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While You Were Dreaming

Mar/07/2023 / by Alisha Rai

This contemporary YA romance novel follows Sonia Patil’s story of saving her crush – and her undocumented family. Accomplished author – Alisha Rai in the book dives in to the teenage world of viral online popularity, fake dating and a love triangle. 

In the book, Sonia Patil goes viral for saving her crush, James, at their local Comic-Con, but because she’s in costume, no one knows who she is — yet everyone wants to find out. Although she’s desperate to connect with her crush and reveal her identity, Sonia’s family has to stay hidden because her mother was deported, and her sister—her now legal guardian—is undocumented, making their presence in America riskier than ever. Navigating romance, teenager hood, being undocumented, and viral online fame is tough. 

While You Were Dreaming is award-winning romance author Alisha Rai’s first YA book and releases March 21. 

SEEMA’S VIEW : A relatable tale for many South Asians growing up in the US. A sweet love story touching upon some hard topics.