When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Butter Chicken Pasta

2 weeks ago / by Team SEEMA
Lemon Butter Chicken Pasta
Image credits: Kelsey Curtis via Unsplash

Everyone loves pasta from time to time, or sometimes all of the time. Pasta is a versatile dish that pairs well with just about anything. From pork to chicken and even beef, pasta goes along with them splendidly. With summer just around the corner, many people may be looking for a tasty, yet refreshing summer flavor. What says summer more than lemon? Lemon butter chicken pasta is a delicious yet filling summer dish that is sure to please just about any palette.

What is Lemon Butter Chicken Pasta?

This type of pasta is exactly what it sounds like. For this dish, you’ll pair a lemon zest with the pasta of your choice, as well as chicken and a butter sauce. There are a For extra flavor, consider making creamy lemon butter chicken pasta. This pasta may also help your nutrient intake, making it a healthier pasta option.

Is This Dish Healthy For You?

When looking for a lemon butter chicken pasta recipe, you may also be wondering if this food is healthy for you. There are many health benefits of lemons. Chicken is also a great source of lean protein. Carbs are great for refueling your body, and butter is a tasty source of fat, which your body needs to regulate hormones. Lemons do some great things, such as supporting heart health and improving digestive health. There are even some studies that suggest that lemons can even help you control your weight!

How to Make It

This lemon butter chicken pasta recipe is great for just about any palette. Remember, ingredients can be swapped for low calorie options, and other ingredients can also be changed to fit dietary or allergen concerns. This lemon butter chicken pasta recipe can be made with or without cream.

What you’ll need:

  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • Parsley
  • 3 full lemons
  • Pasta of your choice
  • Heavy cream (for creamy pasta)
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese (or your favorite)
  • At least 4oz of chicken per person(boneless skinless breast preferred)
  • Salt and seasonings
  • 1 stick of butter

First, you’ll want to boil your water and chop your veggies. Be sure to add a dash of salt to your water so your noodles don’t stick!

Next, you’ll want to juice two of your lemons, and with a zester or even cheese grater, zest the third lemon.

Once your water is boiling, you’ll want to add your noodles. You may cook your noodles to the desired consistency, most people prefer al dente.

As your noodles are boiling, you may wish to chop your chicken.

After your noodles are finished, you’ll then strain your noodles and place them on the side for later use. Be sure to save about 1-2 cups of this water for later.

Grab a pan and coat the pan with a few teaspoons of your favorite oil. For extra flavor, use a flavored oil, or soak herbs in your oil overnight. From there, you’ll add your garlic and some salt. Cook the garlic for a few minutes, without letting it brown.

Begin cooking your chopped chicken pieces in another pan. To speed this up, place your chicken breast in the oven, and bake them with a butter glaze and seasoning as your pasta is prepared.

Next, you’ll take some of your water and add it to your pan, combining it with some of the lemon juice (about 5 tablespoons.) Add your parsley and grated cheese. If making the dish creamy, add your cream around this step.

You may then add your cooked pasta to the pan and begin to shake lightly as to mix the ingredients. You may wish to add butter to taste at this stage, allowing the butter and oil mixture to coat the noodles. Once sufficient, add your cooked chicken, and stir. Serve alongside your favorite bread, or on its own, and enjoy!


For how long do we cook the pasta to make lemon butter chicken pasta?

You’ll want to cook your pasta until it has reached a consistency you enjoy. Test the pasta every few minutes. Pasta usually cooks anywhere from five to ten minutes.

Is lemon butter chicken pasta good for health?

As mentioned above, lemon butter chicken pasta is a filling and somewhat healthy pasta dish. Lemons have many benefits, and carbs and fats help your body function. Chicken is also a great source of healthy and lean protein!

How many calories are there in lemon butter chicken pasta?

For the recipe above (without cream) each serving contains about 440 calories. This should make about six servings. If eaten elsewhere, this pasta dish can contain anywhere from 400 calories to 800 calories per serving.