Which Indian Restaurants in Portland, Oregon Have the Best Experience When It Comes to Indian Dishes?

Mar/11/2023 / by Team Seema
Indian Restaurants in Portland
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Apart from being the largest city in the State of Oregon, Portland is also the most famous city in the state. Its location is also iconic since the city is between the Columbia and Willamette rivers.

The Iconic Washington park, the scenic downtown, and the peaceful Japanese Garden are some of the identified wonders that define the city’s beauty. The city is also enriched with places that guarantee a fruitful vacation, such as beautiful parks, Museums that explore the city’s Culture, and charming bridges that display a high level of architecture.

Portland offers almost everything you may need during a vacation, from beautiful and friendly people to fancy hotel services ready to host you throughout your stay in this scenic city.

Apart from being known for its amazing wonders that attract several people, Portland is also known to host the hub of mouthwatering Indian Dishes for those who love the dishes. It is not surprising to see the high number of Indian restaurants in Portland Oregon open to giving you the best Indian recipes.

Most of the best Indian Restaurants in Portland, Oregon, are located in the Western parts of the city, precisely in Beaverton and Hillsboro. Excellent Indian restaurants in these areas are usually meant for people seeking south Asian dishes, but that does not mean you can not try the dishes if you are not a fan of those dishes.

These best Indian restaurants in Portland usually contain one of the critical ingredients employed in preparing Indian dishes, with most still using the Indian styles of preparing their dishes.

 The best Indian restaurants in Portland cater to everyone; whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, you won’t be able to walk into these restaurants and miss the experience of Indian food. Their vast focus on traditional foods is just what defines the uniqueness of these restaurants.

Getting the best of what you want, especially in food, is everyone’s desire. The same applies to getting the best Indian food, especially if you are in Portland, and to get the best experience, below are Indian restaurants in Portland that are worth your money.


We cannot start off the list without the iconic restaurant DesiPDX. Situated on the busy North Mississippi Avenue in Portland, the restaurants offer the best when it comes to Indian food. The restaurant offers tasty and rich dishes based on traditional Indian spices prepared in the modern way of cooking.

The seasonal organic ingredients the restaurant chefs employ in their cooking also contribute to its success in producing high-quality Indian food. The word Desi displayed in the restaurant is an original Indian name that reflects the use of locally available ingredients and how the world views these ingredients.

Deepak, the current Cart owner, started the restaurant. Being raised on traditional Indian dishes, he fell in love with cooking at a tender age. He finally decided to take his dream to another level by coming up with the DesiPDX restaurant in 2015. This cooking career allowed him to travel to various parts of the world as he experienced other dishes.

The restaurant now boasts of its best-selling dishes on the menu, including Vegan and Veggie thali, cardamom chai chicken, tandoori tempeh curry, masala pulled pork, and kalonji kale keema dishes. The restaurant also offers sweet dishes and treats like carrot halwa and the popular golden milk.

Gandhi Indian Restaurant

The Gandhi Indian restaurant in Portland is undoubtedly one of the best places to have a meal in Portland. The restaurant has been offering the best Indian recipe dishes since 1997. It is located at the center of downtown, giving access to many travelers passing nearby.

The restaurant’s menu mainly contains meals that are initially Northern Indian Dishes enriched with a variety of spices that bring out the unique taste of their dishes. Their meals are perfect for all customers, including vegetarians. The vegan and gluten offered at the restaurant are irresistible to any Asian food lover.

The clay oven-baked vegan bread is popularly known as the Tandoori roti, the Tandoori baked bread with garlic, and the Kheer, an Indian rice pudding with cashew nuts, are just some of the top meals that the restaurant brings to the table.

Bollywood Theatre

Situated in two locations in the Richmond and Vernon neighborhoods of Portland, the Bollywood theatre provides the best Indian delicacy in America without necessarily having to visit India to experience the taste.

Their Culture of serving drinks in steel cups and food on steel plates creates nothing but a feeling of being in Mumbai. You do not necessarily need an air ticket to fly to Mumbai if you have a craving for Indian delicacies because the restaurants cater to your desires.

The recipes in the Bollywood theatre mainly comprise the Indian way of cooing that rings out the best Indian taste for the lovers of food in Portland. The tasty street food, such as the bhel puri, a combination of potatoes, vegetables, peanuts, spices, and puffed rice, is just what you need for a start.

Once you are done with the appetizers, you can order your delicacy of choice, such as the famous chicken curry, served with saffron rice to complete your day.

Dwaraka Indian Cuisine

 Apart from Being one of the top south Indian restaurants in Portland, Dwaraka Indian Cuisine restaurant also specializes in North and South Indian cooking styles. The spiced Indian delicacies served at this hotel guarantee you nothing but the best experience in Indian Dishes. The restaurant’s name is derived from one of the ancient cities in India.

