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Although Zahara Nedou is Indian, she grew up in the Middle East, learning daily beauty rituals from her family as the only grandchild who cared enough to write steps down and replicate them in her bathroom. This cultural beauty mashup would lead to the creation of Zahara Skincare. Zahara has always been passionate about beauty, but she didn’t know that what she was doing as a child in her bathroom was good for you. She just enjoyed playing with ingredients. In 2016 she was in a hospital when she met a patient who had lupus. One of the patient’s mistakes had been using “regular” skincare products. That changed Zahara’s viewpoint, as she realized that if the patient had known about organic products, perhaps she would  have made different choices in skincare.

Kashmir is known for its beauty, and Zahara Skincare is the only organic skincare brand from the region. As Zahara’s family now reside in Kashmir, she didn’t have to go far – they grow most of the ingredients she uses organically. She has taken local beauty secrets and combined them with her own beauty innovations, opening the gateway to Kashmiri beauty.

“It didn’t start as me wanting my own brand,” she says. “It started as me wanting people to be aware of non-chemical products.” Some of Zahara Skincare’s most popular items are her “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” face pack, providing an instant glow via honey, turmeric, lavender, saffron, almond oil, and goats’ milk. “Bow-tox in a Bottle” is described as “organic botox;” it’s a face pack which tightens the skin for six to eight hours, containing cinnamon, nutmeg, green chiles, and honey. Another Zahara Skincare specialty is silkworm cocoons, known for proteins and amino acids. Rubbing them on the face brightens and lightens. Looking to get Zahara Skincare? Contact them via Instagram.

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