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Your Holiday Movie Watchlist

Dec/25/2022 / by Melanie Fourie
Christmas movies
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Some must-see flicks for your watchlist for the break

December 23 is “National Christmas Movie Marathon Day” in the United States. It’s a terrific way to get into the holiday spirit, as many of us have treasured flicks that we watch, or binge-watch, every year. From “The Grinch” to the pranks of Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone” to the poignant tales in “Love Actually,” Christmas classics are full of sentiment. For this reason, even though the day is past us, we’ve rounded up a few riveting Christmas and holiday-perfect movies with a South Asian flavor that’s ideal for a movie marathon. Grab a mug of hot masala chai tea and some Indian spiced popcorn and enjoy!

Baking Spirits Bright

Leading lady Mira, played by Rekha Sharma, is overjoyed to be contributing to the family fruitcake business. It may have been the most popular Christmas gift custom in the U.S. but no more. Mira’s parents decide to work with Brady Phillips and his powerful advertising firm. When Mira tries to protect the family company values, she comes into conflict with Brady. Canadian actress Rekha Sharma is renowned for her performances as Ellen on Star Trek: Discovery, and Tory on Battlestar Galactica.

The Christmas Ring

This mystery-tinged Christmas movie from 2020 has a touching narrative. Nazneen Contractor, the web-famous quizmaster, plays Kendra Adams, who is happy in her current position but is interested in tales with a moral dimension. Without consulting her employer, Kendra sets out to track down the owner of an ancient ring she found with a lovely inscription. She feels bad that they have lost such a precious possession. As a result, she tracks down Michael Jones (David Alpay), who will do everything to avoid media attention. He is more than a bit hesitant when Kendra first enters his life, but her perseverance eventually convinces him that there may be more to his family background than he imagined.

A New Christmas

Although it has been a year since Kabir’s (Prashantt Guptha) mother’s (Swati Bhise) death on Christmas day, he is still having trouble moving on with his life, both personally and professionally. He starts to feel better after meeting Kioni (Grace Wacuka), a Kenyan film student who has just moved to New York. Together, they explore the city and its festive decorations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The film’s theme, highlighting the value of friendship across cultural boundaries, is uplifting.

Jolly Good Christmas

David, portrayed by Will Kemp, is a young U.S. architect who relocates to London to work with a renowned company. He still has to buy a Christmas present for his fiancée, with only three shopping days left until the holiday. David encounters Reshma Shetty’s character, Anji, a skilled consumer, while out Christmas shopping. Anji finds the gift card he has chosen to give particularly strange. David hires Anji to help him choose the perfect present. Unforeseen circumstances send David and Anji on a whirlwind tour of “Jolly Old London” in pursuit of the ideal present.

English Vinglish

Although not focused on Christmas, this movie is a cheerful, family-friendly, and inspiring holiday film – with a screen legend! Sridevi shines in this tender yet moving tale of a woman growing in confidence. Sridevi was a box-office draw for decades before settling down with her spouse, film producer Boney Kapoor.

It took an exceptional film like “English Vinglish” to entice this extraordinary performer back to the big screen. Gauri Shinde’s film follows Shashi (Sridevi) as she learns English in a month. The character goes from being a beaten-down Indian housewife who only speaks Hindi to a proud, outgoing woman.