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Workouts for Busy Moms

May/14/2023 / by Melanie Fourie

These short sessions combine the intense with the relaxed to do the maximum good

Fitness instructor during a strenuous workout
Fitness instructor during a strenuous workout. Shutterstock

Busy moms frequently struggle to squeeze in an exercise session, given work, chores, and the kids’ activities. Enter high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves brief bouts of vigorous physical activity followed by resting or low-intensity exercise. HIIT workouts usually last 15–20 minutes and have several advantages. They’re practical for moms who can’t commit to longer sessions. Better yet, they don’t require a gym membership, so you can work out from the comfort of your home. Read on for the benefits of HIIT workouts and the types of HIIT exercises that truly pack a punch.

Why Choose a HIIT Workout?

According to Healthline, a HIIT workout can have the following benefits:

  • HIIT is a great way to quickly shed pounds.
  • After HIIT, your metabolic rate stays elevated for hours.
  • It might help you build muscle.
  • It helps lower blood sugar.
  • Short-term, high-intensity workouts are effective for fat loss.
  • It may lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Zumba Fitness

Some vivacious dances from South America served as inspiration for the Zumba dance techniques. In Zumba routines, traditional dance forms, such as salsa, are given a contemporary makeover with a fitness angle. Your first Zumba dancing session could be intimidating, as the movements match the fast-paced song. You may begin to grasp Zumba, nevertheless, if you break down the dances into their fundamental components. We’ve broken down three of the most basic Zumba steps for you here.

The Merengue

The basic steps of the merengue are adapted for use in Zumba to produce a high-energy routine. It’s best to take things slowly at first as you learn the fundamentals.

Maintain a confident stance with your feet touching. Make a right hip movement, lift your left foot off the floor, and stamp it down. The next step is to rock your hips to the left and stomp your right foot. Get into a groove with that step sequence, and then see if you can pick up the tempo. When you walk, you may make arm gestures like reaching to the side or above.

The Fundamentals of Cumbia

This traditional Latin dance form includes very intricate footwork. Step forward with your left foot while keeping your right foot planted. Don’t slouch forward with your leg; maintain a tall posture. After picking up the lead leg and bringing it behind your right leg, hold the front knee straight.

Place your left foot this time behind your torso. While keeping the remainder of your foot off the ground, plant your toes. Reposition your left foot to the front by rotating your hips. When you’re confident with the action, practice simply using your left foot before trying it with your left foot stationary while you swing your right leg.

Salsa’s Fundamentals

Learn the simplest salsa steps first. The total number of beats is eight.

  • Put your left foot forward and take a single stride to the left.
  • To rebalance, bounce back onto your right foot.
  • Using your left foot, re-establish your stance in the middle.
  • Hold up until the fourth beat.
  • Put your right foot forward and step to the right.
  • You should transfer your weight to your left foot.
  • The right foot returns to the middle position.
  • The count of eight indicates a pause.

These paces may also be performed in reverse order. Learn the most basic Zumba steps here first before you try other Zumba workouts. You can also buy the range of Zumba DVDs online on Amazon, for instance, or work out to a short Zumba class on You Tube.

A HIIT Workout on Your Spinning Bike

A slow and steady ride on an exercise bike indoors might seem to go on forever. However, HIIT spinning sessions may make the time fly by because they provide a unique combination of mental and physical focus and tenacity. This cycling session for 25 minutes includes a 4-minute warm-up, 2 sprint intervals, and a five-minute winding down time. Here’s the breakdown:

Your First 4 Minutes

Light pedaling with moderate resistance will serve as a good warm-up.

4 to 10 Minutes

At the 4-minute mark, pedal at maximum effort for 15 seconds against high resistance, followed by 1 minute and 15 seconds against minimal resistance. The low resistance is not intended to be used as a training tool. Keep it simple; it’s supposed to aid in recuperation. Work in four full cycles.

10 to 20 Minutes

Once your ten minutes of exercise are over, ride at maximum pace at vigorous resistance for 20 seconds, and then pedal against minimal resistance for 1 minute and 40 seconds to extend your workout. At minute 20, you’ll do your last sprint for 20 seconds. Perform six full circuits of the exercise.

20 to 25 Minutes

Be calm! Take your time and pedal with light resistance. Don’t miss the cooldown. It aids in temperature and heart rate regulation and avoids lactic acid accumulation, which may lead to muscular cramps and rigidity.

If you prefer online classes, you’ll never run out of workout options. There are a many short spinning bike workouts on YouTube, such as this, which will leave you spoiled for choice.


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