Who is Suneeta Reddy?

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Suneeta Reddy
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She is the Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals, Asia’s foremost and trusted healthcare provider. As part of the founding family, her career with Apollo began in 1989. Not just in India, over 200 million individuals from over 140 countries receive service by the hospital system of which she is a part.

About Suneeta Reddy

Suneeta Reddy began her career with Apollo after education in Chennai and later at Harvard Business School. She spearheaded the strategy and finance and functions of the largest hospital chain in India, Apollo Hospitals. Apollo rose to the people’s needs, especially during Covid-19. Suneeta Reddy at Apollo has earned her rewards, such as the ET Awards’ Businesswoman of The Year in 2021.

Read more at about her award, shared with Preetha Reddy, here.

Entrepreneur Suneeta Reddy

One of India’s most powerful businesswomen, she was instrumental in bringing the first foreign direct investment to India. She also helped make world-class healthcare accessible to people from remote areas. Suneeta Reddy did this through Apollo Reach Hospitals, which has helped many in need. Reddy has been the predominant contributory factor in elevating and improving the Indian healthcare system by taking the company to international equity markets.

Her husband is P. Dwarakanath Reddy. They have a daughter named Sindoori Reddy.


Where is Suneeta Reddy from?

She is from India and first studied in Chennai.

When did Suneeta Reddy get started her career?

She began her career with her family’s business in 1989.

What is the net worth of her?

In 2021, she held 4 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 2,231.4 Cr. The family owns 34% of the stock of Apollo Hospitals at present.

Where was she born?

She was born in India in 1963.