Yes, You CAN Look Cute During the Lockdown

May/17/2020 / by KT Hall

With the face masks, plastic gloves, and all the other protective gear everyone is wearing to feel safe during the lockdown, it’s totally natural to feel like you’re dressing up for a Stormtrooper audition just to go out and get groceries.

But stay-at-home orders and quarantines don’t have to translate to dullness. Even if you’re only traveling as far as your mailbox (or front door to pick up a delivery package), now is the perfect time for a little mood-brightening attire. And with online ordering now easier than ever, here are few accessories to brighten your mood in the era of social distancing.

Colorful Capris and Leggings

Having a pair of casual capris can add cheer to any day. The great part is that capris and leggings are comfy and can be dressed down or dressed up. For a casual look, pick multi-color capris or leggings and partner them with a slouchy sweater or tee. Want to dress them up? Pair them with a dress shirt and blazer or sweater. Then throw on your favorite kitten heels. It’s practically a party…even if it’s just a party of one!

Bold Statement Jewelry

When you’re hopping online for a Zoom conference or sharing the latest CDC news on Skype with friends, you want to look your stay-at-home best for the laptop camera. For an upscale look, layer your necklaces of varying lengths. Or, wear brightly-colored jewelry in pastel colors or vibrant hues. Hello, sunshine!

Hair Accessories

Quarantine doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tame those tresses. Try a colorful headband. Or, wear a bright ribbon that matches your top. A silk scarf or hair clips like the ones shown by Asos are the perfect accent for dull tresses. Use a little gel or styling mousse to hide the grey if you haven’t done your roots at home yet.

A DIY Tie-Dye Top

If you can’t get out to shop, you can have fun revamping old clothes at home. Grab some shirts and create your own tie-dye tees. And if you want to get the kids involved, take some tie-dye tips from Lola Lambchops. These tees are festive enough for a visit to the store even if there’s still no &#S@ toilet paper on the shelves!

cute outfits for lockdown, self care

Fun Flip Flops

Heading to an open space for a little socially distanced R&R? Grab a pair of colorful flip-flops from Old Navy. These might run as low as $3 (no need to put a dent in your budget right now). They’re also more adorable than the slippers or shearling Ugg’s you wear at home (shh, not telling). And, while it would be nice to suggest you buy them in bright red to match a new Chanel lipstick, alas with your face mask on, who can tell, right? Which brings us to our last and best accessory of all.

Colorful Face Masks

If we’re destined for several more weeks of social distancing, why not do it in style? Instead of heading out, order your face masks online. Shop for colorful masks from Mouth Shutters or get creative and make a No-Sew Face Mask.

However you decide to wear your accessories, you’ll be sure to look fabulous – even in the driveway.


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