What is Double Dating?

Sep/30/2021 / by Team SEEMA
Double Date Ideas
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Have you ever considered going on a double date? Maybe you, as a couple, need to spice up your relationship from too many nights watching Netflix and ordering in. Four can be more fun than two (sometimes.) This type of date can be fun and reduce awkwardness when the daters are new to each other. You could be a fully-formed couple or new to your date; all it takes is four people and something fun to do.

It might even be one couple going out with another first-time couple who is on a blind date, possibly arranged by her family or friends. This type of foursome is great for easing the awkwardness of that blind-date couple and encouraging their relaxation in the new and very nerve-wracking situation. It is also a good way for sisters or brothers to bond, while having a fun time.

There are both pros and cons for going out with another couple, so you should be aware of the benefits and pitfalls of dating double. Knowing this, it may be easier to plan who should be your double and where you will go.

Fun Double Date Ideas

Go ahead; mix things up! Keeping the spark alive is important to a couple, and that is where dating double can help your relationship. Studies have shown that bonding with another couple may reignite a relationship and improve passion. What are some fun ideas? Some dates for two couples include the following:

Picnic on the beach

Gazing out at the water makes the date more romantic. You can splash and have fun during the day and stargaze at night. Couples can cuddle up when the sun goes down- or not, if it as first date for them. In any case, everyone will enjoy the sky full of twinkling stars.

Visit a film festival

If there is one going on nearby, four people can enjoy a film and then discuss it afterwards. Get to know the other couple or discuss the film over lunch or dinner with the “gang.”

Take a road trip to a concert

Road trips are always fun, and four people increase the laughs and excitement. Beforehand, listen to the artists and music, so you can anticipate the experience. You can catch up with the other couple afterwards, setting a time for quiet talk. It might be at a club or breakfast the next day.

Visit a museum

Free admission? Yes, some museums have free days. Gather the other couple and head out to a day of culture and fun. Plan on a lunch or dinner to discuss the exhibits and inspiration.

Go bowling

There’s sure to be some laughs when four people go bowling. (Unless they are pros!) Gutter balls and competition make for a lively day or evening. Plan a meal together afterwards at a nearby spot.

Go to a comedy club

Reserve your seats for some laughs. It means that you don’t have to chat unless you want to, and it might be a great low-pressure night for your group of friends. This is especially great if you do not know the other couple that well, or it is a first date for them.

Cook dinner together

Maybe it’s an Indian meal that you want to share with another couple who has never tried your delicious recipes. Split the costs and give them directions to create a dish. (You might want to make it an easy one, though!) You all get to savor the results and can relax over a glass of wine.

Handling the stress of the kitchen is a great way to see how you and your sweetie, as well as the other couple, blend.

Cute Double Date Ideas

There are some cute double date ideas that will encourage a more relaxing time without the stress of having to make conversation. Simple and fun, they may remind you of

your childhood fun.

Give back at the animal shelter

Take the group to a shelter to pet new furry friends in a stress-relaxing atmosphere. You and the other couple get to pet the cute animals. It’s a great way to give back as well as get special animal hugs. Hug your honey afterwards, as you pat yourself on the back for going on a giving double date.

Play a game of charades

Invite another duo for a night of fun charades; it’s not just for kids. Serves some fancy or delicious snacks and drink wine for more fun.

Have a movie marathon while eating takeout

Watch movies at home (Netflix again?) with the other couple, adding to the mix. Then order take-out and relax on the couch or floor. It might even be an indoor picnic by the screen.

Go to the real movies

It’s low stress and fun, bringing back a classic way of having a good time. Remember to dress comfortably, as you’ll be sitting for most of the show. Then arrange dinner afterwards to discuss the film.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dating Double?

Here are some pros and cons of this type of date. You can decide if it is for you and you.


This type of date can reduce awkwardness, especially on a first date. The conversation moves around, putting you less in the spotlight.

If it’s not a first date, think fun, with so many options that range from tennis to dancing the night away to a romantic escape to the country. Another plus is that there will be more fun, more laughter, more stories and more memorable times. Bouncing conversation off friends is easy when you have the right group. It’s also a good way for sisters or brothers to bond, as they also enjoy the other’s special person.


What happens when one couple is having all the fun? If the chemistry is not right, you may be staring into your glass of wine, wishing you were somewhere else. Maybe, instead of laughing, the other couple is fighting; that is even worse and more awkward.

Unhealthy competitions may arise when the “perfect girl for you” has eyes for your friend who arranged the duo date instead of you. Or the girl, your friend brought as his or her date, is more interested in you (or your beautiful girlfriend.)

Bill-splitting can be a mood-killer. Since it may be a first date for your friend, they may feel they should pick up the bill. Probably, the best way to settle this is for one couple to pick up the dinner bill and the other to pay for drinks afterwards.

Remember to keep your displays of affection at a minimum. Save it for later, when you are alone. The date will probably go better if planned ahead of time. If all else fails, thrive, rather than survive: Call it an evening and go home with your honey. There are better times ahead.

Double the Fun

Dating double sometimes doubles the fun and may even spark more romance. There are abundant ideas for great dates for a foursome. Get off the couch and try something different.

It may lead to an amazing night or day out. What’s more, you can also give back to your community with this unique type of date. There are many double date ideas that will be inexpensive or exciting or both. With a bit of planning, everyone can have a great time.


What counts as a double date?

This type of date is when there are two couples that spend time together. They could be any sex, including LBGTQ+ or hetero. There could even be a mixture of a hetero couple and a gay couple.

Why do we date double?

It can add to the fun, with two couples enjoying something. It can also relieve the stress of getting to know someone. Studies show that couples who have been together a while find it a great way to ignite the passion again.

What is a movie for double dating?

The classics or old romance movies might be a great ice-breaker with another couple. Horror movies, if they are your thing and the other couple’s, might start a conversation afterwards. Moreover, hugging is optional when the scares happen.

Some older movies that are great for a date night might appeal to both men and women.

What is wrong with double dating?

It is definitely less private. Sometimes money issues arise, as who is expected to pay for what. Another problem might be competition for the favor and approval of a person in the group, especially if it is not your honey.

How do you survive a date that is double?

Don’t know what to say? Feeling uncomfortable? If the other couple is fighting, that would make the date a real problem. Moderate your alcohol and don’t tell private jokes. Try to make everyone welcome.


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