Your New Year’s Eve Style Guide

Dec/27/2022 / by Melanie Fourie

New Year’s Eve is that one night of the year when it’s permissible to totally toss your normal fashion sense, especially if you’re not big on glittery clothing. Considering the magnitude of ushering in a brand new year, this occasion certainly calls for some effort when it comes to your attire. That said, donning your most comfortable jeans and t-shirt to a party just won’t do! You should feel your best when ringing in a new year, whether that means dressing to the nines or opting for something a tad more comfortable. Whatever you have in store for New Year’s Eve, we have the perfect costume tips for you right here. 

A Black-Tie New Year’s Eve

Even though evening dresses are the norm for black-tie gatherings, a lengthy, sophisticated cocktail dress will do just as well.  Opt for an eye-catching slit saree, complete with a cloaked pallu and a dropped neckline. Note that there is no one perfect way to wear a gown; feel free to experiment with different cuts. Pick something dramatic, like a ball gown, or keep it modest with a timeless, body-skimming dress. Make sure you can comfortably walk in the style you choose. Ideally, the hem of a floor-length garment will touch the floor. 

Add some extra touches by accessorizing your party dress with high heels, beautiful Indian lacquer jewelry, and a chic purse. If you’re sporting a subdued outfit, striking jewelry may really make an impact.

A Night on the Town  

A classic little black dress is an essential piece of clothing that will always seem put-together and sophisticated. This kind of dress has been seen with anything from simple to elaborate embellishments in recent years. A little black dress, in whatever style you want, is always a safe bet for a night on the town. The greatest aspect of wearing this dress is that it allows you to customize your look in any way you choose by adding accessories. Instead of detracting from the minimalism of the dress, accessories like a bold kundan choker or an Indian beaded clutch will enhance it.

Use metallic or bullion items to add some South Asian bling. Metallic fabric has been seen on several recent runways, appearing on anything from jumpsuits to slinky dresses. Sequins, a popular feature of Indian attire, are another great option worth considering. Winter is the best time to wear sequins, so if you’re looking for a costume that will make a statement, now is the season to do it! Wearing a cocktail dress is another excellent way to ring in the new year. Cocktail dresses are suitable for a night out at the hottest club in town or an intimate New Year’s Eve dinner party.

Styling for a House Party

There’s no need to get overly dressed for a house party. While some nightclubs may have a dress requirement, private parties often do not. Also, when you’re surrounded by individuals dressed casually, it might be annoying if you go excessively loud. However, unless otherwise specified in the invitation, you should refrain from wearing cocktail attire. To look your best, put on a sophisticated top with an Indian chain waist belt with a skirt, slinky pants, or slim-fit jeans. If you prefer, you can dress up a pair of jeans by adding a pair of block heels.

Satin blouses and skirts are enduring Indian favorites for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Also, do attend in theme if it’s a themed party. If you’re celebrating New Year’s in the winter, you may wear a pretty kurti with leggings and boots or a jogger with some glitzy detail and a gorgeous top. Adding a jogger with a bit of sparkle is the perfect blend of casual wear and Indian flavor for an evening like this. It’s on you to strike a balance between looking appropriate and going all out for a New Year’s Eve house party!


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