What is Melanie Chandra’s Greatest Inspiration

Dec/25/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Melanie Chandra
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Biography of Melanie Chandra

Melanie Chandra is an American actress, a model and a producer. She was born in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, on February 28, 1986, to Malay parents, Sujatha Kannokada and Suresh Kannokada. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and her birth name is Melanie Kannokada.

Actress Melanie Chandra is a Hindu married to Neeraj Chandra, managing director at tiger global management. Together they have a daughter named Arya Chandra. Growing up, she was interested in Mathematics and Physics, which influenced her decision to study mechanical engineering at Stanford University.

What you Should Know About Melanie Chandra

Her Career

She began working with McKinsey & Company, where she worked as a student leader. She moved to Los Angeles to boost her acting career in 2011. It was at this age that her career kicked off. Immediately after moving to LA, she got a role in rules of engagement, where she played Simran.

Her Education

While in college, she not only finished her education but also gained experience working with McKinsey & Company and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Regarding her education, she earned three degrees: a bachelor of management degree and a master of engineering degree from Stanford University with majors in mechanical engineering and physics. She also studied improvisational comedy at the same university.

Her Social Media Life

She has two active Instagram account and one active Twitter account; they all have around 10,000 followers. She has yet to have any official Facebook pages but is highly active on Twitter. She posts many exciting updates and hilarious, funny tweets that many people across the globe love.

How She Entered the Acting Industry

While Melanie Chandra was still in college, she had an opportunity to participate in their improvised comedy group, which interested her in acting. It was here that she started taking acting classes, which led her to her career.

Her Role in the Community

She is a well-known community member; she is an avid philanthropist and an active member of both the Asian and Hindu communities. She does charity work as part of helping her community.

She has been working with different organizations in India and participating in charity works to raise awareness against human trafficking. She participated in the Ride For Awareness Against Human Trafficking 2015 organized by the Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage.

She is also the co-founder of the Not-For-Profit Hospital for Hope India, an organization that offers health care services to poor villagers in rural India.

The Film that Made Her Famous

Melanie Chandra is best known for her work in the film “Chandni Chowk to China” as Kavya Thakur. Her role was outstanding, allowing her to shine through the film and showcase her talent.

Net Worth of Melanie Chandra

She has an estimated net worth of $6.3 million. Her net worth comes from her actress, model and producer work. She makes a lot of money by participating in many films, media campaigns, and her prevalent social media accounts. Melanie Chandra works in many different types of movies and has gained a lot of experience over the ten years.

She has appeared in many different types of films, such as Chinese and Indian films, as well as drama series where she has gained popularity on various TV shows. She also works with many companies and agencies increasing her revenue.


Where is Melanie Chandra from?

Melanie Chandra is an American from Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Who is Melannie Chandra’s Husband?

Melanie Chandra is married to Neeraj Chandra, the Managing Director at Tiger Global Management.

When did Melanie Chandra start her career?

Melanie Chandra began her career in 2011 when she moved to Los Angeles.


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