Which bathing suit suits you the best?

Jul/26/2021 / by JORDANA WEISS

Summer is here! As more stores open and we start to return to our normal lives, many South Asian women are waking up the same reality – we all need new bathing suits. With vacations canceled and plans upended in the summer of 2020, there was not much motivation to buy a new bathing suit. Now, with so many of us fully vaccinated, there are more opportunities for pool parties, lake weekends, and even beach vacations.


If you have not purchased a bathing suit in a while, it is easy to forget how complex the task can be. So many of us wind up buying the first nice thing we see simply because shopping for bathing suits can be so tedious.

Instead of getting frustrated at the store, check out these tips to shop online, and try on bathing suits in the comfort of your home.

A Quick Breakdown of Our Favorite Styles

First, let us go over some great options, each otherwise available in a million colors and variations, though learning the basics ones is a good place to start.


The maillot is a fancy name for the traditional one-piece bathing suit. Although they have usually been the choice of those seeking more modest options, you can now find maillot bathing suits with sexy cut-outs, flattering ruching, and so much more.


A traditional two-piece bikini is fantastic for occasions where you’re looking to show off some skin. Although the cheapest options are made with side ties and unflattering triangle tops, there are many amazing bikinis out there that offer lots of coverage and support.

High-Waisted Bikini

This is a great choice that offers sneaky peeks of skin but still ensures support where you need it most. If you are pear-shaped with larger hips, a high-waisted bikini gives you the option of featuring your bust while giving your backside and hips the coverage they need.


Bandeau bathing suits create a horizontal line across the chest, accentuating a smaller bust. This shape is available in both one-piece and bikini options.

The Right Bathing Suit for Your Body Type 

Now that you understand the basics of bathing suit styles, let us discuss finding the one that fits you best. The secret is to focus on the details of cut and fit, instead of the overall style of the suit. This determines whether a suit is flattering. Just because you have traditionally worn maillots or bikinis  does not mean that you are locked into that style. By focusing on the details rather than the shape, it is easier to find suits for your unique proportions. 
Here are some more helpful bathing suit style shortcuts!

Use Ruching to Hide Your Waist

Both maillots and high-waisted bikinis can look great on curvier women as long as they have a ruched midsection. 

Underwire Options

If you have larger breasts, you need a bathing suit with built-in underwire. For even more security, thicker straps help, so you can swim, run, and play with ease. 

A Low-Rise Bottom Lengthen a Short Torso 

To create the illusion of height using your torso, opt for a bikini with a low-cut bottom, preferably paired with a halter top. This helps draw the eye up and away from your shorter midsection. 

Elongate Legs with High-Cut Bathing Suit Bottoms 

If you seek to lengthen the visual impact of your legs, opt for a bikini, maillot, or bandeau with a high-cut leg opening. This reveals more skin around the upper hip, creating the illusion of a longer leg. 

Create the Illusion of Curves with Ruffles 

If you have a more athletic body type and want to suggest a curvier one, look for a suit with ruffles along the bust or hips. This creates the illusion of a fuller figure. 

Regardless of which bathing suit you pick, there are plenty of options out there that will flatter any body shape and make you feel instantly beach-ready. Just remember to pack your sunscreen!