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Create an Inspiring Workspace

Jan/29/2023 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao

10 ways to transform a drab job zone into a fun place to be

Workspace design
A well-designed workspace. Shutterstock

A positive and happy workplace goes a long way to help you do your best. A neat, attractive and organized workspace, whether you operate from home or office, can make it easier to achieve your job -related goals. Here are some ideas to build a truly welcoming and motivating workplace.

The Basics

First invest in ergonomic furniture. A functional work desk, comfortable chair and appropriate lighting helps improve focus and insight. Awkward positions and uncomfortable postures lead to physical pain, injury and stress, impacting morale. Ensure proper ventilation and lighting to avoid straining your eyes. If natural light is poor, invest in good lighting at key places to maximize illumination where it is required.

The Right Color Scheme

In general, light and pastel shades are calming and so help you focus. While white can make the place look large and airy, off-white, gray and sky blue are also good choices for an office space. If you are a fan of color, you can introducie a pop of it in the form of yellow, purple or even red. While teal and gray is a good combination, so is white and navy blue. Ensure that the colors complement each other and create positive vibes.

A Clutter-Free Desk

Clutter is a sign of negative energy and can dampen productivity. So keep your work desk neat, clean and devoid of unnecessary papers or files. Follow a system that helps you put away things that you are done with.

Leverage the Power of Organizers

Make use of desk organizers, post-its, boxes or even trays that help you sort your documents, stationery and the like. A planner and/or a journal helps ensure that you make note of your pending tasks, to do lists and future deadlines. From quirky to artistic planners there are many options to can choose from.

Create Mood Boards

These keep you going and help you achieve both short-term targets and long-term goals. It helps you align your thoughts and gather your ideas. From keeping track of your projects to incorporating motivational quotes, keep the ideas flowing.

Add Greenery

Plants elevate mood while amping the style quotient of the place. Pothos, snake plant and spider plant are ideal; they are easy to maintain, aesthetic and also help purify the air.

Statement Wall

A statement wall can always help break the monotony of an otherwise muted office. Wallpapers are an excellent choice in this regard. Options include wall coverings with inspirational quotes or life truths, prints like those of world map, botanicals or even quirky cartoons. A gallery wall, a statement mural or even an art display are some other options.

Personal Corner

Make space for a peg board. If you have the luxury of space, create a personal corner and fill it with the things you love. It can be a collection of your favorite photographs, family images or even that of your pet. Ensure it makes you happy, especially at moments of stress, and helps you to work better.


A small collection of books always adds to the charm of the workspace. Moreover, if it is related to your area of work, it can serve as easy reference. If you work does not call for reading, keep books for casual reading, coloring books or even picture books you can flip through when you need that small break.

Small Hobby Space

Breaks and periods of recharge and rest are key to improve focus and concentration. Dedicate a small space for things like board games or a chalk board or even an art corner that helps you rejuvenate. This is especially useful when you work long hours or are on an unusually tough project.


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