle in 2022

This is what it takes to ensure physical, mental and social well-being, approaches to truly put being healthy at the forefront of your year


Five Ways to Deal With Pushy People

Remember that they don’t have your best interest at heart. Act accordingly when it comes to people who’re just pushy and really no help

leena nair

Congratulations Leena Nair, the new CEO of Chanel

Runner, yoga-doer, mother and wife, serial glass-ceiling breaker Leena Nair is now the first ever woman of Indian origin to be leading Chanel, the brand that once changed the way women all…

The MASALA study: Heart Disease and South Asians

If you’re a South Asian, you probably know we’re more prone to diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. We see it amongst our family members and friends. It seems as though after the…

Befriend the Silence

Silence gives you the time and space to shift your mental narrative and embrace everything else you may not notice otherwise


The Balanced Life: The Need for Detachment

As our Balanced Life columnist explains, as weird as it sounds, detachment is the secret to thriving and healthy relationships