Your Guide to Fabulous Natural Prom Makeup!

1 year ago / by Melanie Fourie
Prom Makeup
Image credits: Asiya Yasmine via Flickr

If you haven’t had an opportunity to show off your unique flair before, prom night is the time! Hair and cosmetics are all important components of your prom look, so make sure you have everything coordinated. Thankfully you don’t have to spend a fortune on your prom makeup too, since you can create a gorgeous look in the comfort of your home. Applying your own prom makeup not only allows you to experiment with several looks before the big night, but also offers you complete creative control over the final result. Plus, experimenting with prom makeup looks can be a lot of fun, particularly if you invite your besties to come on board!  

Even though some teenagers may want to up their glam appeal with a more elaborate look, natural prom makeup is pretty popular too. Reason being is that, instead of hiding your shortcomings, natural cosmetics will draw attention to your best qualities. Focusing on only a few essential regions like the lips, eyes, and skin enhances your features in an elegant manner. Also, if you decide to do a natural prom makeup look, you’ll probably spend less time and money on it. Here are some prom makeup ideas or techniques, as well as tips to help alleviate prom night makeup prep stress!

How to Get a Natural Prom Makeup Look

The following is what you need for a simple prom makeup look, as well as how you should apply them.

Get An Illuminating Primer

The best skin isn’t dull, it has a natural glow that looks to emanate from inside.. This is where the primer comes in. Traditionally, the greatest primers smooth out the face and extend the life of your makeup, but they can do so much more for your visage. Look for primers that include both light-reflecting particles and skincare elements like hyaluronic acid, which help to keep the skin moisturised and fresh-looking, if you want a healthy glow without being overdone.

Create a Lovely Sheer Base

Some of the sheerest foundations are high-tech ones that merge color with remarkable skincare properties. This is fine, as few women require full coverage to begin with, and as a teenager, you probably don’t too. It may seem cliché, but brightening up your skin with a sheer base to get a more natural appearance makes sense.

A fresh, transparent foundation and a heavy-duty concealer should be used sparingly if you have fair skin with occasional tone anomalies, such as pigmentation or rosacea. You should also keep in mind the term “tailored, breathable cover. Be careful that with too much color, you’re heading toward the soft glam makeup realm!

A Bit of Contouring

Makeup styles that are quick to put together don’t need a lot of contouring. Instead, opt for a sheer bronzed look.   Good job if you know how to bronze already! If not, no worries, as applying bronzer is a breeze!  You may avoid appearing striped or muddy by applying your bronzer in little quantities at a time.

In order to get the desired level of color intensity, build it up in layers until you’re satisfied. Like a highlighter, a good bronzer may be the difference in how long your makeup lasts. If you have dry skin, opt for cream bronzers; if you have oily skin, pick powder bronzers. Don’t Forget the Highlighter!

You may get the appearance of healthy skin by applying a high-quality, natural-looking highlighter. For a natural-looking finish, stay away from highlighters that have glitter in them. Instead, seek for ones that don’t have any shimmer in them at all.

Your ideal formula will be dependent on your skin type if you want a soft glow. If you’ve got dry skin, go for a cream or liquid highlighter instead of a powder one since they’re more moisturising.

Natural Looking Cheeks

It’s true what they say about the best cheek color being your own natural glow. Cream formulas applied around the cheekbones for a dewy glow are also quite popular. Draping is an old-school method of applying eyeshadow in which you apply a thin layer of eyeshadow to your upper lash line and then blend it outwards toward your temple. This is a technique that was popular in the 1980s, but nowadays it’s much more delicate and refined.

Prioritizing Those Eyebrows

No one will be stunned to discover that the brows are a critical component of any natural makeup look. When it comes to eyebrows, micro-blading is on the increase, as is brow lamination and brow tinting. While most women prefer to use a brow brush or pencil, powder formulas might change your mind. In order to prevent that terrifying marker pen appearance, they provide gentle definition, and your filled-in arches stay in place without peeling or becoming smudgy.

Choose a Warm-Hued Eyeshadow Crayon

There’s a reason eye crayons are so popular: they’re easy to use, lightweight, and don’t need any special techniques to use them. All you have to do is draw a line over the top of your upper eyelid, smudge it, and you’re done. From sheer and sheeny to opaque rock ‘n roll, the textures are so varied that there is certainly something for everyone. Warmer neutrals, on the other hand, are our favorite for natural makeup looks since they can brighten up the eye region with only a few swipes. Using an eye crayon also aligns with the natural eye makeup look stemming from using just one eyeshadow hue for monochromatic eyeshadow look.

Add Some Volume to Your Lashes

Attempting to find the finest mascara for a more natural look is a matter of personal preference, but in terms of what’s going on in the market, there’s a refreshing emphasis on lash health and the slight flutter of lashes.

It’s a good idea to check out tubing mascara formulas: Instead of using wax and pigment, they use polymer films to cover the lashes. They are absolutely smudge-proof until you wipe them off with tepid water after they have set. The sole drawback is that they don’t have the volume and weight of standard formulae.

Lining Your Eyes

Brown eyeliner has been leading the way for gentler definition and more wearable approaches to a smokey eye for a long time, although we’ve been deceived into believing black kohl eyeliner was the sole method to define your eyes.

The greatest eyeliner for dramatic looks is undoubtedly an inky black gel, but for a more natural appearance, a chocolate or warm brown shade takes the cake. Brown eyeliner not only softens your appearance, but it also brings out the red undertones in blue and green eyes. For those with blue eyes, rich, orange-toned brown eyeshadows are the most flattering.

