What to Know About Vandana Tilak

May/31/2022 / by Team SEEMA

Vandana Tilak is a woman of drive and ambition. She sets out to accomplish extraordinary things, and she makes her dreams come true. She was best known as the founder of Akshaya Patra. This is a Charity organization that helps feed school children in India. Tilak is a proud Indian American who has always stayed true to her roots. Although Tilak resigned from her position as CEO of the Akshaya Patra, she played a huge part in the company’s overall growth. Tilak became CEO of the company in 2018, and in her trajectory there, she was able to bring hundreds of volunteers and donors to the organization. During her tenure, she also was able to help her team surpass its goals when it came to fundraising. Apart from being a formidable business woman, Vandana Tilak is also a producer, a director and a writer. She is the founder of Bombay Pictures; this is an engineering firm that specializes in Aerospace aluminum cast house technology.

Vandana Tilak Biography

She is an American born Indian. From a young age, she had a love for reading and for learning. Tilak studied graphic design and filmmaking, and she also took an interest in business. Vandana Tilak has a wide variety of interests and hobbies, and she infuses her interests into her businesses. Tilak is a trained ayurvedic practitioner, and she is an avid photographer and reader; she also enjoys travel and music. She has a passion for helping children, and she became a Chapter Chair for the Los Angeles area. As chair, she was able to pilot programs supporting young adults who had the desire to volunteer. These volunteers were able to work together with other organizations in order to raise awareness about child hunger in particular and to fight world hunger in general.

Vandana Tilak News

Tilak continues on with her journey to do good in the world. She founded the company Jupiter 360. This company is dedicated to changing lives by working along with caring volunteers and organizations. Juniper 360 collaborates with other nonprofits and businesses in order to find solutions to the big problems of the world.


Q: Where was Vandana Tilak Born?

A: Vandana Tilak was born in the United States

Q: What is her net worth?

A: Tilak has a networth of around $7 million dollars.

Q: Who is she married to?

A: Vandana Tilak is married to a man named Ravi, and they live together in Manhattan Beach.

Q: When did she start her career?

A: As an ambitious woman, Tilak started her business career soon after finishing her studies.

Q: What is her age?

A: Tilak is 60 years old.


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