What You Didn’t Know About Gabrielle Anwar

Nov/30/2022 / by Team SEEMA
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Born on February 4th, 1970, in Laleham, Staines-upon-Thames, United Kingdom, Gabrielle Anwar is a British/ American Film and TV performing actress who has starred in numerous TV series and movies. She is famous for her role as Fiona Glenanne in Burn Notice.

While she has been in the public eye for decades, there are many things you might not know from the biography of Gabrielle Anwar.

Early Life and Education

Actress Gabrielle Anwar was born to Tariq Anwar and Shirley Hills. Her father is a renowned and award-winning filmmaker, while her mother is a film actress. She attended Laleham C of Middle School from 1975 to 1982 and later joined the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London for theatre and dancing classes. She became a United States Citizen in 2008.


While Gabrielle Anwar is most known for her roles in ‘The Tudors’ as Margaret Turdo and ‘Burn Notice’ as Fiona Glenanne, her acting career has come a long way. She is also known for her role in ‘Scent of a Woman,’ where she danced the tango with AI Pacino.

Her debut film appearance was in ‘Hideaway’ in 1986, where she played a princess, which opened doors for her to star in more films in the future. Two years later, she featured in ‘Jakes Journey,’ ‘Manifesto,’ ‘The Storyteller,’ ‘First Born,’ and the ‘Chronicles of Narnia.’

That same year, she appeared in ‘Night of Love,’ after which she appeared in ‘Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ and ‘Summer’s Lease.’

In 1990, Gabrielle Anwar played Sam Black in ‘Press Gang.’ A year later, she did ‘The Mystery of the Black jungle’ and appeared in ‘Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken’ and If Looks Could Kill,’ which was her first American film.

From 19990 to 1997, actress Gabrielle Anwar appeared in other big and small films and movies like ‘For Love or Money,’ ‘Body Snatchers,’ In Pursuit of Honor,’ The Three Musketeers,’ Things to do in Denver When you’re Dead,’ ‘The Grave,’ ‘Innocent Lies,’ and ‘The Ripper.’

In 1992, she made her debut appearance on ‘Beverly Hills’ as a guest actress, where she played Tricia Kinney, a competitive ice skater. Shortly after, she played the Tango Girl in ‘Scent of a Woman,’ one of her most significant and recognized works.

While trying out in all these films, Gabrielle Anwar met Craig Sheffer, an American performer with whom she has acted in several movies. Some movies that Gabrielle and Craig have appeared in include ‘Turbulence 3,’ ‘Save It for Later,’ ‘Heavy Metal,’ ‘Long Lost Son,’ ‘Flying Virus,’ and ‘Water Under the Bridge.’

She also acted along with Rodger Daltrey, with their first movie being ‘If Looks Could Kill,’ where she played a little girl from a British operating agent.

In 1994, Gabrielle Anwar was named among the 50 most beautiful individuals globally by People Magazine. She went ahead and featured in ‘The Return of King Solomon’s Mines,’ a television series, and later acted in ‘John Doe.’

In 2007, she played Princess Margaret in ‘The Tudors,’ as King Henry VIII’s sister, then featured as Fiona Glenanne in ‘Burn Notice,’ a drama series. Later, she appeared in an episode of ‘Law and Order,’ a television series.

Over the years, Gabrielle Anwar has been nominated for different awards like the 33rd Saturn Awards in 2007, the 23rd Gemini Awards in 2008, the 12th Teen Choice Awards in 2010, and the 20th Teen Choice Awards in 2018.

Net Worth

The networth of Gabrielle Anwar is approximately $6 million, which she has earned mostly from her acting career. She is also a director, having directed ‘Sexology’ in 2016.


What Is Gabrielle Anwar Doing Now?

One main question people ask about Gabrielle Anwar is her current projects. With the Covid-19 restrictions, Gabrielle has not appeared in any recent movies or television series. She has, however, been working on some written projects like novels, films, and pilots.

She recently revealed that she has several projects on the back burner and is excited to start working on an upcoming indie film.

Besides films and movies, she also works with ThePlayhouse.org, where she adds content and learns more about how to change the world. With the age of Gabrielle Anwar, we can still expect to see her in future movies and television series.

Where Did Gabrielle Anwar Grow Up?

Gabrielle was born and raised in Laleham, Staines-upon-Thames, in the United Kingdom.

Who Is Gabrielle Anwar Married To?

Gabrielle Anwar dated and married co-star Craig Sheffer and had a daughter together but separated in 1993. She later married actor John Verea and had two children, but later divorced. In April 2010, Gabrielle Anwar started dating Mark Malik. They married in Montana in 2014 and live in Palm Island, Florida.


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