Select Subtle Lip Colors

High-maintenance mattes have been replaced with easy-to-wear lip glosses and stains, which is fantastic news for those who want natural makeup looks and don’t want to constantly monitor how their lipstick looks.  Depending on your own taste, the finish will differ. To maintain a neutral look, adhere to the rosy colour scheme similar to your natural lip pigmentation when picking out a lip color.

Tips for Applying Simple Prom Makeup

How Your Attire Influences Your Makeup Look

When you know what you’re going to be wearing, you can start preparing. “This will give you a sense of the entire mood and help you determine your overall makeup look.  

My advice when it comes to finding the correct makeup look is to examine your complete outfit – hair, cosmetics, clothing – and select an eye-catching focal point. Remember that makeup should be kept to a minimum while wearing an outfit with decorations or a strong hue.

Go for An Aesthetic That Inspires You!

There’s a saying that happiness looks good on anyone! The best-looking makeup is always that which seems to be genuine and one you truly love. Take care of yourself, choose a look that makes you feel joyful, and you’ll look and feel fantastic!

Schedule Treatments in Advance

Preparation is crucial, so don’t wait until the last minute to schedule any pampering sessions. Plan any significant cosmetic procedures at least two days ahead of time, so that your skin has time to settle down and react. Waxing and tweezing, as well as other treatments like facials, as well as self-tanning, should not be done on the evening of your prom.  In order to make the most of your prom evening, have your nails and feet done the day prior too.

Conduct a Makeup Trial

Preparation tests, similar to those conducted by make-up artists before a photo session, are highly recommended before any major event.  The day before the occasion, practice your prom makeup procedure to make sure it all goes well.

Check Your Photos

Play around with a few snapshots the day before for the event, just to get a feel if your makeup looks just right. That way, if you have any reservations, you could always change it up to your preference.   Make certain that the color of your neck and arms complements that of your face. If your body tone is not as warm as your facial skin tone, adding a tad of bronzer may help.  Make sure you don’t experience any flashbacks by snapping a photo with your flash. If you do receive flashback, make adjustments to your makeup to prevent this. Then take another snapshot with your flash on to ascertain if there is still any flashback.  

So how exactly does one prevent flashback on photos?

 You could prevent this by doing the following: 

  • Select matte foundation. Since light does not bounce off of matte foundations the way it does on a dewy one, they are excellent for preventing flashback.         
  • Shine in a natural manner – Makeup flashback may be caused by using a highlighter on your cheekbones. To avoid seeming overdone, go for a soft highlighter instead of a frosty one.     
  • Avoid super light concealers- Concealer that doesn’t suit your skin tone is one of the quickest ways to get an unattractive white cast. Adding to the risk of flashbacks is a concealer that is applied too thinly or not at all. As a full-coverage concealer that lasts for up to 16 hours and comes in many different colors, the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer is a perfect choice for special occasions such as your prom.     
  • Avoid Products with SPF  – For a night out when you’re most likely to be snapped, be particularly careful about the cosmetics you wear since flash photography is more common in the evening. To prevent a white cast, avoid using makeup containing SPF.         
  • Incorporate a setting spray into your routine – Adding some setting spray might help disperse the extra product that is generating flashback from a powder or caked foundation.     
  • Meld your product adequately – If you’re going out, bring a makeup sponge with you and use it to gently remove any white casts off your face. Using a wet sponge and being patient are the keys to success here.     
  • Eradicate surplus powder- Some surplus powder may still be dustable, so don’t rule dusting it off. By carefully swiping a fresh cosmetics brush     over the leftover powder, you should see an instant change.    

Explore the World of Body Makeup               

You can add some depth to some areas of your body with a shimmering bronzer or glitter. This should lend your skin a fresh, dewy appearance.     

Evaluate Those Falsies Prior to Using Them!             

It’s best to use a pair of trial eyelashes for the days leading up to your prom to be on the safe side. But don’t just get one pair of trials for this occasion. Try out a few pairs, until you feel you have a pair that complements the rest of your makeup look.   

Getting Your Makeup Ducks in a Row

There’s nothing more annoying than having all the right products, but discovering that you don’t have all the proper paraphernalia to apply them on the night of an event. Be sure to get all the right tools way before the day of your prom. Imperative paraphernalia here includes your eyelash curler, beauty blender or foundation brush for blending your foundation and concealers.

 Add a contouring blending brush to your beauty arsenal too, as well as a blush end eyeshadow application brush. Remember that squeaky clean brushes create the best results, so be sure to use clean brushes for best results with blending and product application. To clean these tools adequately, simple dip them in some rubbing alcohol. Then rinse out any remaining product with water, until the water runs clear.


What makeup should I wear to prom?

You should try to opt for a look that accentuates your natural features. A natural makeup look does this best, even though you could go for a more dramatic look if you prefer. It’s a special occasion, so wear foundation or BB cream if you prefer something lighter. Don’t forget to apply lipstick, blush, concealer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Ensure that your brows are neat and defined too.

How long does it take to do prom makeup?

For a simple or natural look, prom makeup could take between 30 minutes to an hour. You may want to go for skin treatments too, prior to the event, so don’t forget to factor that in too.

How long does prom makeup stay on your face?

If you are using stay fast products, your makeup should last for more than eight hours, and in some cases, even much longer.