Your Inside View To Ishveen Anaand CEO Of OpenSponsorship

1 year ago / by Nancy Amon
Ishveen Anand
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Has there ever been a better way for athletes and sponsors to connect? Ishveen Anand, CEO and founder of OpenSponsorship, is helping athletes get sponsors as well as sponsors to find athletes all on one platform.

Let’s look at Ishveen Anand’s profession and her concept that landed her on the 30 under 30 Forbes list.

Who Is Ishveen?

Ishveen Anand is the founder of OpenSponsorship, a sporting initiative that connects athletes to sponsors and vice versa. It is a seamless solution that helps create productivity and opportunity for market branding and exposure.

Ishveen Anand Biography

Ishveen Anand always had a love for sports, it was something she had enjoyed since she was a young child. Her parents encouraged her in her passion, and she was also her dad’s sports partner.

Ishveen would never have guessed that sports could help brands market themselves through athletes in her younger years. Still, this idea would later become the core of her business, OpenSponsorship. Needless to say, Ishveen’s sporting insights and love since her early years have been the foundation of her company’s development.

Ishveen Anand about her upbringing began in the UK. She was raised in Manchester and later studied at Oxford University, attaining her BA and MA in Economics and Management. Apart from academics, Ishveen also thrived in sports and played and co-captained netball and Cricket. She also played football throughout varsity.

Ishveen Anand later became a sports agent, and this is when she had firsthand experience of the disconnect between finding sponsors and funding.

Ishveen Anand profession

In Ishveen’s career, she grew from strength to strength and gained personal success and helped many brands achieve success through their marketing via sports. Even though the company only began in 2016, it has already grown exponentially, reaching a net worth of $4M.

Awards and Achievements

Ishveen was under 30 years old when she received the 30 under 30 Forbes sports awards. She has also seen herself make the ESPN Industry Expert award in 2020, the Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the year in 2019, Aspioneer Top Women Leaders, and more.

Her success has taken her business higher and brought about much recognition and respect throughout the marketing and sports industries. 

If you wondered what Ishveen Anand’s age was, she is still very young and only 34 years old for her massive success. Her friends and family are proud that she can help others through her sports connection to brand initiatives with OpenSponsorship.

The company is home to over 11000 athletes in 160 different sports and based over 120 countries of the world

Fighting Through A Pandemic

The Covid pandemic crippled many businesses and brought about a world of uncertainty no matter the industry focus. OpenSponsorship also saw the perils of covid as it hit the UK and its surrounds.

It took hard work and perseverance as well as innovative thinking to help the company survive. Everything relied on resources, especially human resources, and covid made it difficult but not impossible.

Fun Facts

Ishveen never envisaged that she would be an entrepreneur, not even after university. She knew for sure, though, that sport was her heartbeat.

Ishveen started off in retail for a renowned brand.


Who is Ishveen Anand married to?

Ishveen is married to fashion designer Kirat Anand.

Where is Ishveen Anand born?

She was born in Manchester, England.

What is Ishveen Anand net worth?

According to estimates, OpenSponsorship is worth $4M and it only began in 2016.

When did Ishveen Anand start her career?

Ishveen kicked into her career from the get-go, even though it wasn’t with her initial business OpenSponsorship yet. She started her career in retail as a senior consultant with the Javelin Group in 2006. She carried on with more positions closer to the sports industry until OpenSponsorship was born.

How does Ishveen cope with work-life balance?

Running such a prominent company and making time for family isn’t easy. One of the crucial pointers Ishveen focuses on when it comes to work is ensuring her team doesn’t get stuck with roadblocks that they cannot navigate. When the work is flowing smoothly, it is productive.

Furthermore, getting enough rest, eating clean and exercising are some strong ways Ishveen has to balance her personal life with work. She also believes that spending time with friends and family and excluding work during family time is crucial for balance.


Ishveen is only 34 and she is such an inspiration to young South Asian women all around the world. She shows perseverance and hard work and never stops or thinks about giving up on her dreams. This is part of why she is so successful.

Has this young female entrepreneur inspired you? It just shows that anything is possible when you believe and set your mind to it.

Share what you found most inspiring about Ishveen Anand’s career and story.