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10 months ago / by SYNA MEHRA

Fasion is the way we dress ourselves. Fashion is our form of expression for our personal clothing choices; choices that embody our interests, beliefs, and passions. Fashion is not only important for us to look pleasant to others, it is also significant for our own mental health: when we look good, we feel good. With the world now opening up post- COVID-19, and summer vacations around the corner, a trendy wardrobe selection is essential. If you’re traveling to a delightful destination during the summer break, these five fashion choices are guaranteed to satisfy your wants.

One thing that definitely needs to be in your wardrobe this summers are a clutch of dresses. A dress in the summer feels amazing. It gives out a summer vibe, especially when you wear light colors like yellow, pink, white etc. Dresses are one thing that make girls look very elegant and pretty during summers. Oh and the most important thing of all, dresses keep you cool as they’re mostly cotton. I personally prefer wearing sleeveless or short sleeved dresses during summers.


One of the easiest ways to get dressed in summers is to opt for co-ords. Co-ords are suitable for day and night as it takes less time to style than any other outfit. If you have immediate plans or are running late, you don’t need to try and mix and match your clothes, you can just take out a co-ord set, put it on with some shoes, and you’re ready to go!


T-shirts are usually considered more relaxing and comfortable than other summer wear. For those who feel hotter than others during summer, and want to wear something open and soothing, T-shirts are the best option. These don’t make you claustrophobic and sweaty. You can pair them with anything, be it shorts, pants or jeans. They are mostly worn as casual wear during the summers.


One very important pair of clothing that absolutely no one should miss out on are denim shorts. Made of cotton, denim shorts are breathable, meaning you will not be hot and clammy. You can comfortably wear them outdoors under the hot summer sun for hours. They are appropriate for summer events when you want to be free to move and be comfortable while not sweating in the heat. You can wear them to places where you walk a lot, such malls, marketplaces, even to the beach. Denim shorts are my go-to pair of clothing.


You obviously do not want half of your face tanned when you’re wearing a mask, so a hat or a cap is necessary. It can get so hot these days that anyone can get a headache within an hour of walking in the sun. In fact, you can barely see in the harsh sunlight. To save yourself from hard tans and a headache, a hat or a cap is a must. Moreover, they also shade your eyes and keep them fresh.