What Should My Bridesmaid Wear?

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Bridal trends constantly change, so many bridal sites often have different spring bridesmaid dress ideas. This article features the most popular bridesmaid style because you will see lots of them in almost every wedding catalog. Some are traditional, while some are more creative, but all of them look great on your wedding day.

You want to give your bridesmaids some killer bridal party style, but you do not know where to start. Maybe your worry is about budget, or you have no idea what type of dress would work for each of your girls? This article will give you the ins and outs of bridesmaid dress shopping. It will guide you in selecting stylish yet affordable unique bridesmaid dress ideas for the whole wedding party and suggest some great accessories to go with those dresses.

Tips for Shopping For Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

  • Do not rush your decision. Shopping for bridesmaid outfit ideas will take time, so do not feel pressured to make a decision quickly just because your mall is having a sale or because you are under a deadline to order the dresses.
  • Research: Research the bridesmaid dress ideas first. Is it a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline? Or are you looking at a knee-length or ball gown? Does the skirt flare out at the bottom, or has it a fabric-covered train? What color scheme do you have in mind? Do you want dresses that match or dresses that stand alone?
  • Try on clothes: Go to a department store and try the style of dress your bridesmaids are looking for.
  • Be honest but diplomatic: Be frank with your bridesmaids about the dresses you like, but do not get into too much detail about why you want them. If your shopping experience is terrific, your girls will feel good about themselves and may develop a little crush on their bridezilla, which will make for great memories and even better bridesmaids.
  • Trust your gut: Go with what feels like the best possible choice. Do not let other people influence you or tell you that a dress looks better than what feels right. You can always go back in if it is not perfect, but do not worry about making everyone happy by buying some dresses that aren’t perfect for them.

Unique Bridesmaid Looks

Elegant Glamour

These soft blush gowns with a fitted silhouette and intricate beading hug the body and flairs at the bottom. Simple hair and makeup with a bit of eye makeup would perfectly fit this pleasing look. These gowns are perfect for the bridesmaids who want to stand out yet still be classy and elegant.

Clashing Boho Prints

The dresses in this look are all very similar, but they all have different prints and detail. The gold neckpieces provide the perfect accent to these unique dresses. What is great about this look is that these ladies come in with very diverse looks and personalities that still blend for a cohesive look. If you would like your bridesmaids to be unique in their ways, this is an excellent look for you.

Sparkling Boho in Many Hues

The bridesmaids have a few different dresses in dark, light pinks, greens, or golds in this look. The hair is kept very simple with a few curls and big buns for added volume and complements the dresses perfectly. The makeup is effortless, with just a bit of lip gloss to create that flawless face that every bride wants from her bridesmaids.

Red Carpet Ready

In this very modern bridesmaids style, each girl has found a dress that speaks to her differently. Every dress is unique, but the hair and makeup are very similar so that your bridesmaids can slip in smoothly into the group. The red color scheme on the dresses is bold and unique to give everyone a sense of cohesion.

Go Guipure

These colorful dresses make the girls feel magical and trendy while still classy. These styles are perfect for your more daring bridesmaids who want to show off their fun side without being too wild.

Bold in Black

These girls are so bold in their choice of dresses, and it looks great on them. These dresses are gorgeous, inky, and off-shoulder. They are a great focal point for your pictures and even go perfectly with their different hairstyles.

Wow Factor White

This look is clean and fresh, and all of these girls will look so beautiful in their white gowns and pearls. The heavily-embroidered dresses have a great silhouette. They will compliment any body type and show everyone how unique your bridesmaids are. To have a beautiful contrast, accompany them with brightly colored hair and vibrant florals.

Indian Glamour

With their beautiful colors and many different fabrics, these gowns create a sensual and stunning look. These are the perfect gowns for your bridesmaids who love to feel sexy and can pull it off. The look is also great for creating a sense of mystery around the ladies and making them look like pure goddesses as they walk toward you and your future husband.

Dark floral

These gowns are very classic and elegant with a bit of a twist. The girls wear these gowns so well, and the matching hair helps to bring the different dress pieces together for a cohesive look. These are the types of gowns that you need for your more conservative bridesmaids who want to celebrate your day without showing too much skin.

Elegant in Ivory

This group of dresses is elementary and elegant with a  touch of vintage. The young ladies look very mature in this look and will celebrate your special day with grace, poise, and dignity.

Winter Sparkle

If you have a wedding in the late fall or winter, have your maids wear these gorgeous gowns and make them feel like snowflakes on your wedding day. Pair them with snowflake hair accessories to get that winter effect going.

Bridal Blush

These classic dresses with lace and silk will dress up any girl and make her feel like a princess. These dresses are very feminine and modest, which will make your girls feel confident in their looks and give you a sense of peace that they are honoring your special day with the proper attire.

Evening Forest

These dresses give off a spooky yet elegant effect at the same time. They have a unique flow that is haunting but beautiful due to the cut, color, and design of the dress. To pull a stunning look in these dresses, pair them with matching belts and hair accessories.

Butterfly Dreams

When it comes to young bridesmaids, you can depend on them to pull off looks that are beyond classy and stylish. These beautiful dresses with sheer floral sleeves and elegant cutouts will make every girl feel like a fairy princess on your special day.


Which colors are the best for a bridesmaid dress?

The best colors for a bridesmaid dress include:
• White
• Black
• Dark blue
• Sage
• Emerald
• Purple or plum
• Peach
• Navy blue
• Green
• Red

How do I select a unique bridesmaid dress?

• To select a unique bridesmaid dress:
• Guide your girls
• Assess color on sample
• Do not vary too many features
• Get input from your bridesmaids
• Accompany the look with identical accessories
• Do not mind finding dresses they will wear again
• Have a vision and trust your instinct

What are the top 5 bridesmaid dress ideas?

• Elegant glamour
• Clashing boho prints
• Luxe lilac
• Sparkling boho in many hues
• Red Carpet Ready