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Window Dressing

Jun/18/2022 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao
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Happiness is the biggest window a house can ever have! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

Windows are one of the most important elements in your home. They perform several functions, such as allowing light and ventilation in, while offering a view of the world.

Window décor is often overlooked, though the appearance of a window can make or break the space. Window coverings and window decoration can be done from both functional as well as aesthetic points of view. The ideal is to strike a balance between the two. From curtains, blinds and valences to stained glass and art, there are plenty of ways to deck your window. Here is a quick look at some popular methods of decking up a window.


Whether it is a bay window, bedroom window or a French window, curtains or drapes are among the most popular ways to dress it up. Available in a variety of materials, patterns and designs, drapes are easy to install and remove. They add texture and warmth to the space, and help control the amount of light entering the room. If you want to block out the sun, use blackout curtains, which are available in a wide variety of colors.

Sheers are a great idea if you want to keep your room airy and naturally illuminated. A combination of sheers and blackout curtains can control the amount of light at different times of the day. Materials like cotton, linen and voile give the space a chic yet casual vibe and are perfect for summers. Depending on your décor aesthetic, you can choose either plain fabric or printed ones, which again come in a wide variety, including florals, block prints, geometrical designs and painter stripes.

Similarly, you can go in for pleated or tie-top curtains, based on the look you want for your space. Combine drapes with swags and cornices to create a layered, textured look. Use pelmets to hide your rod and fittings, and use accessories like curtain rings and tiebacks to hold your curtains aesthetically when gathered back.


An alternative to drapes are blinds – again, available in a variety of designs. If you are a fan of the soft look, go in for Roman blinds that lend grace. Fabric panels are neatly pleated to look well-tailored, yet warm and cozy. Apart from fabric, blinds are available in PVC, jute and bamboo. Blinds are convenient because they can be quickly moved up or down, and lend a formal vibe to any space.


If you like to add flair, color and texture to your windows, go in for valences – fabric that hangs across the top of your windows. Normally used for smaller windows, valences are simple or pleated and work well for bedrooms. If you are a fan of the countryside or farmhouse style decorating, adorn your kitchen window with old school gingham checks valences, replete with lace, to create a fairy tale vibe.

Café curtains

These are an ideal solution for kitchen windows that faces the street. These are half curtains that cover the bottom half of the window. Hung on a soft rod or pipe, it allows for privacy while letting in natural light. The best thing is that you can stitch your own café curtains using leftover fabric, thus creating a new look each time.


A conventional way to get some privacy is to install shutters that are easily available in a variety of styles and materials. Try classic wooden shutters if your home is a period property. Colored shutters highlight an otherwise muted space. Ideal if your décor aesthetic is traditional, shutters are a go to option.

Plants, accessories and glass

If like cottage or even the kitsch style of decorating, use your window grills to the maximum. Place colorful pots with creepers and climbers on the window sill, allowing them to grow over the grills. Use hooks to hang in artifacts, such as masks, wall plates or other kind of hangings. It is a great idea to display your collectibles or personal souvenirs. If you steer clear of accessories but want to make a statement, you can install frosted vinyl, decorative film or even stained glass on your windows. These ensure privacy without compromising the amount of light entering the room.

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