The meals do not only fill your stomach but also satisfy your desires for Indian dishes. The menu contains meals filled with plenty of fantastic flavors, including traditional spices mixed with various traditional chutneys and hot sauces to make desserts.

Additionally, the restaurant offers fantastic lunch and dinner buffets filled with Indian cooking that give you a reason to dine there.

Swagat Indian Cuisine

Situated amid shopping malls in Portland, Swagat Indian Cuisine is the right place to relax and enjoy an Indian dish after having a long day. As much as it offers a good dining area, the restaurant also provides a warm environment with a fantastic vibe to aid your mood.

The Dim lights present in the restaurant make it an ideal restaurant for romantic dining or dinner dates. The wooden furniture and the long Victoria couch at the restaurant provide the best comfortable experience for you and your partner as you enjoy the Indian dishes.

Once you visit the restaurant, you can make yourself comfortable by taking part in a lunch or dinner buffet that contains a variety of Indian delicacies such as tandoori, vegetarian dishes, and biryani.

East India Co. Grill and Bar

East India Co. & Bar is an Indian restaurant located in Downtown Portland. This restaurant provides a delightful dining experience suitable for both local Downtown residents and tourists visiting the place. 

This beautiful restaurant provides a fantastic experience of Indian foods that will give you a worth for your money. The astonishing interior gives a classical look to the restaurant, enabling you to enjoy the vast Indian dishes in a peaceful environment.

Some of the restaurant’s typical dishes include the laziz paslian, grilled lamb chops, grilled fish, also known as the muchly ka tikka, and the spicy curry vindaloo dish. To get an extra taste, you are advised to seek cocktail drinks that accompany the dishes well.

Tiffin Asha

The Tiffin Asha Indian restaurant in Portland is another place that will make you fall in love with the Indian Culture and cooking. This refreshing place has a wide variety of Indian dishes that give you an option of having a dessert or a full course meal, depending on your desire.

This restaurant offers various desserts available during the weekend since that is the day the restaurant typically opens. The special meals offered at this restaurant include Appam and banana, Uttapams, and Tiffins Trilogy are some of the meals that will keep you coming back to this restaurant.

Maruti Indian Restaurant

The Maruti Indian restaurant offers various Indian foods at affordable prices. You will only need a few pennies to experience this warm restaurant’s different kinds of Indian delicacies.

The restaurant has a comprehensive specialization in Vegetarian dishes and meals that are free from gluten to suit different customers. Some dishes you can enjoy from this place include apple mango avocado salad, paneer tikka masala recommended for kids, and paneer biryani.

Additionally, the restaurant has the best setup that guarantees comfortability and a variety of foods you can pair with other drinks, such as a fruit shake or a cocktail.

Namaste Indian Cuisine

The Namaste is one of the best restaurants offering Indian food in Portland. The restaurant contains a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes served as lunch or dinner buffets. You only need less than a dollar to experience the best that this restaurant can offer when it comes to Indian dishes.

Meals offered in this restaurant include the navratan korma, a mixture of cream sauce and vegetables, Vegetable samosas, and chicken pakoras. The services at this restaurant are on a higher level, starting with the warm welcome from the staff to the best cooking of dishes offered in the restaurants.

Bombay Chaat House

Located on the 12th street of South West of Downtown Portland, Bombay Chaat House offers its customers a unique style of service. This Indian food place is a favorite destination for locals and visitors who flock to the place to experience Indian food.

The restaurant offers high-quality dishes that use Indian recipes and ingredients in their preparation. One of the familiar dishes includes the Peshwari naan, a piece of baked bread with almonds, raisins, pistachios, and cashew nuts.

The restaurant also offers mutter paneer, a fresh garden pea containing Indian cheese and herbs, and malai kofta, which is vegetable patties dipped in a creamy sauce. Being in an open space, the restaurants allow you to enjoy your meal as you take a clear view of the city.


Where Can I find the Best Indian Restaurant in Portland Oregon for Food Delivery?

Most of the restaurants in Downtown Portland offer food delivery services to their customers. These restaurants include the Maruti restaurant, the Dwaraka Indian cuisine, and the Gandhi Indian restaurant.

What is the Most Popular Dish Served in the Indian Restaurants in Portland?

The Curry is the most popular dish offered by most restaurants serving Indian dishes in Portland.

Which is the Most Famous Indian Restaurant in Portland?

The most famous Indian restaurant in Portland is the Bollywood theater.


Different Indian restaurants in Portland offer different Indian dishes. Still, suppose you wish to have a specific dish, such as the South Indian cuisines. In that case, you are advised to try Dwaraka Indian Cuisine, which specializes in Northern and Southern India dishes.


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