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Why the Pandemic Has Taken A Toll on Gen X

Bowed down by their responsibility to two generations, this group (the oft-maligned gen x) finds itself utterly and truly exhausted


Age Is Mind Over Matter

Our Balanced Life columnist documents the tales of three women who redefined themselves later in life, proving that age is simply just a construct


Never Compromise on Sleep Hygiene

A good amount of balance in your sleep schedule is as important as it gets. It helps you stay healthy, and to function well.


‘Has the Pandemic Transformed You?’

Well, the pandemic taught the author, our Balanced Life columnist, that she cannot be in a million places at the same time — and that’s okay


Ayurvedic Self-Care After a Vacation

Ways to recover one’s equilibrium after a sharp shift in routines so you can make the best of a relaxing and stimulating vacation


Do You Feel Anger for No Reason?

12 Ayurvedic techniques to keep your temper and make sure your anger is in check courtesy of our “Balanced Life” columnist


Some Friendships Have an Expiration Date

Never sacrifice your mental and emotional well-being for them, not all friendships are meant to last. And just know that that’s okay.


The Hidden Power of Ayurveda

Beyond grandma’s home remedies and warm oil massages, there’s a lot to the art of Ayurveda that can get you to a healthy stage of life


The Balanced Life: The Irrepressibles

Meet the women who took the initiative to start a wellness business during the pandemic in the newest by our “The Balanced Life” columnist.