fad diet

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Fad diets are just that – a fad. Read on to learn more about what makes them no good and why you should avoid them like the plague


A Guide to Smelling Salts and Healing

Ever wondered how halotherapy (therapy with smelling salts) help fight allergies and nasal congestion? Then this one might be the read for you!


The Balanced Life: The Irrepressibles

Meet the women who took the initiative to start a wellness business during the pandemic in the newest by our “The Balanced Life” columnist.


Here’s How to Train Your Brain to Eat Less

It’s hard for anyone to develop a level of control over what to eat and an appetite. But here are nine reliable ways to control your diet.


Kapalbhati Yogic Breathing, the Great Healer

Yogic deep breathing is a fine art – if done correctly. Here’s a guide on a way to get the hang on one of the most popular forms: Kapalbhati.

benefits of yoga

The Benefits of Yoga That Go Beyond the Trend

Benefits of Yoga: Learn the various benefits of yoga, through exercises that vary in effect but are just as perfect for kids, elders, men, and women.


Kimi Verma on The Myth About Breakfast

Our resident health expert, Kimi Verma, dissects the supposed myths about breakfast. It may not be the most important meal in the day, after all.

sun salutation

Your Guide to Surya Namaskar aka the Sun Salutation

If you’ve ever tried Sun Salutation, then you know that it’s an excellent way to start and end your day. Not only is it a toning, stretching and lengthening exercise, but there…

yoga asanas

Yoga Asanas

Yoga Asanas: Learn different types of yoga asanas that have been adapted and benefited people across the globe. Understand the various asanas that can benefit you for healthy lifestyle.